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DB: CxD Chapter 25: Slaying The Elite Of The Sixth Universe

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“By the way, Renkon, don’t you want to be the strongest in the Universe?” Champa looked at Renkon, “These are our elite fighters. Do you want to go against one of them? If you could defeat them, then you’re already the strongest, am I right?”

Champa wanted to boost up Renkon’s confidence, as long as this kid is happy, he will always make Milk Tea for me, that’s what he thought.

Even I can’t destroy him.

This kid’s milk tea is so strong!

But maybe someday I will have enough, and clean him up for good.

“Okay, who wants to come first?” Renkon didn’t object, and pointed at Botamo, “How about you, chubby?”

“What an arrogant kid.” Botamo smiled softly.

“Vados, create a ring for them. This can be regarded as a training match for the tournament.” Champa proposed.

“Okay.” Vados nodded slightly, and a ray of light flashed from her scepter.

Suddenly, there was a squared ring on the scene.

Botamo jumped onto the ring and beckoned to Renkon.

With a smile on his face, Renkon stepped onto the ring.

“Boy, so you wanna become the strongest in the universe?” Botamo laughed, “You should stick to the milk tea, at least you can’t die doing that, right?”

Renkon smiled.

“The battle begins,” Champa shouted.

In the blink of an eye, Renkon disappeared out of thin air.

Botamo was stunned and couldn’t react.

Where is he?

Even Hit the fastest in the universe looked at this scene with widened eyes.

Very fast!

Forest was even more shocked.

I’ll be damned!

This chef isn’t weak.

It seems that my first form won’t be enough to deal with him.

“Where is he? Where did he go?” Botamo was still looking for Renkon.

“I’m behind you.” Renkon smiled and patted Botamo’s back.

“What?” Botamo was startled and jumped out of his place as if he got electrocuted.

This guy… when did he come behind me?

Botamo quickly distanced himself from Renkon, then stared at him with vigilant eyes.

“What? I just used my normal speed, you couldn’t see it?” Renkon sighed, “How can you fight for the sake of the Sixth Universe like this?”

Botamo clenched his fist slightly.

I’m actually being despised by a chef!

“Anyway, I’m going to attack you now, so you watch yourself.” Renkon smiled.


Spontaneously, Renkon disappeared again.

A cold sweat broke out on Botamo’s forehead.

Where did this guy go again? How can he be so fast?

Is he behind me?

Botamo quickly looked at the rear. But there was nothing there.

“Idiot, up here.” Renkon’s voice rang from above.

“What?” Botamo raised his head mechanically.


Renkon descended from the sky and landed directly on Botamo’s head.

Suddenly, Botamo’s head deformed.


Renkon moved quickly to the side and kicked Botamo’s body.


Botamo was bombarded to the distance and fell into the lake out of the ring.

“Oh, I’ve accidentally used too much force, is he okay?” Renkon grinned.

“Frost, hurry up and save that idiot.” Champa turned to Frost.

“Yes.” Frost rushed forward and pulled Botamo out of the water.

Botamo had passed out.

The light on Vados’ scepter flickered and healed Botamo.

Soon, he woke up from his dreams and looked at Renkon in horror.

This chef is strong!

Too scary.

I can’t beat him!

“Botamo, you’re a disgrace,” Champa said angrily.

In any case, Renkon is still a member of the Seventh Universe.

Our elites got their asses handed to them in a second by a mere chef.

How can he not feel ashamed?

“Frost, you go!” Champa shouted at Frost.

Frost: “…”

What’s going on?

Why do I feel that Champa-Sama wants me to win, but also doesn’t want the chef to lose?

What does this mean?

“Yes, Champa-Sama.” Frost nodded politely.

Instantly, Frost appeared in the middle of the ring.

Frost bowed to Renkon first, but the latter didn’t bother to respond.

“Renkon-San, please take care of me,” Frost said with a smile.

“Knocked it off. The more polite you are, the more ugly you seem to me.” Renkon sighed.

“What are you talking about?” Forst’s face changed colors.

“You’re thinking of a way to trick me, don’t you?” Renkon said calmly.

“Hahaha… Renkon, such a joke isn’t funny.” Frost smiled awkwardly.

“It’s not a joke.” Renkon said lightly, “I’ve heard that you’re a righteous soldier in the Sixth Universe, but I feel that you’re into doing weird shit to your opponents.”

“Nonsense! You’re not allowed to judge me!” Frost shouted angrily.

“I’m getting in your nerves. If you haven’t done things like that, you wouldn’t be angry no matter what I say.” Renkon grinned.

“I’m not angry!” Forst suppressed the anger in his heart and took a deep breath.

This damned chef!

You just wait for me.

See how I will clean the place with your corpse.

“The battle begins!” Champa shouted.

“Boy, do you believe you’re great just by beating Botamo?” Frost snorted and was about to begin his transformation.

“Take your time, you can transform, Frost,” Renkon smirked.

“What are you talking about?!” Frost was dumbfounded.

How did he know that I’m going to transform?

The form that I’m going to take even Champa-Sama doesn’t know of.

“You know a lot, it seems that you’ve been investigating me secretly!” Frost said with a darkened face.

Who is this guy?

It seems he knows me very well.

“Transform? Frost can transform?” Champa mumbled.

“Frost belongs to the same race as Frieza from the Seventh Universe.” Vados analyzed, “Their planet was destroyed by Frieza though. It seems that Renkon knows Frieza very well, so it’s not a surprise that he knows about Frost’s secret techniques.”

Is that so?” Champa nodded.

“Humph, kid, I will show you how scary I can be.” Frost sneered.

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