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A.S.S Chapter 25 (part 1): Season 1: Preparation

The World of Slayers in the beginning. More precisely, the system called “Guild” emerged under the sponsorship of a large corporation. By being part of the corporation, they obtained stable salaries and income. The world of Slayers also had elements of entertainment.

In reality, simply engaging in the act of “playing football” doesn’t earn you money. Nevertheless, there are numerous clubs and football players in the world who make money through football. One could say it’s all thanks to the fans who love football. It’s because of these football-loving fans that people pay admission fees to watch football matches. Additionally, companies use football players as models to generate profits.

Slaying alone can make you money. Just by being a Slayer, one can earn a living. And now, there are even fan clubs formed to support the Slayers. For someone like Jong-won, he received countless endorsement offers. Even regular sports stars have commercial value, but slaying requires risking one’s life. As a result, the public’s admiration for Slayers has grown, leading to their incredible stardom.

Although slaying is undoubtedly not a game, it does feel like a game to ordinary people. There are monsters existing in the world, and there are Slayers who hunt them. Looking at the content alone, it does feel like a game. Anyway, people are enthusiastic about Slayers, and Slayers have gained a much larger image power than football players. This is because the fan base for Slayers is much broader than that of football.

For these reasons, each foundation regarded creating guilds as an excellent decision. The individuals who initially proposed forming guilds were quickly promoted. In particular, Hanjin saw the benefits of I’UET firsthand. They were the most renowned slayer group in Korea and one of the top guilds globally. People from all over the world sent representatives to learn and adapt their guild training curriculum, so their success was undeniable.

– Shocking! I’UET Members Leaving Guilds!

– Slayer Rebellion following Ha Jong-won!

– Guild Members from Major Corporations Announcing Mass Resignations!

– What Led Them to Resign!

However, as slayers affiliated with major corporations began announcing their resignations one after another, things started to escalate.

– Well, with such talented individuals, it’s better for us to run independently rather than being under a corporate umbrella.

– Nowadays, there seems to be an increase in Orcs. It might be better to do the slaying separately.

– The Union is going to get busier.

There had always been talk about the issue of slayers’ treatment. Over time, discontent grew regarding the unfairness of Greenstone prices, and slayers realized they weren’t receiving proper compensation compared to the profits they generated. As a result, top-tier slayers made agreements among themselves, left their guilds collectively, and established independent guilds while registering with the Korean Union.

During this process, numerous slayers suffered significant losses due to contract cancellations and penalties, but they didn’t care. They already had plenty of money, and besides, they no longer needed to be under the shadow of major corporations. With the increasing frequency of Orcs appearances, high-level slayers no longer required corporate sponsorships or protection.

The top-tier slayers formed their own exclusive guilds, while the mid-tier slayers aspired to join major corporations. In reality, belonging to a major corporation wasn’t such a bad thing from a general perspective. Not only did they receive a minimum fixed salary of over 40 million won, but they also enjoyed freedom in their actions and received favorable treatment.

However, that was because they were top-tier slayers. It was the slayers sought after by the companies that received such treatment, and those slayers declared their withdrawal, claiming that they were not satisfied with even that treatment. It was inconceivable that slayers with lower ranks and skills could receive such treatment.

Moreover, in order to avoid facing the same situation again, the corporations imposed quite unfair contract conditions. After all, the world only remembers the number one. In this case, the number one referred to the “top-tier slayers” who could possess brand power. Gathering mid-tier slayers wouldn’t yield much power. Moreover, it was difficult to argue that the profits they earned through slaying were tremendous.

Hyun-seok muttered to himself, ”Those who are putting in effort to enter the corporate guild at this point are ignorant fools.”

The top-tier slayers were leaving, and the mid-tier slayers were applying to major corporations. It meant that those applicants were satisfied enough with the treatment provided by the corporations, and such slayers were honestly abundant. Since the appearance of the first slayer, the number of slayers had been steadily increasing. Currently, the total number of slayers in South Korea was estimated to be around 8,000, with about 4,000 of them applying to major corporations. The number of slayers recruited by corporations was approximately 1,000. In the end, it meant that the corporations could freely choose the slayers that suited their tastes.

‘The act of lowering their own worth was a behavior they engaged in.’

Of course, one couldn’t blame them. They had their reasons and thoughts. However, in Hyun-seok’s view, it wasn’t a particularly wise choice.

Jong-won asked, “What are you thinking so deeply about?”

“When did they come to our house again?”

“Just now.”


“To go slaying.”

Hyun-seok stretched lazily. Slaying had become somewhat of a hobby lately. It wasn’t extremely enjoyable, but there was a sense of emptiness if he didn’t do it.

“What about Pyeong-hwa and Min-seo?”

“They’ll be here soon. I contacted them, remember?”

“Do you find slaying that interesting?”

“It’s fun. Getting used to the power is good, and acquiring new skills as well. Plus, earning money alongside it. I think it suits me.”

Jong-won, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed slaying. He had a fair amount of adventurous spirit, and it seemed he found slaying appealing.

“But the funny thing is… I somewhat feel the same.”

Hyun-seok didn’t show it, but lately, he had found slaying more and more enjoyable. He diligently controlled himself to become accustomed to a power exceeding 200, and unexpectedly, he found himself becoming interested. Furthermore, he even caught himself wishing for stronger monsters to appear. Each time, he would shake his head and mutter that it’s better to avoid danger, but deep down in his heart, he was engaging in a dubious self-deception.

“Let’s go.”

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