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A.S.S Chapter 24 (part 2): Season 1  Preparation

Jong-won became the first person in Korea, and perhaps in the world, to enter Normal Mode. The reason for the qualifier “perhaps” is because there are still many people in the world who live without registering as Slayers. Of course, entering Normal Mode is quite difficult, so those who manage to do so have a good chance of becoming famous. And so, Jong-won once again rose to fame as the first Slayer to enter Normal Mode.

Of course, Hyun-seok and Jong-won know that this is all just people’s thoughts. The reason why he was able to obtain the special class “Warrior of Lightning” was because Jong-won was the first to enter Normal Mode, which means he was the first in the world to do so.

At first, he became famous for solo orc slaying, but after that, he became even more famous for leading an Assassination Squad and rescuing members of Ichigo, the top guild in Japan, for which he received an official commendation. Moreover, as the Assassination Squad he created advanced to become a union in Korea, his fame grew even more, and he gained even more recognition after entering Normal Mode. Now, he is unquestionably the top Slayer in Korea.

Hanjin the major domestic corporation, which owns I’UET, actively used this fact for marketing. As a result, Jong-won enjoyed even greater popularity than most celebrities, and requests for endorsements poured in from all directions. And then, something happened.

– Normal Mode Slayer, Ha Jong-won. Withdraws from I’UET!

-Internal conflicts within I’UET? Has he become a victim of jealousy and resentment?

-The greatest Slayer, Ha Jong-won. Where will he go next?

There were two issues that became hot topics. One was why Jong-won withdrew from I’UET, and the other was where he would go.

Hyun-seok spoke up.

“If rumors spread around town that someone like you is here, I’ll become famous in no time. I’ll be getting all the attention and requests for interviews. We’ll be in the spotlight wherever we go. It’s a hassle.”

It didn’t mean it was an absolute hassle. It’s just a bit of a hassle. The cons outweigh the pros. If Jong-won were to join, Inha (Hyun-seok’s guild) would attract attention, and excessive interest and attention would limit his freedom of action.

“I’ll play solo. Please don’t drive away a weakling like me.”

“Ugh, that’s so annoying…”

Jong-won, known as the strongest slayer in Korea, begged his childhood friend Hyun-seok, who he could trust, even if he said he would play solo.

“Hey, honestly, having me on your team would be a good thing!”

“Your strength?”

Hyun-seok unfolded the battlefield, and Ha Jong-won was startled.

“No, not you. Inha. You coward! You get punished for harassing weak people!”

“That’s a relief. I was worried about what to do if they attacked me. I haven’t even properly adjusted my strength yet.”

“Practice a bit!”

“Do you think that’s something that can be done in a day or two? Besides, I need some stronger monsters to practice properly. They all just die so easily. It’s even hard to walk around here.”

To others, it might sound like a spoiled complaint. In reality, no monsters higher than Twin-Headed Orcs had yet appeared, and thanks to that, Hyun-seok couldn’t properly fight. He needed to feel like he was actually fighting something to become accustomed to battle, but that wasn’t happening at all. Monsters in the Easy Mode weren’t even trying to attack him.

“I don’t know. I’ll just follow you anyway.”

However, there was a strange rumor going around. Jong-won had founded a new guild called “Inha”, and it included his childhood friend, Hyun-seok, Hyun-seok’s younger sister, and Kang Pyeong-hwa, who was speculated to be Jong-won’s girlfriend. Although it was just internet rumors via “KADRA” communication, people started spreading the word with some persuasiveness. Apparently, Inha had already included Jong-won since the past and Hyun-seok was the guild leader, but such facts didn’t seem to matter much to the public.

– I heard they got screwed over in I’UET. So, they decided to hang out with trustworthy people now. Skill aside.

– Wow. Looks like connections are important even in the Slayer world. Honestly, they lucked out.

– It’s just luck. But to be in the same guild as Ha Jong-won.

– By the way, it’s rumored that Ha Jong-won already established the Inha guild before leaving I’UET. He made it before leaving.

It was rumored that Jong-won had already established “Inha” and entrusted the guild leader position to a trusted friend before leaving I’UET. The rumor spread that those belonging to Inha were composed of people who could be trusted by Jong-won. Thanks to that, Hyun-seok, Min-seo, and Pyeong-hwa became known as lucky and powerful Slayers.

Jong-won was sweating cold.

“No, Pyeong-hwa. I didn’t intend for this to happen…”

It’s scary when someone who is usually quiet gets angry. But it’s even scarier when they smile while getting angry. At least that’s how Jong-won felt right now.

“What’s up with you being so harsh?”

When Pyeong-hwa asked him to sort out the situation, he had come out with a light heart. But it felt like sitting on a bed of nails.

“Oppa, you should properly handle the situation.”

“That, that?”

Although people consider him the strongest slayer, Jong-won didn’t bother to hold a proper press conference to address Hyun-seok’s suspicions. In fact, he didn’t even feel the need to do so. He didn’t ask for attention, and people were spreading rumors and stories at their own discretion. He actually enjoyed the attention.

“Why did people say that I’m your girlfriend?”

“Well, I don’t know…?”

“I have someone I like.”

Jong-won also said.

“I have a girlfriend too!”

“Then you should apologize to your girlfriend too.”

Come to think of it, he had felt like his girlfriend was acting a bit strange lately. Now he understood. Two days later, Jong-won held a press conference. Even though he wasn’t a politician or a celebrity, reporters flooded in like a tidal wave.

Jong-won made his official statement.

“I didn’t leave I’UET because of discord with my guildmates, nor was there any bad blood. In fact, Hanjin treated me generously, and I still maintain good relationships with guild members whom I’ve risked my life with countless times. I don’t understand how such rumors spread. As for Inha, I did indeed found it. I wanted to team up with like-minded friends to slay monsters instead of playing solo. Lastly, Ms. Pyeong-hwa is not my girlfriend. I have someone I love separately.”

He made an official statement and then openly confessed.

“Min-hye, I love you!”

Watching the live press conference of Jong-won, Hyun-seok put his hand on his forehead. Now, the real-time search terms would be flooded with “Jong-won’s girlfriend,” “Jong-won’s lover,” “Min-hye,” and so on. He might even have his personal information leaked or be bombarded with hate comments.

“Anyway, he’s such a mood swing.”

That was not part of the prepared script. He just blurted it out when his emotions overwhelmed him. If his intention was to impress his girlfriend, it might have worked, but…

Sure enough, the search terms were flooded with anything related to “Jong-won’s girlfriend” for about two days. Interest in the Inha Guild, comparatively speaking, faded away.

And after two days, other shocking news started to spread.

– Shocking! All I’UET members leave the guild!

– A rebellion of the Slayers, following Ha Jong-won!

– Corporate guild members declare withdrawal, one after another!

– What led them to leave the guild?

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