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A.S.S Chapter 5 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

Jong-won looked at Hyun-seok with an incredulous expression. He was known as an elite slayer who boasted of having a great deal of knowledge about slayers. His common sense had just been shattered. There were no monsters around, yet the battlefield had been spread out. It couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, but it could definitely be felt. This was the battlefield.

“I’m not sure if it’s just me, but since my intellect reached 100 points, the first restriction of the Battle Field was lifted. I can now unfold it without any monsters and the range has also widened. The skill window descriptions have become more detailed too. If you want, I can read it for you.”


Usually, a Battle Slayer can only unfold the Battlefield when there are monsters around. This means that they can only use their strength as a Slayer when fighting monsters. Therefore, some argue that they should always carry weak monsters like pets and unfold the Battle Field to use their Slayer powers. However, that was useless because the moment they were caught, the monsters were no longer considered monsters and the Battle Field did not unfold.

“Unfolding the Battle Field without monsters is a scam.”

Doesn’t it mean that you are a superhuman who can use your abilities in everyday life?

“But the time is not that long. I can only unfold it for about 20 minutes alone. My current level is 7.”

Hyun-seok glanced at Jong-won. Jong-won didn’t say anything, as if he had just been shocked. He blinked. Then he yelled suddenly.

He wasn’t angry.

“Hey, you bastard! You should have told me this sooner! 20 minutes? You’re crazy! I can only do it for 3 minutes! And there’s a vacancy in our I’UET! Come and join us. I’ll strongly recommend you. Battle Field skill level 7? You’re crazy! Why didn’t you tell me sooner!”

The guild that Jong-won currently belongs to is I’UET. It is affiliated with the Hanjae Foundation, one of the leading foundations in Korea, and can be considered a monster-hunting guild. They are a highly valuable workforce that creates something out of nothing by using their power, and they receive relatively good treatment. First of all, the basic salary they receive is usually more than 40 million won. (Explanation for this seemingly small amount will be given later.)

“Definitely… If you join that kind of guild, you’ll definitely become a big deal.”

There’s no need for Hyun-seok to reveal all of his cards right away. Unless someone has the ability to see through his abilities, there’s no need to worry about getting caught.

“But is becoming a slayer really beneficial for me?”

Being a slayer is a profession where you have to risk your life. Although the potential for earning may be better than it is now, it’s still an uncertain job. If monsters were to disappear or if he were to get seriously injured, he would have no means of making a living. On the other hand, working for a big power company is like being in a gold mine. Not only is it a government-owned enterprise, but the salary increase rate is also high and the welfare benefits are great. He doesn’t really see the need to become a slayer.

“Dreaming of becoming a superhero with superpowers is something you do when you’re young and foolish.”

Jong-won said regretfully.

“Ah, it would be great if there were talents like you.”

“Forget it. Being a slayer is still too uncertain for the future. It’s risky. I’m getting older now, and I don’t want to take an uncertain path instead of a comfortable one. You and I are different. I prefer stability.”

He’s the guy who dropped out of his doctoral degree program to become a slayer. He’s been like that since he was a kid. He’s the type of guy who endlessly pursues whatever he wants to do, separate from the fact that he was nicknamed Crazy Dog.

That’s not necessarily wrong. However, he couldn’t see himself living like Jong-won. He raised his head, saying that he was different from Jong-won.

“Hey, you’re a guy without a man’s romance.”

Jong-won grumbled, but he didn’t seem to have any intention of forcing it anymore. He had known Hyun-seok since childhood and had long since grasped his personality. It was clear that he still had no intention of fully utilizing the power of the Slayer, judging by how little he talked about it.

“You’ll end up dead chasing after that romance. As for me, keep it a secret until I reveal it myself.”

Hyun-seok continued to lead a relatively peaceful life. The news was constantly reporting on the exploits of the Slayers, and news of monsters appearing and being hunted had become almost commonplace. Unfortunately, there were also Slayers who died while hunting monsters, but compared to their achievements, it wasn’t emphasized much.

When a monster died, there was no corpse left behind. Only items and mana stones (or monster stones) appeared. Mana stones had a variety of uses. When added to medicine, they showed outstanding efficacy without any side effects – although it is still in the clinical trial stage, it has already been reported that a small amount of it administered as an aphrodisiac has a very good effect and eliminates side effects, so it is already being produced and sold through underground channels. – They were also an excellent resource as an alternative energy source.

It was revealed that if these mana stones were mixed with coal, oil, and other materials used in thermal power plants, tremendous energy gains could be achieved, making them a popular alternative energy source to replace oil. The fact that it could be integrated with existing facilities without the need for new facilities made it very appealing. By this point, there were even discussions that the appearance of monsters was not a disaster, but a gift. Nuclear power, in particular, was a very dangerous power source, but it had to be used because of the benefits of its efficiency. The same was said about the mana stones of monsters. The existence of monsters themselves was threatening, but the benefits far outweighed the risks.

As Hyun-seok prepared to leave, he muttered to himself. The news was reporting on the Slayers once again.

“Moreover… now the hunting methods have started to take hold to some extent.”

As time passed, specific strategies for each monster were developed, and as the level of slayers increased, the number of slayers dying decreased significantly. Unlike Hyun-seok, whose level and experience points were limited, other slayers become stronger the more they hunt.

“However, this is not the end, I don’t think so.”

This expectation was not just a guess but a certainty shared by everyone, not just Hyun-seok. It was already anticipated that even stronger monsters could emerge.

“Well… for now… should I focus on my work?”

He put on his shoes. Since he had been increasing his stamina and leading a more disciplined and upright lifestyle, he had taken up a new hobby. He volunteered at a childcare facility, which he had done in his early twenties. It was rewarding and enjoyable in its own way.

The Sun Childcare Center was one of the facilities where Hyun-seok volunteered as a member of the volunteer organization. There were already half a dozen volunteers gathered, even though there were still about ten minutes until the agreed meeting time. Jang Young-taek, who could be considered the head of the volunteer group, shook hands with Hyun-seok as he welcomed him.

“Oh, Hyun-seok? Long time no see.”

“Ah, hello, Young-taek.”

Young-taek was 43 years old, and with a 14-year age difference, Hyun-seok showed great respect towards him. Young-taek smiled broadly and said, “We’ll wait for one more person, and then we’ll start.”

Time passed, and Hyun-seok frowned. “What time is it now, anyway?”

It was 12:40 pm. The originally agreed meeting time was 12:30 pm, but they couldn’t start because one person had not arrived. Since they had a scheduled time with the childcare center, Young-taek suggested waiting for 10 more minutes before leaving.

And then, after 10 minutes had passed, a woman came running in breathlessly.

“I’m sorry I’m late!”

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