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DB: CxD Chapter 9: I Founded A Milk Tea Shop

It’s already arranged. At present, in the planet we sent Vegeta and the others, there are almost no powerful opponents worthy enough to face Vegeta.” Berryblue replied.

“Hehehe, Berryblue, you’re evil~.” Frieza laughed and took another sip of milk tea as he watched the dusty Vegeta planet.

Frieza was in a good mood.

Drinking milk tea, finally witnessing the destruction of the Saiyan race, what a pleasant thing this is.


The Sixth Universe.

Champa’s planet.
“Hey, Vados, have you discovered any new food recently?” Champa asked rubbing his stomach.

“All food of our 6th universe, Master Champa has already tasted, there is nothing else for the time being.” Vados took the angel scepter in her hand and carefully scanned the 6th universe for food.

Afterward, Vados shook her head in disappointment.

She also wanted to enjoy new food.

Unfortunately, this is the case with the 6th universe.

Champa has eaten everything there is, and there is no freshness.

“Vados, do you think the 7th universe has anything new?” Champa rolled his eyes and asked in a low tone.

“I haven’t scanned it, I don’t know.” Vados shook her head.

“While my brother is sleeping, you can quickly investigate it, maybe there will be discoveries.” Champa grinned, “I heard that there is a planet called Vanford, which is known for its food. I’ve tasted it before, it wasn’t comparable with our 6th universe, but maybe they’ve discovered something new after all this time.”

“Okay, master Champa, let me take a look.” Vados’s eyes lit up slightly, and the angle’s scepter in her hand flashed several times.

“Oh? Master Champa, a new drink has been discovered on planet Vanford, and it’s very popular.” Vados said.

“New drink? Is it good?” Champa was stunned, “Compared to drink, I like food better.”

“This drink is called, milk tea. It’s made from mixing milk and tea through special processing.” Vados said, “I have never drunk something like this.”

“Can it be delicious?” Champa wasn’t very optimistic about milk tea.

“I don’t know.” Vados shook her head, “But it’s said that milk tea is a drink that has taken the 7th universe by storm, and even many people started going to planet Vanford just to taste it.”

“Oh? So it should be delicious, right?” Champa’s eyes lit up slightly.

“Master Champa, should we go and taste it?” Vados asked with a smile.

“I’m going, of course, I’m going…” Champa nodded, “It’s just that the journey is a bit far away, so I’ll have to fly for more than an hour.”

“Sometimes a journey full of expectations makes the food even more enjoyable.” Vados smiled.

“Let’s go.” Champa made his mind.


The two turned into two bright flames, rose to the sky, then instantly disappeared.


The 7th universe.

Vanford planet.

Renkon’s milk tea shop.

There was a long line at the entrance of the store, with at least thousands of people visually.

“Dear fellow friends, can’t you read the sign? Our milk tea only sells 1,000 cups a day, while stocks last.” Renkon said loudly, “730 cups have been sold today, and the number of people in this line is at least 2/3. You people in the back won’t get some today, go back tomorrow.”

As soon as these words came out, the customers at the back shook their heads with disappointment and left the line.

However, there were still people who had the nerves to stick to the line.

“Hey, Renkon, do you know who King Cold is?”

At this moment, an alien with purple skin and dark spots all over his body, jumped forward, looking at Renkon with a smile.

“I don’t know.” Renkon looked at him then shook his head, “Don’t disturb me from making milk tea. If you want some, go inline behind, and don’t jump in!”

Renkon knew this guy.

Isn’t this Frieza subordinate Cui?

Did he ask for milk tea for Frieza’s father?

I’m not making milk tea to catch Frieza and his father.

I was fishing for Whis!

Frieza is a fool!

I can kill him with one finger!

“You’re lying! Do you think I don’t know who you are? You’re a Saiyan! How is it possible that a Saiyan doesn’t know King Cold and the Frieza Army?” Cui pointed at Renkon and shouted, “Humph, don’t test my patience!”

After hearing Cui’s words, many customers were so frightened that they hurriedly gave him their places.

Of course, none of them was ready to throw his own life just for the sake of drinking Milk Tea.

“I, I, I… don’t mind giving my place to this guy…” The customer at the top was counseled by the others and gave up his seat.

“So, Renkon, do you still think that I should line up to get milk tea?” Cui smiled contemptuously and walked to the forefront.

“You’d better prepare the milk tea, if King Cold isn’t satisfied with it, I’ll tear down your milk tea shop instantly. Also, I would like to inform you, since I’m afraid you don’t know, Planet Vegeta has been destroyed, and you’re my friend one of the very few people left of your race! Haha, unfortunately, you’re a loser with only a power level of 100!”


Renkon didn’t bother listening to Cui talking endlessly beside him, so he gently waved his hand, and powerful energy covered Cui’s body.

Cui didn’t even have the time to react and was instantly bombarded to the sky.

Boom! Boom!!

Cui’s body kept flying backward until it penetrated a mountain that was a few thousand meters away.

Cui died.

Everyone was stunned.

Are you kidding? Was the owner of the Milk Tea this powerful?

Many people knew Cui.

It’s said that he’s regarded as Lord Frieza’s elites, but the owner of a Milk Tea shop sent him flying with a slap?

“You, go back and tell King Cold and Frieza that if you want milk tea, you have to line up like anyone else. Otherwise, no milk tea for you.” Renkon pointed at another Frieza legion’s solider on the side.

“You… are…” The guy was frightened, he wanted to act tough, but he was afraid of dying.

He also saw that Renkon’s power level was only 100.

The question is, how could master Cui be beaten to death with a power level of only 100?

“Aren’t you going away? What am I seeing here? Is that some annoyance in your eyes?” Renkon said coldly.

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