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DB: CxD Chapter 26: Improved By 100 Times

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Suddenly, Frost’s energy burst out of his body, then transformed into the third form.

“This guy’s body has transformed.” Champa smiled lightly, “But regardless of how he looks now, his strength seems to have improved a lot.”

Vados didn’t speak.

“Renkon-San, we can start.” Frost looked at him with confidence.

“Are you sure you won’t go for the final form?” Renkon smiled.

“You… what did you say?” Frost’s eyes widened.

“I’m just giving you an advice, don’t get so afraid.” Renkon grinned.

Frost: “…”

How does he know about the final form?

Frost felt mentally ill.

His cards were all exposed to his opponent before that battle even starts.

“Okay, then, I’m going to attack now.” Renkon smiled softly.

Instantly, Renkon waved his fist and hit the void in front of Frost.


His fist hit the space, compressed it, then a strange force hit Frost right in the chest.

With a stunned expression, Frost flew upside down and fell out of the ring.


Frost’s head glided hundreds of meters outside of the ring, leaving a long marking on the ground, then finally stepped.


After he finally stopped, he stood up immediately but ended up vomiting blood.

“What? Even Frost isn’t worthy enough to be this kid’s opponent?” Champa was stunned.

Thankfully, this kid isn’t allowed to participate in the Beerus’ team.

If so, he would have easily defeated both of our fighters.

Champa turned to look at Hit.

Hit was calm, he nodded slightly, then stepped into the ring, while Vados, give Frost a simple treatment.

Botamo lost.

Frost was finished in a flash.

Both of them dropped their heads with shame.

“Hit won’t lose to this kid… right?” Champa mumbled.

“It’s really hard to say…” Vados shook her head slightly.

“Hey, Vados, when I left, this kid was not this strong.” Champa quickly turned to her.

“Yes.” Vados nodded, “About an hour after Champa-Sama left, Renkon got indeed stronger.”

“What? By how much?” Champa asked in surprise.

“About 100 times,” Vados said.

“What are you talking about? 100 times?” Champa was stunned, “Nonsense… what did he do to get so much improvement?”

“He compressed his energy.” Vados sighed.

“Compressed his energy? What the hell?” Champa couldn’t understand.

“In Renkon’s words, the training method he uses… Energy can be compressed. And through continuous compression of energy, he can improve his strength by absorbing that compressed power, and achieve such effect.” Vados explained.

“What? Was there such a training method? Why haven’t I heard of it before?” Champa was surprised, and followed by another question, “Would there be no side effects in using such a method?”

“There is. When energy is compressed to the extreme, I’m afraid that his body will not be able to bear it, and he will end up blowing up his own body…” Vados sighed.

Champa: “…”

There was a short silence.

“Have you told him about this?” Champa asked.

“Yes.” Vados nodded.

“What did he say?” Champa asked.

“He didn’t listen. He said he was going to keep using this method.” Vados sighed softly.

Champa: “…”

It sounds like you didn’t bother that much too.

“Ahem… well, I don’t care too… But if he blows himself up… How else would we drink our milk teak?” Champa was only worried about the milk tea.

“Champa-Sama can rest assured, if such a thing happened, I will make sure to resurrect him.”

“That’s what I thought.” Champa nodded, thinking that Vados’ solution was great.

Even if you don’t want to listen and blow yourself up, I will just resurrect you.

“Humph, I didn’t expect this kid to be so strong.” Champa smiled, “However, even if he’s strong, even if he’s 100 times stronger, there is still a big gap between him and Hit.”

On the ring.

Renkon and Hit stood opposite each other.

Renko’ns expression became serious.

Hit’s strength is comparable to the Super Saiyan Blue.

If he doesn’t transform into a Super Saiyan now, it will be difficult to deal with him.

“The battle begins!” Champa said loudly.

“Hit, I’m going to attack you now,” Renkon said to Hit.

Hit looked indifferent.


Renkon didn’t hesitate to have the initial move and released a powerful punch.

Seeing the fast-approaching fist, Hit only raised his left hand.


Hit’s left hand blocked Renkon’s attack easily.

“Sure enough, you’re such a freak!” Renkon grinned and quickly fell back.

Hit didn’t come after him, but silently looked at Renkon, and quietly glanced at his palm.

Although he easily blocked this guy’s punch, it left his palm a little bit numb.

This guy called Renkon isn’t weak.

No wonder Frost and Botamo were easily defeated by him.

“As expected of the Sixth Universe’s number one assassin, his strength is amazing.” Renkon nodded, “This was an all-out blow. Hit let me ask you, how far do you think I’m far from reaching your strength?”

“About 100 times less.” Hit replied faintly.

“100 times?” Renkon scratched his head, “So I’m only 100 times worse?”

Hit: “…”

Frost: “…”

Botamo: “…”

Champa: “…”

The people present were speechless.

Only 100 times worse?

Do you know how big this gap is?

That’s 100 times!

“By the way, Champa-Sama, “Vados smiled, “When Renkon’s strength improves, it seems that it goes up by 100 times every time.”

“What?” Champa’s tone was so high.

Are you kidding me?

This kid can improve by 100 times every time?

No wonder he said it’s only 100 times worse.

“If the difference is only 100 times, with my current strength, no matter how hard I try, it’s impossible to be your opponent.” Renkon smiled, “If it’s only 50 times, maybe I could have managed to win.”

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