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A.S.S Chapter 25 (part 2): Season 1: Preparation


Time passed. The number of people entering Normal Mode gradually increased, and the world began to change once again.

– New types of monsters appeared that were not registered in the smart encyclopedia…

– Korean Union! State of emergency!

In particular, Guwol-dong in Incheon was in chaos. Guwol-dong was a bustling street within Incheon. In the midst of it all, a monster appeared. Usually, monsters appeared in sparsely populated areas, but this time it was different. This monster was over two meters tall and had a greenish hue all over its body. At a glance, it resembled the Hulk in the movie.

The monster exerted its power, smashing through the streets and attacking people. In the chaos of people fleeing in all directions, there were dozens of injured and a shocking three civilians killed by the monster. Three streetlights were shattered, and surrounding commercial buildings were being destroyed.

Walking on all fours like a gorilla, the monster would rise on its hind legs when it spotted a target and strike with its two arms. Its strength was tremendous, making it much stronger than Orcs.

Even the police, who arrived before the slayers, opened fire, but their pistols were completely useless and only caused more damage due to the monster’s nature. The only fortunate thing was that the police quickly retreated, preventing any police officers from dying.

The military had to intervene, the top slayers had to take action, there were a lot of words, but at the moment, there were no such slayers near Incheon. The mid-tier slayers were paralyzed with fear and didn’t move.

Only the young and energetic slayers stepped forward, claiming they would slay the monster, but it only led to the tragic occurrence of their deaths.

Korean Union was in turmoil as well. Park Sung-hyung spoke while looking at the video.

“It’s a completely unknown creature.”

“It seems much stronger than Orcs.”

“Do we have any guilds nearby that can hunt that thing?”

“Well… Unfortunately, there are slayers who died by chance, and according to the information they gathered, it’s much stronger than Orcs.”

The smart encyclopedia provides an estimate of a monster’s strength by measuring the magical power within its body. However, it only gives a rough indication of their strength. While it’s an excellent invention in normal circumstances, it occasionally reveals fatal flaws. It may not capture cases where the magical power itself is weak, but the physical strength is incredibly strong, or when the monster suddenly possesses a unique skill, such as spewing venom.

Therefore, the numerical value of “strength” displayed by the smart encyclopedia is merely for reference, and the true extent of their strength can only be known by directly confronting them.

“Contact the Pyramid side first. Ask for combat dummy support.”


The Korean Union is undoubtedly a private organization, but it possesses some characteristics of a public institution. After all, they manage the licenses. Although it may be risky, it means someone has to make an attempt.

They decided to provide a combat dummy. It refers to a tool similar to a sandbag used to measure a monster’s attack power. By throwing it at the monster, they can measure its attack power. Based on that strength, they determine whether they can go ahead and slay the monster. It’s because slayers entering Normal Mode can strategize and engage in slaying with a better understanding of attack power, defense, and HP levels, using specific numerical values. Of course, combat dummies are expensive and practically disposable, but when else would they use them if not now?

“Still, we should contact Hyun-seok, just in case.”

Drastically relying on Hyun-seok is not ideal, at least according to Sung-hyung’s perspective. He wanted to engage in slaying using other means, excluding Hyun-seok. However, there’s always a possibility, and if the monster proves to be too strong, they would inevitably need Hyun-seok’s help.

Before receiving a call from Sung-hyung, Hyun-seok hesitated for a moment. Currently, the attention of the entire nation was focused on Guwol-dong. If he drove there, it would take about an hour to an hour and a half to reach by car. His desire to try capturing the newly appeared monsters clashed with the thought that he didn’t need to take unnecessary risks.

In reality, it wasn’t even that dangerous. Why? Because Hyun-seok had “stats beyond the normal mode specifications.” He had experienced it several times in Easy Mode, and there was a reason it was called “stats beyond the normal mode specifications.”

‘Should I go…?’

He was far from having a heroic mindset. However, he thought there might be a need to hide his strength and crouch down during the process of death and continuous damage. It seemed like a bit of a hassle, but he didn’t think it was more important than people’s lives.

But then, he received a call from Sung-hyung.



“I’ll give you a Combat dummy, so let’s go to Bukhansan together.”

“Not Guwol-dong?”

“That place is for the weaklings. We decided to send them to the pyramids and some guilds. A much stronger monster appeared in Bukhansan. I’UET members barely escaped from that one. The former has one head, but this one has two.”

A twin-headed orc is much stronger than just an orc. If the monster in question has the same form as that orc, a monster with two heads would be stronger than one with only one.

While the world’s attention was focused on Guwol-dong, monsters also appeared in Bukhansan.

It was a monster that had not yet been revealed to the public.

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