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DB: CxD Chapter 6: Cereal

“Okay, now you can grant my wish.” Renkon greeted Shenron.

“Very well.” Red flamed flickered in Shenron’s eyes.


In the blink of an eye, Renkon disappeared along with his spaceship.


The God’s Temple.

Kami was frowning.

Shenron was summoned, and as the creator, he naturally knew it.

Who is this person who summoned Shenron?

“Korin, can you also sense this person’s existence?” Karmi asked Korin in the Korin Tower below.

“Barely… my Senzu Beans are missing… I’m afraid he took them.” Korin said.

“What? Does he even know about the Senzu Beans?” Karmi was surprised.

“Anyway, it seems that this person is wishing no harm to Earth at the moment.” Korin said casually, “Although he’s an alien… he didn’t harm anyone on his visit here to Earth, and he even get along very well with Brief’s family.”

“So I can rest assured.” Kami nodded slightly and responded, “It’s just that what made me a little uneasy is that Shenron said that this person’s strength has far surpassed him.”

“What? Doesn’t that mean that he’s surpassed you too?” Korin was surprised, and then he calmed down, “Well he managed to take my Senzu Bean without me noticing, it shows his strength. It’s extraordinary.”

“There are so many alien visitors recently…” Kami sighed, “First it was him, and then two more spaceships descended on earth one after another. One of them was a child about three years old. His clothes were similar to that of the person named Renkon, probably from the same planet. It’s currently located near mount Paozu. Another spaceship broke down on a small island to the east. This person is a wholesome justice…”

“Poazu? Isn’t that one of the turtle hermit’s apprentices that lives in mount Paozu?” Korin was taken aback for a moment.

“The person you’re talking about is called Son Gohan, right? He’s more than just a normal person. We can arrange for him to meet that child by a chance. It may be helpful to provide a good environment for that child to develop.” Karmi sighed.




Renkon and the spaceship appeared on this planet out of thin air.

The surface of this planet was about the same as Earth.

Currently, Renkon’s location is on a barren prairie.

There is no one nearby.

Let alone people, even monsters rarely appear.

Renkon had nothing in sight, and immediately took out the “IPad” and pressed the button on the top.

Suddenly, two golden light spots appeared on the screen.

Around the light spots, a map was automatically uploaded.

This thing is certainly advanced.

As expected of Dr. Brief.

The two dragon balls aren’t too far apart.

Renkon knew that one of the dragon balls was in Monaito’s house.


Renkon flew quickly in the direction of one of the Dragon Balls.

Ten minutes later, Renkon came to an endless mountain range and successfully found the First Dragon ball in the cracks of the rocks.

Renkon took the dragon ball and flew quickly in the direction of the second one.


Renkon drew an arc across the dark sly, raising his speed to the top.

The distance of 10,000 kilometers can be crossed in only a mere second when it comes to Renkon.

A certain mountainous area.

This was Monaito’s home, and it was away from town.

Only Monaito and Granolah lived in this house.

Granolah’s age wasn’t much different from Vegeta’s; he was about five or six years old.

Just a year before, Granolah, who was only four years old, saw with his own eyes the destruction of his planet by the Saiyan Army.

That scene was carved in his memory, leaving him often with nightmares at night, especially those black gorillas he saw destroying buildings and crushing his people.

At this time, Granolah was practicing.

Monaito was sitting at the door of his house, silently watching Granolah practice.

“Grandpa, Frieza, and the Saiyan Army, I will repay them double one day.” Granolah was greeting his teeth, and clenching his fists tightly as he said bitterly.

“Boy, hatred will only disorient you.” Monaito sighed.

“No, without hatred, I will never have the motivation to practice! I will surpass the Saiyans, and I will surpass Frieza! I will make them pay the price of my people’s blood.” Granolah hammered a big rock with his fist as he said.

Above the clouds.

Renkon was floating in the air, silently watching Monaito and Granolah below.

The hatred filled in this little guy’s heart was worrying.

But when you think about it, this little boy witnessed the destruction of his race.

He was the only one left on Cereal.

It’s unrealistic to not have any hatred for the people who destroyed your planet.

“Damn the Saiyans! And damn Frieza!” Granolah continued as waved his small fists.

Monaito shook his head and sighed.

He felt for the little boy, it truly wasn’t fair for the little boy.

But, how often is life fair to anyone in this universe?


At this moment, Monaito seemed to sense something all of a sudden and looked up to the sky.


As soon as that happened, Renkon descended from the sky and landed near the two.

“What? A Saiyan?!” Granolah’s eyes widened as he could recognize Renkon’s uniform at a glance.

Besides, Renkon was easily recognized with his tail wrapped around his waist.

“A Saiyan?” Monaito looked also nervous, and he hurriedly hid Granolha behind him.

Granolah was also stunned.

Although he vowed revenge and death to all Saiyans and Frieza, he was still a child, and it was normal to be afraid.

Moreover, the Cereal people were never a warrior race, and they aren’t militant.

“Saiyan, what are you doing here?” Monaito asked vigilantly.


At the tip of Renkon’s index finger, a light blue spot suddenly appeared.

“You… what are you planning to do?” Monaito’s heart sank.

As a Namekian, Monaito could clearly see the terrifying destructive power in that light spot.

How could there be such a powerful Saiyan?

He’s much stronger than the Saiyans who came before!

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