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DB: CxD Chapter 10: My First Love Is A Girl With Ponytail

The other subordinate stumbled while running away.

Soon, he reached a deserted place, opened his communicator, and got in touch with Dodoria.

“What? Cui was beaten to death by the owner of the Milk Tea shop?” Dodoria was startled.

Are you joking?

Why would he be beaten to death by the owner of the milk tea shop?

“Master Dodoria, the owner of the milk tea shop is a Saiyan… It’s really strange though, his power level is only 100.” The guy was still puzzled.

“100? Your detector must be broken!” Dodoria replied.

“Yes… it should be the case… But Master Cui’s detector was also showing the same number.” The guy wiped out his sweat as he said.

The detector is broken?

How can two detectors be broken at the same time?

“Humph, almost all Saiyans have been annihilated, why is he acting so arrogant?” Dodoria smiled softly, “Wait there, I’m on my way, I will make sure to make him pay for what he did!”

“He will definitely regret what he did once you make a move Master Dodoria.” The guy breathed a sigh of relief.

Lord Dodoria is one of Lord Frieza’s elite warriors.


Renkon’s milk tea shop.

Renkon stretched his arms, and the energy in his body rose to the sky, then he quickly made more than 260 cups.

Suddenly, the 260 cups were suspended.

A large bucket of milk slowly floated and gathered above the sky, dispersed into 260 portions, and sprinkled into these cups.

The team made in advance also fell into the cup in the same way.

Renkon controlled the white sugar, and when everything was ready it entered the cup.

Finally, he added some seasonings, which is a unique formula made by Renkon to increase the taste of the milk tea.

Some people have thought of opening a store on their own and make milk tea, but they always feel that they lack a little taste.

The missing flavor is the seasoning.

In less than a minute, more than 260 cups of milk tea were prepared to be served.


With a simple move of his hand, more than 260 cups of milk tea were suspended next to more than 260 people in front of the line.

One cup per person.

In addition, to the 700 cups made before, today’s 1,000 cups were finally delivered.

It’s not that Renkon hasn’t ingredients to continue making milk tea.

But Renkon was deliberately applying hunger marketing.

If he doesn’t apply such a marketing plan, how would he attract Whis?

And this method is also very good because it also makes more people want to drink the milk tea he makes.

The only milk tea in the universe.

That’s it!

After these 260 people got the milk tea, they all left happy.

In the sky above the milk tea shop.

Champa and Vados silently looked down at Renkon below.

“This kid’s method of making this drink is unique. It seems that he has fascinating strength.” Champa said with a smile.

“It’s a pity that they are all sold out today. It’s really unfortunate that we came late.” Vados looked disappointed.

“Humph, I’m the god of destruction. If I want a milk tea, I get a milk tea!” Champa snorted.

“Master Champa, it’s better if we ask first, then fight.” Vados suggested, “This is not our 6th universe after all. If we destroy this planet, Master Beerus will probably strike back when he wakes up.”

“You think I’m afraid of Beerus?” Champa said stiffly, “Well, let’s go down and have a look. It’s okay to ask politely.”

“Let’s go.” Vados nodded.


Champa and Vados descended from the sky and landed at the door of Renkon’s milk tea shop.

Renkon: “…”


Why are these two here?

Whis didn’t come, but he attracted the angel and the god of destruction of the 6th Universe.

“Boy, are you still selling milk tea?” Champa asked directly.

God of destruction has such a temper.

Champa thinks he’s acting politely this way.

“Sorry, I’ve already sold 1,000 cups today. Today’s share has been already served.” Renkon shook his head, “Mister has to come back tomorrow.”

“You still have the ingredients here, so how about making two more cups?” Champa said with a darkened face.

Sure enough, this kid is looking for trouble.

Should I Hakai him?

“Mister Renkon, the two of us came from a very faraway place, can you give us a special service?” Vados smiled softly and said.

“Uh… since this beauty said so, I will prepare two more cups.” Renkon nodded slightly, “My first love was a girl with a ponytail, she looked very similar to you.”

Champa: “…”

Vados: “…”

“Wow, really?” Vados smiled again.

Renkon saw Vados in manga and anime before and felt that Vados looked a lot like his first love.

Although she looks beautiful, her skin color is certainly unbearable not to look directly at.

But when he saw her today, Renkon was shocked.

Worthy of being a true god.

Vados’ body has it’s own fairy breathe, which is by no means comparable to an ordinary girl.

Even if she looked as beautiful as her, because she didn’t possess such a fairy to breathe, compared to Vados, there is a big gap.

Seeing her today, Renkon knew what a perfect woman is.

Vados’ appearance and figure are both perfect.

If her skin color can be changed to the same as normal human beings, then the universe would not be able to pick a better woman other than her.

Uh, I seem to be able to pick one.

There is also Marcarita, the beautiful angle.

But I don’t know who is better looking, Marcarita or Vados?

This kind of thing is not easy to compare.

It’s like asking to pick one of two dragon balls.

Pick one? I want all!

Renkon pondered for a while.

Please wait a moment.” After he said this, Renkon began to make milk tea again.

After hearing what Renkon said, many female aliens changed their hairstyles to ponytails.

“Hey, Matra, I don’t have hair, how am I gonna get a ponytail?” An alien pointed to her bald green head and smiled bitterly to her companion.

“You’re a hermaphrodite! I don’t think he would like you, so forget it!” Her companion exclaimed.

“Perhaps the boss would like an androgynous like me?” The alien patted his chest.

Renkon could hear that, and his face went black after hearing this guy’s words. At that moment, he wanted to die.

Who would I like someone like any of you?!

Back off as far away as possible!
unless you’re buying my tea!

“Even if there are other pretty girls with ponytails coming over today, I won’t sell any more milk tea. You can all go.” Renkon waved to the customers who were still gathering around.

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