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DB: CxD Chapter 3: The Earth Cereal

Not long after Renkon’s depart, Vegeta woke up feeling dizzy.

“What? Was I knocked out by a guy with only 100 power level?” Vegeta was shocked and angry, and he looked in disbelief.

Vegeta immediately stood up to pursue Renkon.

However, he later learned that Renkon had already left planet Vegeta, so he rushed quickly to the space station, intending to track Renkon down.

At this time, a few kids, among them Raditz and Napa were passing by there.

“Your Highness, we have just discovered a plant with fairly good resources. We are about to team up to fight. Do you want to go with us?” Raditz asked hurriedly.

“Humph, I’m not interested.” Vegeta snorted, “Go by yourself, and don’t disturb me.”

“But, that guy Frieza won’t allow us to leave the planet… it’s too boring, we want to fight!” Nappa said.

“Frieza, that bastard, he thinks he can control our planet?” Vegeta clenched his fist, “In that case, you will come with me on my spaceship. Let’s see what he can say to the prince, it’s my words against his.”

“Nice!” Raditz and Napa rejoiced.

“Let’s go!”

The spaceship rose into the sky and left the planet.

“Lord Frieza, just now, Vegeta and a few Saiyan kids also left planet Vegeta.” One of the subordinates immediately reported the situation to Frieza.

“Oh~ Really?” Frieza smiled softly, then pondered.

“My Lord, do you want us to shoot them down?” The subordinate asked.

“Vegeta the fourth, known as the most talented warrior of the Saiyan, right?” Frieza said with a smile, “So, he’s the most likely to become a Super Saiyan.”

“Lord Frieza, in particular, you can use Vegeta later.” Berryblue smiled mysteriously.

“How so?” Frieza looked at Berryblue.

“My lord, it’s like training a dog. If you keep teaching it tricks you will have a suitable pet.” Berryblue said with a smile.

“I do understand what you mean. I also have a few ideas for later, we will go with your plan.” Frieza nodded.

“So, how about the other Saiyans?” Another subordinate asked.

“If Vegeta’s power level has been truly stagnant, and some of them dared to exceed his power level, then we will kill them,” Frieza said with a smirk.


It didn’t take Renkon a long time to sense the enemy tracking him.

These were two guys with a power level of around 600.

Renkon temporarily landed on a certain planet, watching the spaceship that was quickly chasing him, he smirked evilly.


A blue light ball appeared on Renkon’s finger.

This energy ball was the size of a Senzu Bean.


The energy ball swiftly flew toward the enemies’ spaceship, leaving a light blue light behind.


With a deafening noise, the spaceship exploded.

Frieza’s subordinates didn’t even know what hit them.

Renkon shook his head, stepped into his spaceship again, and flew away.

Renkon decided to go to earth first.

Although there are only two dragon balls on Cereal, finding them on a large planet is undoubtedly like founding a needle in a haystack.

Renkon’s purpose in going to earth is to find Bulma or her father and ask to build him a Dragon Ball Radar.

With the Dragon Ball Radar, it will be much easier to find the Dragon balls.


The spaceship swept across the universe, leaving an arc in the starry sky.


Ten days later.

Renkon’s spaceship landed steadily on earth.

Without wasting any time, he flew up into the sky and headed toward West City.

From afar, Renkon could see the remarkable building of the Capsule Corporation.


Renkon descended from the sky and landed in the courtyard of Bulma’s house.

Soon, he met Dr.Brief and his daughter Bulma.

Bulma was only 6 years old, with lavender hair fluttering in the wind, bright big eyes; to make it short, she looked Kawaii.

“Are you Dr. Brief?” Renkon walked forward and asked him politely.

“You… flew…” Brief fixed his glasses and stuttered in surprise.

Bulma’s eyes widened too.

“My name is Renkon… Where is your warehouse?” Renkon asked.

“The warehouse? It’s over there…” Brief was stunned and mechanically pointed at the warehouse not far away.

Renkon stepped forward and entered it.

Bulma once said that the first Dragon Ball she found was in their warehouse.

After he entered, he released a bit of the energy inside his body.

Suddenly, everything in the warehouse was suspended in the air.

With Renkon found the Dragon Ball he needed easily among many other objects.

“Dr. Brief, can you make radar to detect this kind of thing?” Renkon took the Dragon Ball and came outside.

“This is… What?” Dr. Brief fixed his glasses again.

This is my house, right? Well, don’t be shy, come in…

“This is called Dragon Ball. According to ancient documents, there are seven of them in total. Once you gather them all and say, ‘Come out, Shenron,’ A dragon will appear and grant you a wish.” Renkon explained briefly.

“Are you looking for these Dragon Balls?” Brief began to understand.

Renkon nodded.

“Can I see it?” Brief asked.

Renkon handed him the Dragon Ball, then Brief looked at it carefully, nodded slightly, and said, “Well, this ball thing is emitting it’s own unique light waves. It shouldn’t be difficult to build a radar that can detect those waves. But I will have to research and study it carefully. It will be done in one week.”

“Thank you very much.”

“But I would like to ask, what is your wish? I will not help an evil guy.” Brief looked serious.

“Don’t worry, I just want the ability to breathe in the outer space.” Renkon smiled and said, “Furthermore, I don’t need the earth’s dragon balls, it’s too weak, I’m afraid that my wish will not be granted.”

Brief: “…”

Bulma: “…”

Are you hearing yourself…?!

Is he an alien?

“Are you an alien?” Bulma who was a child at the time asked, looking up at Renkon.

“The answer is, yes.” Renkon smiled and nodded, squeezing Bulma’s cheeks.

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