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A.S.S Chapter 24 (part 1): Season 1  Preparation

He entered Normal Mode.

Hyun-seok’s current Strength stat was 337, Intelligence 236, Stamina 237, and agility 237. And as he entered normal mode, H/P and M/P were activated.

There was an explanation that H/P increased by 10 per 1 strength stat and 40 points increased H/P per 1 stamina. Currently, Hyeon-seok’s H/P is about 107,000, but this figure could not be obtained by simple calculation.

It is not known how much the initial H/P is in the first place, but it is thought that the H/P has increased by about 3,300, calculated as an increase of 10 per strength stat, and a H/P of about 10,000, calculated as an increase of 40 per 1 stamina stat Assuming that has increased, it is correct to have about 13,000 H/P.

However, the current H/P is 8 times that. So it was about 800 percent higher.

‘H/P is 100,000… crazy.’

Jong-won had a strength stat of 82 and a stamina stat of about 30. That meant he should have about 2,000 H/P. In reality, Jong-won’s H/P was about 2,800, which was similar to the simple calculation Hyun-seok had done.

‘That means there must be a step-up phase.’

If there were sudden increases at certain intervals rather than continuous changes, it would make sense for the value to reach 100,000.

“Perhaps… stamina stat is the biggest factor. I wonder if there are any changes at 100 and 200 points?”

It is not known yet, but it seemed that the stat that had the biggest impact on H/P was the stamina stat, and a significant increase in stamina stat led to a tremendous surge in H/P. For example, breaking through a stamina stat of 100 resulted in a 100% increase in H/P.

The title system was similar. A normal title gave a +3 bonus, a +1 title gave a +6 bonus, and a +2 title gave a whopping 24 bonus.

‘If I assume that breaking through 100 doubles H/P and breaking through 200 quadruples it, I can estimate my current H/P.’

But I wasn’t sure, so I looked at M/P as a control group. My intelligence stat was currently 235, which meant that he should have slightly over 2,300 M/P based on simple calculations.

‘Let me see… my M/P is around 21,000…’

If I assume an increase of 2,350 due to intelligence stat and an initial M/P value of around 200, the M/P value based on simple calculations should be around 2,500.

“If breaking through 100 doubles it and breaking through 200 quadruples it, then it makes sense.”

At the moment, he could assume that the title system and its increase rate were the same.

‘From +1 to doubling, and from +2 to quadrupling. Same goes for breaking through 100 and 200.’

‘If it follows the same pattern, then it should be eight times as much at 300.’

As for S/P, it had a very meager value of around 400, but assuming that one point of stamina stat gave one point of S/P, Hyun-seok’s estimation seemed reasonable. Based on the stamina stat, you could see that Hyun-seok’s estimation applied somewhat accurately.

When he told Jong-won about this, he said, “As expected, going all in on one stat is the best strategy,” and then he looked at Hyun-seok and pretended to spit.

Jong-won couldn’t help but feel unjust as he raised his voice, “I mean, normally you have to go all in on one stat just to barely hit 100 and upgrade, but what are you? Why are all your stats over 100…no, over 200? Are you insane?”

“If you feel unfairly treated, why don’t you try breaking some impossible achievements yourself?” Hyun-seok retorted.

“What’s impossible is impossible, you crazy bastard! It’s impossible because it’s impossible!”

“I’ve done the impossible though,” Hyun-seok smirked.

“Well, that’s because you use cheat codes that are beyond standard! You piece of sh*t! With cheat codes, everything is possible. Show me the money, you son of a b**ch!”

Jong-won couldn’t help but feel frustrated, but he soon let out a chuckle.

“So, what class did you end up choosing?”

As he entered Normal mode, the classes became more refined, and Jong-won ended up with the Warrior of Lightning class, which was somewhat amusing. Hyun-seok laughed coolly.

Jong-won frowned. “What? So now you’re like a super strong hero or something?”

“Well, not really,” Hyun-seok replied. “Why? What’s wrong? Tell me. You’re curious, aren’t you? By the way, my class is S-class. Even if I’m not sure, isn’t S-rank something really good?”

Hyun-seok scratched the back of his head.

“It’s called the All-Stat Slayer.”

“What’s that?”

“I don’t know either. That’s just what it’s called.”

“Since you raised all your stats like a monster, that kind of class must have popped up. So, what’s the ranking?”

Hyun-seok paused for a moment. It wasn’t until Jong-won pestered him that he finally opened his mouth.

“Question mark. It hasn’t been released yet.”

Jong-won was at a loss for words.

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