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A.S.S Chapter 6 (part 1): Season 1 Preparation

The woman’s name was Kang Pyeong-hwa, 26 years old, an ordinary office worker with a cheerful and bright personality. Upon hearing this information from Young-taek, Hyun-seok nodded lightly. Although he appreciated a cheerful and bright personality in a woman, Hyun-seok didn’t like women who casually broke promises. He had reached a level of intolerance for such behavior, and no matter how pretty or good-natured a woman was, he could turn against her in an instant. However, he never showed this on the surface.

“Okay, now that everyone’s here, let’s go.”

They boarded the volunteer group’s van and traveled for about 20 minutes. The children at the Sunshine Nursery eagerly welcomed Hyun-seok and his team, who visited every two weeks. The children were very young, ranging from 5 to 13 years old, and some of the older elementary school girls often blushed and became shy around Hyun-seok.

As soon as the van arrived, a young child who had been playing on the swings jumped off and looked up at Hyun-seok.

“Hey, it’s Mr. Hyun-seok!”

“Hey there!”

Hyun-seok raised his hand high. The boy’s name was Kim Min-soo, a 7-year-old who seemed to follow Hyun-seok around and like him more than anyone else. Min-soo ran towards Hyun-seok with a big smile on his face, and Hyun-seok couldn’t help but grin in response.

Watching the innocent laughter of the children, he felt a sudden joy in his heart.

“Aw, our Min-soo, how have you been?”

Other members of the volunteer group, including Young-taek, glanced over and whispered, “Min-soo only likes Mr. Hyun-seok. We’re just side dishes,” as they stole glances at him.

“Aww, don’t cry, don’t cry. Aww.”

When Young-taek pretended to cry, Min-soo put his hand on his waist and shrugged his shoulders.

“Our boss doesn’t cry.”

As he looked into Min-soo’s eyes, it was as if the man was saying, “You’re not the boss since you’re crying!” He stood there with his shoulders back and his chin raised high.

“Who said that?”

“It was Hyun-seok, sir.”

Min-soo was clinging to Hyun-seok’s leg, and the other children came running out to greet the volunteers. Their high-pitched screams echoed throughout the playground, showing just how good their hearing was.

“We came to volunteer because it’s fun!”

Jang Young-taek smiled proudly as he looked at the children. Each child was busy playing and chatting with their favorite volunteers, but no one stood in front of Young-taek. He felt a little sad.

One of the volunteers, Seul-gi, tried to cheer him up. “Young-taek oppa, you haven’t spent much time with the kids directly, have you?”

Young-taek had rarely spent time with the kids. Usually, that was left to the women, while the men did other tasks. However, Seul-gi’s words didn’t make him feel any better.

“What about Hyun-seok?”

The children were swarming around Hyun-seok. Although there were only a few of them, it seemed like a lot to Young-taek.

“Hyun-seok is handsome, isn’t he?”

“Are the kids all obsessed with looks?”

“Well, it’s the times we live in. Even kids like good-looking people.”

“Ugh. We can’t be born again. Hyun-seok will lose his popularity in another ten years.”

Hyun-seok laughed and ruffled Min-soo’s hair. Young-taek’s playful jealousy didn’t really bother him; it was more of a joke. He didn’t feel too bad about it.

“Let’s go inside then.”

Young-taek put aside his joking half and his bitter half and walked with Hyun-seok. They had promised to play with the children later and now they were going inside the daycare center to clean.

Cleaning took quite a while and was not an easy task. However, it was something that Young-taek and Hyun-seok were quite familiar with, having volunteered for over a year now.

After finishing cleaning, they went outside to play with the children as promised. Suddenly, Young-taek was taken aback and exclaimed, “What is that?”

The space seemed to be warping and something appeared out of nowhere. At the same time, Hyun-seok shouted urgently, “Take cover!”

Though Hyun-seok’s words were desperate, they were too ambiguous. The children and some of the teachers who were at the playground, as well as Kang Pyeong-hwa, one of the volunteer members, were startled by Hyun-seok’s voice but did not take any further action.

“Everyone, take cover!”

It was only after the teachers and Pyeong-hwa discovered what had suddenly appeared that their faces turned pale.

Monsters had recently turned the world upside down, and people knew of their existence. However, in reality, it was difficult for the general public to see monsters. We’re not talking about monsters like mosquitoes or mayflies, but rather those that pose a real threat. Nationwide, the number of people injured by monsters each year was only slightly higher than the number of people struck by lightning.

Finding someone struck by lightning in your surroundings is a very difficult task, as the probability is low. For the general public, encountering a dangerous monster was like encountering a natural disaster – perhaps a stroke of bad luck. As a result, people knew they were facing monsters, but they had no idea how to deal with them. The teachers and volunteer members were no exception.

Thunk! Thunk!

It was a monster in the form of a dog. If one were to classify it, it was similar in appearance to a Jindo dog, but with a larger build and eyes that protruded out in a fierce gaze. The creature charged towards the children, mouth agape, revealing its sharp teeth and saliva dripping from its jaws.

Hyun-seok heard a notification sound that only he could hear.

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