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DB: CxD Chapter 7: Summoning The Two Star Dragon

Renkon pointed the light blue light on the tip of his finger at a nearby mountain, and in less than a second, it reached its target.


Suddenly, the boulder shattered, turning into rubble that scattered all over the ground.

Granolah was scared to the point of shivering.

Too horrifying!

If this hits me, my end will be the same as those stones.

Granolah’s legs kept trembling, and his face was pale like a blank sheet of paper.

“Little guy, I heard you saying that you’re going to seek revenge from the Saiyans, right?” Renkon looked at Granolah with a smile, and the latter seemed like he was about to start weeping.

He was that terrified!

“Hey, he’s still a child!” Monaito said quickly.

“A child? Do you want me to watch him grow into a tiger?” Renkon smiled lightly, “Why not cut the tree from its roots? When one day, he might come to me for revenge?”

Granolah’s body was shaking more violently.

However, after experiencing this extreme fear, Granolah’s heart was filled with endless anger. He thought of his family and people.

They all died miserably because of you!

“Aaaah! Come to me, I’m going to kill you!” Granolah gritted his teeth and charged to Renkon while waving his fist.

Renkon easily grabbed Granolah’s head, and because the latter’s legs and arms were too short, he couldn’t reach Renkon at all.

“Boy, are you serious about seeking revenge from the Saiyans with your current power? I think you’re just dreaming.” Renkon shook his head, “Forget about today, even if you train for 100 more years, you won’t achieve anything. This is your limit.”

“What are you talking about? As long as I have enough time, I will definitely defeat you!” Granolah shouted angrily.

“You think I will give you that time?” Renkon smiled softly.

“Listen… if you want something, as long as you can let this kid go, no matter what it is, I will give it to you, I promise.”

Monaito said quickly.


Renkon pat Granolah’s head.

Monaito was taken aback for a moment, but he was relieved when he saw that Granolah’s life is unhindered.

“Hand over the Dragon Ball, this is my only condition.” Renkon said to Monaito.

“What? You know about the Dragon Balls? Even Frieza didn’t know about it!” Monaito’s face changed color.

“What? Do you refuse to hand it over? Then, I would have to kill the remnants of the Cereal race.” Renkon pointed at Granolah.

“No, no. I will give it to you.” Monaito responded immediately.

Even if I give it to you, you won’t be able to make a wish anyway.

You don’t know the chant, do you?

After giving him the Dragon Ball, I have to take Granolah to a safe place immediately.

At least he won’t be able to threaten me with Granolah again to tell him the chant.

Also, he doesn’t know where the other Dragon Ball is, right?

After so many years, even I don’t know where the second dragon ball has gone.

This planet is so big, and it will be difficult to find a small ball in it.

I will give it to you.

“Please wait for a moment,” Monaito said, turned around, and entered the house. Not long after, he come out carrying a Dragon Ball with him and handed it to Renkon, saying, “Can you leave now?”

Renkon took the Dragon Ball and nodded in satisfaction.

Immediately afterward, Renkon smiled and looked at Monaito.

Monaito’s face changed colors again.

What’s up with this smile?

“Oh, I didn’t intend to kill him anyway, but thank you for the Dragon Ball, goodbye.” After he finished speaking, Renkon left in a flash.

Monaito silently looked at the arc Renkon left in the sky with a complicated expression.

Monaito could vaguely sense that this Saiyan isn’t normal!

With Granolha’s talent and aptitude, I’m afraid that he won’t be his opponent even after 100 years of cultivation.

Monaito pondered then let out a helpless sigh.


Renkon appeared in a deserted place with the two dragons, then put them on the ground, and took out a small notebook from his pocket.

He opened the small notebook and found a recorded sentence in it.

The sentence was: “Takkaraputo, tottoronbo pupirittoparo!”

Fortunately, Renkon was such an Otaku. He basically knows everything about this world from reading the Manga.

After he passed through to this world, Renkon wrote down the spell in a notebook.

This spell is so complicated that Renkon worried that he would forget it with time.

“Takkaraputo, tottoronbo pupirittoparo!” Renkon said shouted loudly.

Suddenly, golden light bloomed from the two dragon balls.

In the next moment, a golden beam of light rose into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the golden beam of light turned into a dragon.

“Those who have gathered the dragon balls, please say your wishes, and I will grant it for you.” Toronbo’s voice rang.

“My wish is very simple. I want the ability to breathe in the outer universe.” Renkon made his wish.

“This wish is indeed very simple,” Toronbo said, then red flames flashed in his eyes.

The flames quickly covered Renkon’s body, then he said, “Your wish is fulfilled, farewell.”

After that, he promptly disappeared, while Renkon soundlessly inspected his body.

There seems to be no special change, but it kind of felt like I’ve gained something new.

I’ll try it in space.


Renkon flew into the sky, passed through the atmosphere, and continued to travel higher.

Soon, Renkon slowly appeared outside of Cereal.

This is the universe.

The terrible space!

In this area, any Saiyan who comes here would die.

However, Renkon was safe and relaxed.

Renkon could feel that after he come to this cosmic space, his skin seemed to have the ability to breathe, instead of breathing air through his lungs.

It felt very subtle.

Renkon tried to take a deep breath.

It’s unusual!

Although there’s no air in the universe, Renkon can still inhale and exhale!

This world is truly wonderful.

Newton’s flapping in his grave, right?



Monaito’s eyes were widened.


This Saiyan summoned the dragon?

How did he find that Dragon Ball?

How did he know the spell?

I didn’t even tell Granolah about the spell.

He was planning to teach him the spell after he gets older.

The only people who knew the spell were the compatriots who came with him to this planet.

The problem is that all of his compatriots have passed away.

Besides, even if one of them was still alive, they wouldn’t tell this guy the spell.

Monaito’s face changed colors again and again.

This Saiyan is not normal.

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