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DB: CxD Chapter 2: The Most Talented Saiyan

Renkon glanced at Vegeta, who collapsed on the ground for a moment, then he simply ignored him and walked away.

It’s time to leave this planet anyway.

What? Kill Frieza?

There is no need for that.

Frieza didn’t bother me.

Essentially, Renkon does his things relatively low-key, this is why Renkon thought of decreasing his power level in the first place.

So that, the title of the most talented Saiyan, doesn’t keep spreading on the planet Vegeta.

Of course, history wasn’t completely deceived.

There were still a few people who know Renkon as a former genius.

Nowadays, more and more Saiyans have been called back to the planet Vegeta.

Renkon did his math, and it seems that after Goku’s father Bardock comes back, Frieza would come to destroy planet Vegeta in a month or so.

As a Saiyan, even though Renkon’s power level is as high as 10 billion, there’s no way he can survive without an oxygen resource in space.

Renkon decided that he must find a way to overcome this shortcoming)

Too sad that if you can’t beat them, they will destroy your planet, and you will have to follow them or die.

What a shameless play this race is.

No matter what, Renkon decided that he must possess a special ability that can help him survive in the outer universe.

Otherwise, he won’t be able to live here in the Dragon Ball World.

Renkon decided to visit Planet Cereal.

There is a Namekian called Monaito, and the dragon balls he made there are definitely not plain.

Moreover, it’s very easy to collect Monaito’s Dragon Balls, because there are only two of them.

Renkon, who has read the Mange of Dragon Ball Super, always thought that Monaito must be extraordinary.

The Dragon Balls made by him can make you the strongest in the universe if you want.

Of course, this is limited to humans, but still very impressive.

Renkon felt that his wish… cannot be granted by Porunga or Shenron.

All that he wanted is to be able to breathe in the outer universe, this shouldn’t be much, right?

As for becoming the strongest.
No need.

Through practice, he will keep compressing his power and it will feel more satisfying.

Renkon quickly appeared in the spaceship’s launch center and found a small spacecraft.

“Hey, Renkon, Frieza told us not to leave the planet for a while.” Saiyan stepped forward and stopped Renkon.

“Yeah, I’m just going to the toilet.” Renkon smiled bitterly, didn’t say much more, then entered the spaceship.


Renkon pressed the start button.

The spaceship quickly rose to the sky and soon disappeared.

What a messed-up dude.

Why do you need to go to outer space to go to the toilet?

Well, I couldn’t think of a better answer…


The vast starry sky.

Frieza’s spaceship.

“Lord Frieza, more and more Saiyans are returning to planet Vegeta,” Berryblue said respectfully.

Berryblue is a female alien with blue skin and pink hair. She is short and you can regard her as Frieza’s personal nanny.

Frieza nodded slightly, walked to the window, then looked at the distant planet Vegeta.

“This is a good opportunity to kill the Saiyans all at once.” Berryblue smiled evilly.

“Ohohohoho~” Frieza let out an ominous laugh.

“It’s expected that in about four months, almost all Saiyans will return to planet Vegeta.” Berryblue continued, “However, Lord Frieza, Saiyans are a warrior race. If they are destroyed, the combat effectiveness of our legion will drop drastically, don’t you think?”

“It’s true~,” Frieza said with a playful tone, “But these wild monkeys will never acquiesce to me, and one day they will fight back.” His tone was full of hatred as he continued, “Moreover, these Super Saiyan legends must be taken care of. It’s more appropriate if we take care of them earlier.”

“Lord Frieza, I think that the Super Saiyan stories are just legends,” Berryblue said with a smile.

“Of course I know this, but I feel a little uneasy.” Frieza sat on his aircraft and said with a smile, ”Anyway, these Saiyans are a group of extremely proud people, and they will never accept to be my faithful servants .”

Berryblue nodded gently.

“Besides, the destruction of the planet Vegeta is also one of Lord Birus’s wishes.” Frieza smiled, “In short, in four months, it will be the end of the Saiyans, and this planet will be scattered dust in the universe, ohohohoho…”

“Lord Frieza, a small spaceship has just left planet Vegeta.”

At this time one of his subordinates came to report.

“Oh? Who is it?” Frieza smiled evilly, “Didn’t I order them not to leave their planet?”

Peep! Peep!

After clicking a few buttons, the screen showed Renkon’s figure.

“It’s just a super inferior warrior with a power level of only 100.” Kokono smiled contemptuously.

“He seems to be called Renkon…” Berryblue muttered, “He was born with a power level of 2000. He was once known as the genius of the Saiyans, and some believed that he would be the most likely to become a Super Saiyan.”

“Oh~ Really?” Frieza smiled, “Berryblue, don’t make me laugh, how can he become a Super Saiyan with only a measly power level of 100?”

Berryblue also laughed dryly.

“But why did his power level drop from 2000 to 100?” Frieza felt curious, “Is there something wrong with his training methods?”

“Maybe…” Berryblue replied, “According to the intelligence, his power level reached 15000 at the age of 5, and then it kept dropping with every year.”

“15000 power level at the age of 5 is the same as the little prince, Vegeta.” Frieza muttered, “It’s a pity that he only has 100 now.”

“Lord Frieza, do we shoot his ship down?” Someone asked.

“He ignored my orders and left the planet without authorization. Even if his power level is 100, I can’t just let him go.” Frieza snorted, “But you don’t need to be so serious, the other will get suspicious if we shoot him down.”

“Then send two people to follow him, take him to a planet far from Vegeta, and destroy him.” Berryblue suggested, “His power level is only 100, anyone can kill him.”

“Do that.” Frieza nodded.

“Yes!” The subordinates immediately took action.

He’s just a Saiyan with a 100 power level, it will be a piece of cake.


A small spaceship flew out of Frieza’s spacecraft and quickly pursued in Renkon’s direction.

Q: how was Goku able to breathe in space if Saiyans can’t?

A: According to Toriyama, Goku and Beerus were fighting at the upper edge of Earth’s atmosphere, where the air was extremely thin but still at a level to where there was oxygen for Goku, this is why Goku can’t breathe underwater as well
This is the weakness of the Saiyans.

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