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DB: CxD Chapter 1: Power Level 100 To The 5th Power

Year 737.

Planet Vegeta.

The sun was rising, and shining on the planet that was showing a lot of life.

Renkon looked up at the red sky with neither a happy nor a blue face, he was simply calm.
(T/N: Renkon: Lotus Root.)

It’s just that Renkon, who is a traverse, knew unquestionably that in a brief while, this planet will turn into dust in the universe.


Suddenly, light blue energy condensed in Renkon’s palm.

The light blue ball was about 30 cm in diameter.

Slowly, these blue energy flames were squeezed and deformed, then shrank inwardly.

In the blink of an eye, the blue flames were compressed into a diameter of about 10 cm.

However, Renkon had no intentions to stop, he kept controlling the energy, compressing and deforming it.

It didn’t take long for these blue energy flames to become less than 1 cm in diameter.

That if you can call it flames anymore, it was now just one azure light spot.

This azure blue light spot was instantly submerged into his body, then got absorbed by him.

These surely made Renkon in a good mood.

Yes, Renkon who has arrived at this world, didn’t become an angel, a god of destruction, or a god.

Renkon was just an ordinary Saiyan Warrior.

No, it’s incorrect to say that he was an ordinary Saiyan.

He was a genius saiyan Warrior.

When he was born, Renkon’s power level reached 2,000.

He was presently 16 years old.

However, Renkon’s power level remained a mystery to many people.

Because his power level was very weird.

When he was born it was 2000.

At the age of 3, his power level was 8000.

When he began to practice at the age of 5, his power level reached 15000, which made King Vegeta tremble in fear.

When he was 7 years old, his combat power started to act weird… no one knows why, but it dropped to 10000.

When he was 10 years old, his power level dropped again to 5000.

At the age of 13 years old, it became 2000.

Renkon’s current power level has become 500.

This made numerous Saiyans feel that Renkon… is kind of worthless.

One who was originally a genius is now barely considered a warrior.

The more he practiced, the more he wasted his power.

He might as well not practice.

The reason for all of this is because Renkon has discovered a very strange phenomenon in the Dragon Ball World.

The power level can be compressed.

Since he discovered this secret at the age of 7, he began his journey of compressing his power.

Renkon continued to practice, while constantly compressing his power level.

Just today, Renkon’s power level has become 500.

But this much didn’t make him satisfied. After taking a deep breath, he began to crazily compress his power again.

About an hour or so passed.

Renkon found out through his detector that his power level finally dropped from 500 to 100.

That’s it!

Can it be anymore lower?

That can’t be!

Renkon discovered that the more his power level was compressed, the more refined it is and the faster it will increase.

Renkon’s power level seemed to be 100.

However, if you do the math, or use a much-advanced detector, you will find a very small number 5 in the upper right corner.

This number is very unnoticeable, and it wouldn’t be easy to find unless you look closely.

In other words, Renkon’s real power level is now 100 to the 5th power.

10 billion power level.

Of course, for Renkon, this is far from enough.

Not to mention those gods of destructions and angels, even Goku and Vegeta won’t have a chance.

I want to continue to compress my power level!

One day, I will reduce it to 100 to the 100th power!

How much is this, you’re asking?

Ahem… well it’s a big number…

I don’t want to waste any more brain cells.

“Hey, Renkon, it’s too early in the morning, are you training?”

At this time, a child with pointed hair appeared behind Renkon with a proud smile on his face.

“Oh? Your highness, little prince, Vegeta.” Renkon turned with a smile.

“Humph, it’s said that your power level at birth was over 2000, far surpassing me, the prince.” Vegeta sighed, folding his arms while shaking his head, “It’s a pity. The more you practice, the lower your power level becomes. To think that I’ve originally thought of you as a suitable opponent before.”

Renkon sensed a little bit of Vegeta’s power level. Since he can control and compress his own combat power, he can naturally sense the strength of the opponent’s aura.

This little guy isn’t bad. Although he’s only 5 years old, his power level has reached 15,000.

But Renkon knew very well that this is the pinnacle of Vegeta.

In the next 20 years, Vegeta’s power level will only increase by 3000.

“Let me take a look, the once the genius of the Saiyan race. What’s your current power level?” Vegeta said, then pressed the button on his detector.

Vegeta was suddenly stunned.

“What? 100?!” Vegeta wiped the sweat off his forehead as he said, “Is this a joke?”

Is his power level only 100?

“You’re already the most inferior warrior…” The disappointment made Vegeta out of words, disgusted by the result, he only wanted to turn around and leave.

He thinks, I, an inferior warrior?

“Hey, Vegeta.” Renkon smiled slightly while looking at Vegeta.

“I don’t reply to weakling warriors like you! You’re a shame on us Saiyans!” Vegeta said angrily.

“Vegeta, you have to remember that power level is only a fraction of one’s true power, you should look at the essence of your power in order to have stronger growth…” Renkon smiled.

“I don’t understand. What are you talking about?” Vegeta snorted.

“You’re still young, and it’s natural that you don’t understand,” Renkon said as he walked step by step in Vegeta’s direction, then he put his big hand on his shoulder.

“Take your filthy hands away.

You’re being rude to a prince, beware of my range or I will kill you.” Vegeta said while the blood veins on his forehead started throbbing.

“If I said that I could slap you out of conscious, would you believe it?” Renkon smiled.

“Humph, then I will say that I won’t even block it.” Vegeta pointed to his face confidently.


Renkon wasn’t polite and slapped Vegeta from the side.

“W-Wha…” The proud smile on Vegeta’s face slowly faded, while his pupils shrank sharply, then he instantly blacked out.

Vegeta’s body slammed the ground violently.

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