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A.S.S Chapter 26 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

The twin-headed green monster.

People referred to it as the Twinhead Troll. At first glance, the muscular monster resembled the Hulk and possessed tremendous strength. Its strength was so great that it could uproot trees and hurl cars with just its brute force.

As more people delved into the Normal Mode, the level of monsters undoubtedly increased. However, it wasn’t just the monsters that grew stronger. The individuals who faced these monsters also evolved. They not only became physically stronger but also developed strategies and tools.

Responding to the Union’s request, the Pyramid Guild took the front lines, while the nearby Hollow Shadow Guild provided support. Additionally, the Healing Slayers, a guild consisting of only recovery and support specialists, also lent their strength. (Unlike before, there was a growing trend of guilds composed solely of healing or support slayers.)

Yeon-seok, a battle slayer from the Pyramid Guild, analyzed the impact values obtained from the Combat dummy.

“Impact value of 2000! With three battle slayers entering the Normal Mode, we can easily hold our ground!”

Each of the three battle slayers from the Pyramid Guild had a defense value of approximately 2000. It was discovered that as long as the defense value was around 300% of the impact value, assuming no critical shots, they could defend safely without much damage.

In other words, if the three slayers joined forces, they could defend without significant harm. As the values of defense and attack power became quantified with numbers upon entering the Normal Mode, this was a plausible estimation. However, these values were not absolute.
Let’s consider poking the body with a finger. Poking the stomach with a finger is not much of a problem. But if you poke the eye with a finger, it becomes an issue. It’s the same principle. The location and angle of the attack determine the extent of the damage.

However, one could perceive that they possessed at least some degree of power and the ability to provide a rough defense. As long as vulnerable points were not exposed, their health points (H/P) were seldom significantly depleted. The statistical figure of 300 percent was not without reason.

“Everyone should know, but be cautious of vulnerable points! Our pyramid must ensure a solid defense!” the leader exclaimed.

“Yes!” the group responded in unison.

Four members of the Pyramid faction’s Battle Slayers stepped forward, their determination evident. The fortunate aspect was that the Pyramid guild prioritized safe slaying with a strong emphasis on defense. Out of the four Slayers, three had invested in abilities and items that focused on defense.

It was crucial to exercise caution regarding vulnerable points. Upon entering Normal Mode, the pain experienced during slaying dissipated. However, this meant that if they didn’t engage in slaying while attentively monitoring their health points (H/P), they risked unwittingly becoming lifeless. Although such instances had yet to occur, the system’s familiarity could lead to complacency, and death could strike in an instant.

Anyway, the four guild members of the Pyramid raised their shields, swallowing their saliva nervously. Observations had revealed that the monsters possessed immense physical strength, but their intelligence was lacking. Much like orcs, it seemed they only knew how to execute straightforward attacks against the Slayers. If the four of them could successfully block those direct attacks, the impact of 2000 will be dispersed by 500 each.

In the absence of a battle arena, being blown away was a distinct possibility. However, slaying took place within the confines of the designated battlefield. The dispersed impact of 500 only affected the Slayers’ health points (H/P), without launching them into the air or inflicting any other physical consequences. Such was the altered nature of slaying in Normal Mode—its effects were limited to diminishing H/P without any additional physical ramifications.


The giant arm of the monster swung down from above, but four people joined forces and managed to block it. The impact seemed to concentrate on one Slayer, as their H/P dropped by about 30 percent, but the other Slayers quickly unleashed their healing abilities, and their health was restored in an instant.

On top of the building, the ordinary people who had been watching in fear clenched their fists.

“That’s it! We can slay it!”
“Stay strong!”
“Fight on! Let’s kill the monster!”

They didn’t know if the military would intervene or if they would have to bear the damage to the city and resort to using lethal weapons. However, the guild alliance centered around the Pyramid guild successfully concluded the defense. If defense was possible, then offense was also possible.

The Slayers began gathering information little by little about the newly appeared monster and prepared to engage in slaying.

Meanwhile, although it might be dangerous, journalists gradually approached them, striving to capture the vivid scene of the first-ever slaying of the green monster in the world.

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