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DB: CxD Chapter 8: I Want To Surpass Him

Granolah woke up with his face soaked in sweat.

“Granpa, am I still alive?” Granolah stood up shivering.

“Yes, you’re still alive, you don’t need to worry,” Monaito said.

“Where is that Saiyan?” With a pale face, Granolah kept looking around for Renkon.

“He has left.” Monaito sighed.

“Left? Where to?” Granolah was a little confused.

“Maybe for sightseeing.” Monaito pondered.

Granolah: “…”

Grandpa, are you still treating me as a three-year-old child?

“Granolah, did you see how strong that Saiyan was? You will only get stronger if you let go of the hatred in your heart.” Monaito persuaded.

“But grandpa, if I let go of that hatred, I will lose the motivation to practice.” Granolah shook his head.

“I told you, hatred will only deceive your mind… You’re a kind little boy…” Monaito tried to explain.

“Being kind didn’t help my people!” Granolah gritted his teeth and said, “I know the gap between me and that Saiyan, I will practice harder, and one day, I will surpass him.”

Monaito didn’t say anything more, wondering, what kind of wish did that Saiyan make?


Cosmic Space.

Renkon floated in the space for a while.

It felt good.

It’s great to be able to survive in the universe.

At least I feel that there is no shortcoming for the time being.

But, where should I go next?

For a higher level of power, Renkon knew that only by following Whis methods to practice he will get stronger.

And on the way, try to learn Ultra Instinct from the best that is, the angels.

Fortunately, Renkon could cook in his previous life.

When he was living alone in his previous life, Renkon cooked by himself, and his level was fairly decent; if he wanted he could reach the level of a chef.

But how do you get to the plant where Beerus is?

At this time, Beerus should be sleeping, right?

And before going to his planet, shouldn’t he find a place to improve his cooking skills first?

At least he must make everyone feel that what he makes is the most delicious food on the planet before going to see Beerus.

Only in that way he meets the standards of Whis.

Perhaps then, Whis will be the one, who would come to see him.


Renkon took out the remote control of the spaceship and pressed the button on it.


Suddenly, the spaceship appeared by Renkon’s side. He then stepped in and started looking for a suitable planet.

After exploring the universe for a while, Renkon found the best place.

This planet is called Vanford.

The people on this planet are a hodgepodge with all kinds of species on it.

In addition, this planet is also famous for its food.

It’s said that the chocolate and other delicacies eaten by Frieza and others were transported from this planet.

However, Frieza’s Legion didn’t take this planet as one of their own.

Frieza said that the planet should be allowed to develop on its own, instead of excessive interference.

Because he knew very well that Beerus likes good food.

If you interfere too much with the development of this planet, and the food gets worse, Beerus will certainly Hakai him.

After he landed on this planet, Renkon opened a milk tea shop.

He only sells milk tea!

After careful investigation, Renkon found out that even though this planet is famous for its delicious food, they don’t have a milk tea shop.

It would be a waste not to open one, not to mention, milk tea, the new type of beverage that has quickly become popular all over the world.

More and more aliens came here to drink even if they were tens of thousands of light-years far.

And things kept going well for a few months.


The vast starry sky, Frieza’s spaceship.


Waving his hand while laughing like a maniac, Planet Vegeta was destroyed and turned into dust in the universe.


“Wahahaha!” Frieza kept laughing as he watched almost all the Saiyans being wiped out.

Super Saiyan is simply a joke.

After a while, Frieza returned to his spaceship.

“Lord Frieza, you have worked hard. This is a popular drink on planet Vanford, please take a seat, relax, and enjoy it.” Berryblue offered the milk tea with both hands.

“Oh? What kind of drink is this?” Frieza was taken aback for a moment.

“It’s called milk tea. It’s said to be made from a mixture of milk and tea. It’s specially processed and prepared.” Berryblue smiled and said, “Please try it, my lord.”

Frieza took a sip, and it was delicious.

“Excellent! I never thought they would come up with something like this. Do you know who made the recipe for this drink?” Frieza asked curiously.

“It’s said that the person who developed this drink was Saiyan,” Berryblue said as she glanced at the disappeared planet Vegeta.

“Oh? So there surviving Saiyans who are hiding on planet Vanford!” Frieza narrowed his eyes slightly.

“But according to the investigation, this Saiyan’s power level is only 100, which isn’t to be feared,” Berryblue replied.

“Only 100? Are you sure he’s a Saiyan? Frieza smiled slightly, “He can’t even be considered a warrior.”

“Yes.” Berryblue nodded.

“Forget it, don’t worry about him.” Frieza smiled, “Besides, I still want to drink his milk tea. It’s a pity to kill him.”

“Yes,” Berryblue responded.

“Speaking of which, didn’t we sent two soldiers to track down a Saiyan, who ran away with a power level of 100 a few months ago?” Frieza took another sip of his milk tea and asked casually.

“It seems that their spaceships were malfunctioned and got destroyed in the outer space.” Berryblue smiled bitterly.

“Forget it.” Frieza thought for a while, then sighed.

“If include these two, it seems that there were a few Saiyans, who survived.” Berryblue replied, “Two with combat power of 100, as well as Vegeta, Napa, and Raditz.”

“Speaking of that brat, is the little prince’s plan ready to be performed?” Frieza asked with an evil smile.

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