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DB: CxD Chapter 4: So Enjoyable

“Don’t pinch my cheeks! People are not toys!” Bulma shouted angrily.

“The fat ones are always cuter.” Renkon grinned.

Bulma: “…”

Hey, you are too much!

“Doctor, did you see my innocent smile just now?” Renkon said to Brief.

Brief: “…”

You’re squeezing my daughter’s face before my eyes, and you got the audacity to call yourself innocent?

Shame on you!

But Brief could tell that this kid isn’t a bad person.

His smile is truly innocent.

And the look in his eyes is bright and kind.

“Are you really an alien?” Bulma asked.

“Yes, do you want me to summon my spaceship?” Renkon smiled.

“Spaceship? Really?” Bulma’s eye lit up, “you really are an alien!”

Renkon took out a remote control and pressed several buttons on it.


In the blink of an eye, there was a small spaceship in the sky.

The spaceship descended from the sky and slowly landed in the courtyard of Bulma’s house.”

“Is this your spaceship? It has some great technology!” Bulma clapped her hands excitedly.

“As a reward from the Dragon Ball Radar, I will lend you my spaceship for research purposes, but you should not dismantle it. I have to use it to go to other planets.” Renkon smiled and looked to Brief

“Okay, deal!” Brief quickly agreed.

“if you’re an alien, why don’t you look much different from our people on earth.” Bulma looked at Renkon up and down, and asked curiously, “Besides, being able to fly…”

“there’s a difference, I have a tail.” Renkon smiled slightly, then the tail wrapped around his waist started swaying.

“A tail?!” Bulma was stunned.

Brief’s eyes widened too.

“Hey, don’t stop working,” Renkon said with a smile.

“Oh, yes.” Brief nodded and took the dragon ball to the laboratory for research.

“Sir Renkon, what is your name?” Bulma asked excitedly.

Too excited.

Renkon: “…”

Bulma also reacted.

I already know his name.

Bulma: “…”

“Your name is Bulma, right? Do you want to fly in the sky? I can take you with me.” Renkon smiled.

“Can all aliens fly?” Bulma’s big eyes were full of endless curiosity.

“No, not all of them.” Renkon smiled and said, “Come on, hop on my back.”

“Okay,” Bulma didn’t object and jumped on his back.

“I’m going to take off!” Renkon said, slowly ascending into the sky.

“Wow… we’re really flying! Awesome! Awesome!” Bulma was surprised and also shouting in a very high-pitched voice.

Renkon gradually increased the speed, while Bulma laughed happily.

One hour later.

Renkon circle around earth and returned.

It wasn’t that Renkon couldn’t go faster, but he worried that Bulma wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

After all, Bulma is still a little girl.

“This is so fun!” Bulma got off Renkon’s back, feeling sill unfulfilled.

“Are you the alien, Renkon, from another planet?”

At this time, Bulma’s mother Bikini came out with a fruit plate.

Obviously, Bikini had already learned about Renkon from Dr. Brief.

“Hello.” Renkon nodded.

“Aliens are so handsome…” Bikini said dumbfoundedly.

Renkon: “…”

I finally know why Bulma settled with Vegeta.

She has such a mother, so it’s strange not to be a nympho.

“Do you want some fruits?” Bikini handed over the plate, “You can eat fruit, right?”

“Yes, my eating habits are similar to those of people of this planet.” Renkon nodded politely.

In this way, Renkon temporarily stayed in Bulma’s house.

One week later.

Brief’s Dragon Ball Radar was finally ready.

Renkon looked at the Dragon Ball Radar speechlessly.

“So big? Renkon wiped his sweat.

“Huh? You wanted it smaller?” Brief was stunned, “The screen is big for easy viewing. Should I make it smaller?”

“Forget it, I’ll take a look first.” Renkon shook his head.

Brief’s Dragon Ball Radar is a bit the size of an IPAD.

It’s completely different from the Dragon Ball Radar made by Bulma afterward.

A rookie mistake.

He should have first drawn it to Brief.

But it doesn’t matter.

Renkon didn’t intend to spend his whole life searching for the Dragon Balls, he just wanted to simply possess the ability to breathe in the outer universe.

He pressed the button on the PAD Dragon Ball Radar, and similar to Bulma’s radar, seven sparkling golden spots were displayed on the screen.

“The map can be zoomed in and out, is it convenient?” Brief used two fingers to enlarge the map.

Renkon: “…”

This is apple…

Are you the reincarnation of Steve Jobs?

“Can this radar be used on an alien planet?” Renkon asked.

“As long as there is a ball of the same nature as the Dragon Balls on this planet, the radar will definitely be able to detect its specific location.” Brief replied.

“Okay.” Renkon nodded.

“So, can I study your spaceship?” Brief asked expectantly.

“Of course, no problem.” Renkon didn’t object.

“Great, the technology on earth will be 10 or even 100 years ahead of schedule.” Brief said in excitement.

“In some cases, the improvement of technology may not be a good thing, it might bring disasters to earth,” Renkon said.

“I understand, but I’m a scientist, and it’s my duty to improve the scientific level of the planet… With such advanced technology, perhaps I will come up with something that can defend this planet.” Brief said solemnly.

Renkon didn’t add another word.

No matter how high the technology you have, it’s can’t be worth a finger of the god of destruction.

Well, that’s the fate of earth anyway.

In short, there are no dangers.

And it’s also time for Goku to descend on this planet, right?

Renkon his head to look at the sky, and silently released his senses.

Forget it, don’t seek it!

I won’t gain anything even if I try!

Gaku’s power level is only 2, and it’s difficult to sense him.


Another week passed.

Brief was studying Renkon’s spaceship.

In this week’s time, Renkon was also free, so he didn’t want to stay idle and simply went to collect the Dragon Balls in his spare time.

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