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DB: CxD Chapter 5: I Want To Marry You

At Renkon’s current speed, finding the Dragon Balls was simply too easy.

In only three days, Renkon gathered all seven of them.

If it weren’t for one of the dragon balls being hidden in the deep sea, where he couldn’t see clearly, he would have finished the work much earlier.

The reason he gathered the Earth’s Dragon Balls, is because he thought Shenron might be able to grant his wish after all.

If he can, then why go to Cereal?!

In the process of searching for the Dragon Balls, Renkon stopped by Korin tower, then walked out with a handful of Senzu Beans from Korin.

The Senzu Beans are great.

Since I came to Earth I shouldn’t leave before taking some, how sorry for myself would I be later?


Why didn’t I take them all?

Renkon also thought about it, but it’s useless to ask for so many Senzu Beans.

After all, if he encounters a strong opponent who can kill him in a second, it will be too late to take a Senzu Bean.

And if he finds opponents who are inferior to him, Senzu Beans will not be needed.

In addition, currently, with his 10 billion level power, it seems that there wouldn’t be any worthy opponents for him.

Too many Senzu Beans will be a burden.

In the courtyard of Bulma’s house.

Renkon placed the seven Dragon Balls on the ground.

Bikini, Brief, and Bulma were all nearby, looking forward to seeing this mystical dragon that can grant wishes.

“Eternal Dragon. By Your name, I summon you forth, Shenron!” Renkon shouted.

Suddenly, the golden glow on the seven balls shone and bloomed.

The sky was darkened, then instantly, a golden beam of light rose into the sky.

After a while, the golden beam of light turned into a green dragon, winding in the starry sky.

“It’s a real dragon!” Bulma exclaimed.

“Is this the dragon that can fulfill any wish?” Brief looked up at the dragon in the sky in surprise.

“It’s so big!” Bikini was also stunned.

“Those who have collected the seven dragon balls, say your wish, and I will grant it for you.” Shenron’s voice rang.

“Can you give me immortality?” Renkon asked.

Shenron: “…”

“Can’t be done…. I can only increase your life span for a few years.” Shenron replied.

“For how many years can you increase it?” Renkon asked with a smile.

“Are you… a Saiyan?” Shenron figured out Renkon’s identity quickly, pondered for a moment, then immediately replied, “The lifespan of Saiyans isn’t much different from that of earth humans. Both are about 100. It can be increased by about 300 years, and that’s as much as I can do.”

“Only 300 years? I thought you could add 1,000 or even 10,000 years. This is a bit disappointing.” Renkon shook his head.

Shenron: “…”

I’m actually being despised.

“Because the Saiyans are relatively special, the 300-year life expectancy is already the limit. If it were a human being on Earth, I can increase his lifespan by nearly 2,000 years.” Shenron explained.

It’s not that I’m not good enough, but you damned Saiyans have special bodies.

It’s your problem!

I can increase your lifespan by 300 years, which is already very remarkable.

“So, can you give me the ability to breathe in the space?” Renkon ignored Shenron’s explanation and asked again.

“Changing the physical body is a very complicated process. I’m sorry, your strength has far surpassed mine, and I can’t do it.” Shenron wiped the sweat.

“Well, how about world peace?” Renkon said, “This wish can always be realized, right?”

Shenron: “…”

“Ahem, the so-called world peace means that there are no large-scale military wars in the world. Currently, there is only one country on Earth… War naturally doesn’t exist.” Shenron replied, “As for the advent of dark forces and or evil, it’s not within the scope of world peace.”

“Sorry, this wish cannot be fulfilled.” Shenron was sweating so much.

“Big Brother Renkon… didn’t you say that Shenron can grant any wish? Why do I feel that he can’t achieve anything?” Bulma was speechless.

Shenron: “…”

I’m actually being despised by a little girl now.

“Well… I guess you can give me 300 more years for now.” Renkon sighed deeply.

Shenron showed a look of helplessness.

Sorry for disappointing you, mister.

Shenron was about to grant Renkon his 300 years lifespan expansion when Renkon asked again.

“Wait a minute, if I call you again, will you be able to give me another 300 years of lifespan?” Renkon asked.

“This… No, the 300 years are already my limit.” Shenron said.

“Nothing works with you man… 300 years isn’t much in the first place. You can transform me and the spaceship to Cereal, right? This much you can do, right?” Renkon asked with a darkened face.

What a useless dragon!

Only 300 years can be increased.

For Renkon it’s not enough.

In this world, the angels are the real immortals, and they have lived for hundreds of millions of years.

even Moro lived for 10 million years.

There is also the Kaioshin, who can at least live for tens of millions of years.

300 years?

It’s too short!

This wish is meaningless.

What’s the point of even adding 1,000 years?

When the time comes and you meet someone stronger, they won’t be merciful to even give you an extra second in this world.

“This is no problem,” Shenron replied quickly.

Finally, the boy’s wish can be granted.

“Wait a minute, I need to say goodbye to everyone,” Renkon said.

Shenron: “…”

“I’m going to leave now.” Renkon said to Bulma’s family, “I’m sorry if I have troubled you during this time.”

“Come back when you have time,” Brief said, “You can consider this your home.”

“Renkon I want to marry you! I don’t want to go to school!” Bulma pouted, facing Renkon.

“Bulma, even if you marry Renkon today, you still have to go to school.” Bikini whispered.

“No… I’m going to travel to Cereal with Big Brother Renkon.” Bulma stepped forward and hugged Renkon’s thigh.

Renkon: “…”

“Bulma, when I come back next time, I will bring you good things.” Renkon smiled and pat Bulma’s purple head, then whispered softly, “And if Bulma wants to marry me, she needs to grow up, don’t you think?”

“I’m already an adult!” Bulma said.

“You have to protrude both forward and backward like your mother and become a good-looking woman first,” Renkon said with a smile.

Bikini: “…”

Is he complimenting me?

Brief: “…”

Bulma looked confused.

Is my mother a good-looking woman?

Renkon waved goodbye to the puzzled Bulma family.

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