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DB: CxD Chapter 24: Brother Hit

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In this way, I’m a Saiyan, I can only live for 100 years, and one year of practice must be equivalent to what he can achieve in 10 years!” Renkon said seriously.

“You can only live for 100…” Vados sighed, “That’s… nothing.”

“For me, 100 years is enough.” Renkon smiled.

“If you can become a true angel-in-training, your life span will be extended indefinitely,” Vados said to Renkon.

“Well, I don’t like or dislike immortality.” Renkon looked calm, but he was secretly happy, “You must live your days to their fullest, it’s not just about staying alive.”

Vados: “…”

I feel like you mean me by this.

While chatting, a bright flame of light flashed across the sky.

Suddenly, Champa appeared with three people behind him.

The moment he landed on the ground, Champa started sniffing.

I don’t smell milk tea.

But… it smells more like coffee.

Vados likes to drink coffee?

That’s terrible!

Vados you devil, why would you want to drink something so bitter!

Well, as long as she’s not drinking my milk tea, I won’t say a thing.

“Boy, you’re good. You didn’t want to make milk tea while I’m not here!” Champa was happy, and even patted Renkon’s shoulder.

Renkon didn’t like how he was acting so friendly, so he avoided his hand.

“Boy, I haven’t seen you for hours, and you already getting on my nerves,” Champa said with a darkened face.

You’re so outrageous.

If it wasn’t for your milk tea, I would have destroyed you.

“I don’t like people patting my shoulders, it makes me anxious!” Renkon stood firmly.

“Okay, whatever.” Champa didn’t want to provoke Renkon.

If I make him nervous and then he decides to go with Beerus, I would end up missing my milk tea.

Renkon looked at three behind Champa.

These three were Hit, Frost, and Botamo.

Why didn’t he bring that kid, Cabba?

According to the timeline, that kid might not have been born yet.

The three of them were also looking at Renkon silently.

“Champa-Sama, who is…” Frost asked respectfully.

“This my special guest. The milk tea he makes is very delicious.” Champa explained briefly.

“Milk Tea? What is that?” Forst never heard of such a thing.

“You can say that it’s the best drink ever,” Champa replied.

“Is that so…” Frost nodded slightly.

He has long known that Champa likes to eat good food.

It’s not a surprise that he brought a special chef for him.

“Renkon, these three are the elite fighters of our Sixth Universe? How are they? What do you think?” Champa faced Renkon with a smug smile.

“Except for the purple unique-headed one, the other two are only here to fill up the remaining places, right?” Renkon sighed.

“What did you say?” Botamo got instantly angry.

“Little boy, you will offend us if you speak this way,” Frost replied politely.

“Unique-headed…” Champa looked at Hit silently.

Hit: “…”

How is it unique?

Why did he say that my head is unique?

Hit also glanced at Renkon.

“Hit, your head looks like my little brother.” Renkon smiled.

When he read the Manga in his previous life, Renkon thought that Hit’s head looked a lot like his little brother.
(T/N: Little Brother: It’s an informal way to describe one’s genitals.)

But now when he saw it with his own eyes, it seems to be simply impossible to describe in words.

It’s so alike.

You can only think about how the universe is huge and there are no wonders.

“What do you mean?” Hit was a bit puzzled.

Why would my head remind you of your brother?

Is he making fun of me?

You should say your brother and I look alike.

“Ahem, Renkon, you wanted to say that Hit reminds you of your brother, right?” Vados couldn’t help but say.

“No, no, his head looks like my brother.” Renkon corrected.

Vados was speechless.

“If you have time I will show you, my brother, later, and you will understand what I mean.” Renkon grinned.

“Okay.” Vados didn’t think this through.

It should be normal for Saiyans to have brothers, and Vados didn’t like to read other people’s minds all the time.

It’s impossible to communicate like that.

If you’re being clear and honest, why would I read your mind?

In that case, being an Angel would be very boring.

“Hit, my brother!” Renkon patted Hit’s shoulder.

Hit’s face darkened and didn’t say a word.

Why are you calling me your brother?

“How old are you?” Hit couldn’t help but ask.

“Uh, I’m 16 this year.” Renkon replied.

Hit: “…”

Hit really wanted to give this guy a flash.

You’re only 16 years old!

Do you know how old I am?

I have lived for more than 1,000 years!

“How about you?” Renkon asked.

“I’m over 1,000 years old.” Hit replied with a darkened face.

“Hmm, good good.” Renkon nodded vigorously.

Hit: “…”

Is this guy’s head alright?

“Hey, chef, how dare you to say that about me?” Botamo was still feeling irritated, and he kept staring at Renkon coldly the entire time.

“Champa-Sama, can I teach him a lesson?” Botamo asked.

“This is a matter between you two, it has nothing to do with me.” Champa smiled lightly, “But I have to inform you that Renkon is my special guest.”

Botamo scratched his head, not knowing what he meant.

“Champa-Sama means…” Forst lowered his voice and whispered to Botamo, “You can fight him, but you can’t kill him.”

“So that’s what he meant.” Botamo finally understood.

“Botamo-San, Renkon is indeed arrogant. You should take the lead in teaching him a good lesson.” Frost said with a smile, “I will follow later after you finish up with him, let him know that there is a special place in hell for people like him.”

Botamo nodded slightly.

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