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DB: CxD Chapter 27: Transformation? Super Saiyan

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“What? Hit was stunned.”

“And you’re also not my enemy, so I don’t have to kill you.” Renkon smiled.

“Humph, arrogant, you can’t willingly get 50 times stronger…” Frost said angrily.


Renkon pointed his finger at Frost, and suddenly a blue light instantly penetrated Frost’s chest.


Frost suddenly spurted blood from his mouth and fell to the ground on the spot.

“I don’t like people talking back at me,” Renkon said lightly.

“This kid is quite the personality. He’s suitable to be an excellent god of destruction.” Champa nodded with satisfaction.

Vados: “…”

Champa, such behavior shouldn’t be encouraged, especially if you want to be a god of destruction.

Also, this kid seems to be more interested in being an angel.

However, Renkon, if you have such a temper, do you think you’re suitable to be an angel?

“Hey, Vados, this guy is dying, give him a quick treatment,” Champa said.

Vados: “…”

In desperation, Vados had no choice but to take care of Frost.

Frost was cured soon. However, this time he didn’t dare to say anything.

Botamo was also quiet.

This kid is too cruel.

Frost said a word and he almost killed him.

“You said earlier that if it were only 50 times worse it would have been another story? What did you mean by that?” Hit asked.

“Yes, if the gap between me and you was only 50 times, I might be able to win.” Renkon smiled slightly and nodded.

“Then, I will use half of my strength, how about this?” Hit suddenly became interested.

“Forget it, that will only justify your lost, which will certainly be the case.” Renkon sighed.

“Are you saying that I’m going to lose?” Hit smiled.

“If you’re only using half of your strength, you will surely lose.” Renkon nodded, “Of course, that’s if the gap between us is only 100 times.”

“If I lose, I will accept my fate.” Hit said solemnly.

“Then, you’re free to do.” When Renkon said this, his expression also became serious.”

“Vados, what does this mean? Can he really increase his strength by 50 times?” Champa couldn’t tell.

“It seems so.” Vados said in a deep voice, “It doesn’t look like he’s fooling his opponent, he should have some special technique.”

“I’m really curious. What method can increase your strength by 50 times?” Champa was excited, “Is he going to compress his energy again?”

Vados said nothing and silently looked at the handsome young man on the ring.

He’s just 16 years old, such a mere Saiyan can he challenge the number one assassin, Hit.

“Then, I’m going to start!” Renkon said then a golden flame suddenly flickered around his body.

At the same time, Renkon’s hair stood tall.

Renkon’s body was suddenly wrapped up by golden light.


Even Renkon’s tail turned golden at this moment.

Super Saiyan!


After he came to this world, in addition to the daily compression of his energy, awakening his Super Saiyan power was a must-do thing.

After all, the Super Saiyan transformation can increase the power level by 50 times.

And also because of how cool he would look in that transformation.

Renkon knew very well that to become a Super Saiyan, he first need to have a peaceful heart.

Renkon has been honing his mood all these years.

When he was 8 years old, he could successfully become a Super Saiyan.

However, because he has been compressing his power level over the years, he didn’t have time to take a step beyond the Super Saiyan transformation.

Therefore, Renkon can’t transform into Super Saiyan 2.

Therefore, he still lacked that cool lightning flickering around him.

However, for Renkon, the current Super Saiyan was enough.

“What? He transformed?” Champa’s eyes widened.

This kid can transform!

This kid is a mystery.

“I didn’t even know that he could transform.” Vados smiled.

“This transformation has increased his strength by at least 50 times. No wonder he claimed that he could get stronger.”

“What? A transformation that can increase strength by 50 times?” Champa looked surprised, “Who is this kid?”

“It seems that he’s a Saiyan,” Vados replied.

“A Saiyan? Don’t we also have Saiyans in our universe?” Champa asked.

“We do have Saiyans in our universe, and they’re currently living on the planet Sadal,” Vados replied.

“Can our Saiyan transform like him?” Champa said in thought.

“I don’t know.” Vados shrugged.

“I didn’t expect you to transform, no wonder you were confident.” Hit was also a little surprised, looking at Renkon, “Well, according to our agreement, I will only use half of my strength. However, I must advise you to be careful.”

Renkon nodded.


Suddenly, Renkon rushed quickly toward Hit.

Boom! Boom!!

Hit easily blocked Renkon’s attack, and greeted him with a heavy punch.

Watching Hit’s fist coming his way, Renkon avoided.


Followed by that, Renkon quickly kicked Hit in the chest.

Hit slipped backward, rubbing his feet against the ground, leaving a long mark on the ring.

“Huh? That movement just now looked a little strange…” Champa was slightly startled.

“Humph.” Hit also noticed.


Instantly, Renkon flickered again and disappeared in place, then suddenly he was behind Hit.

Renkon blasted Hit with a punch on his back.

However, Renkon’s fist went right through a phantom that Hit left behind.

Renkon then quickly turned around and Hit was right behind him.

Even Renkon didn’t know how Hit managed to come behind him.

However, just when Hit was about to land a strike on him, Renkon seemed to have eyes on his back, and easily avoided Hit’s attack.


Without any hesitation, Renkon avoided and instantly landed a back kick on Hit’s body.

But just before the impact, Renkon hit the void again.


Hit, at such a critical moment, managed to use that technique.

No wonder I can’t hit him.

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