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DB: CxD Chapter 23: 100 To the Power Of The 6th

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White gas came out of Renkon’s Hands.

These white gases were emitted by the energy of the entire sky.

After it acted on the coffee powder, the coffee slowly started to drip down.

“Cup!” Renkon asked.

“Okay.” Vados conjured a cup and put it where the coffee was dripping.

Soon, a cup of coffee was brewed by Renkon.

To be precise, only half a cup.

Afterward, Renkon added milk and sugar, and mixed it evenly.

When everything was finished, Renkon took a sip in silence.

“Well, the taste is okay, you can try it.” Renkon handed the cup to Vados.

Vados: “…”

You’re gonna make me taste it after you, isn’t this rude?

Vados hesitated for a while.

But soon, Vados smelled the coffee.

Especially with the smell of milk, it smells more refreshing.

Vados couldn’t take it anymore, so she took a sip.

If it doesn’t taste good, then I will make you pay for wasting my time.

If it tastes good… I won’t embarrass you.

After that sip, Vados’ eyes lit up.

Immediately afterward, Vados’ eyebrows danced.

“Bitter but also sweet, combined with the flavor of milk… It’s amazing.” Vados was surprised.

I have never had such a delightful coffee.

It turns out that coffee must be prepared like this.

Oh, when I think of the times I tried to drink coffee before.

“This was the first time I try making coffee, so it doesn’t taste that good.” Renkon smiled and said, “When I have time, I will make a better one for you.”

“If feels… it’s more pleasant than drinking milk tea.” Vados looked at the half-empty cup, feeling a bit unsatisfied.

“Sister Vados, how far do you think my current strength is compared to Hit?” Renkon asked.

Vados was taken aback for a moment and silently looked at Renkon.

After a short silence.

“That gap is still quite big,” Vados told him the truth.

“About how many times?” Renkon asked.

“At least 1,000 times.” Vados replied, “But your potential is much greater than him. Hit has lived for more than 1,000 years, and he almost reached his limit. But again, in the past few years, if you can master the true Ultra- Instinct, no matter what kind of opponent you face, you will be able to deal with it easily.”

“It’s only a thousand times worse. So, if I continue to compress my Power Level, I might be able to surpass Hit.” Renkon said while falling into deep thought.

Vados: “…”

Is this kid even listening to me?

What I meant is that in a few years, you will be able to surpass Hit after you comprehend the Ultra-Instinct.

I never mentioned compressing your power level.

“I will continue to compress my energy.” After Renkon finished speaking, he ran to an empty field and started compressing his Ki.

Vados covered her forehead, wondering what to say.

One hour later.


Vados suddenly heard a loud noise from a distance, she looked in Renkon’s direction to be instantly filled with surprise.

This kid… How did he do it?

Why do I feel that his strength has suddenly increased by 100 times?

The speed of this kid’s development is too fast.

“Hey, it worked!” Renkon laughed.

Vados: “…”

She was stunned.

This is the first time I have seen such a weird way of training.

Renkon at this time can clearly feel his strength greatly improved.

Because just now, Renkon’s power level has become 100 to the 6th power.

Converted into numbers…

1 trillion power level!

“Sister Vados, how far my strength is inferior to Hit now?” Renkon walked up with a smile and asked, “It’s only 10 times worse, right?”

“Let’s confirm it… try attacking me with all your strength.” Vados thought for a while, then said.

“Okay! Let’s do it.” Renkon nodded, and the energy in his body instantly burst out.


In the blink of an eye, Renkon left a phantom at his foothold and instantly flickered to where Vados was.

“Fast!” Vados nodded slightly.

“Be careful, I’m going to use all of my strength!” Renkon shouted, greeting Vados with his fist.


Vados stretched out a finger and easily stopped his attack.

Renkon was in control of his emotions.

Worthy of being an angel!

“I used my whole strength, but she still blocked me with a finger.”

It seems that I still need to keep working hard.

“How does it feel?” Renkon asked.

Vados: “…”

I blocked your attack with one finger, and you asked me how it felt?

How can you be so full of yourself?

“What?” Vados was puzzled.

“How far before surpassing Hit?” Renkon asked.

“I haven’t fought Hit before, so I can’t be accurate… I can only approximate it.” Vados said, “I’m afraid it’s still 100 times stronger…”

“You just said that it was 1000 times stronger. Now I have improved by 100 times. It should be only 10 times… Have you ever heard of Plato, sister Vados?” Renkon retracted his fist.

“I was just encouraging you, who knew that you could improve so fast?” Vados rolled her eyes.

“Is it only 100 times this time?” Renkon asked.

Renkon knew that according to combat effectiveness, he’s still a lot worse compared to Hit.

If his current strength gets multiplied by 100 times, it will be 100 trillion.

Golden Frieza’s power level reached one hundred quintillions.

And I remember Golden Frieza is on the same level as Hit.

In this way, Hit is 10,000 stronger than me.

Vados, you’re lying!

You said that I’m not that far from him now!

Are you trying to comfort me again?

“How do you know that?” Renkon couldn’t help but ask.

“As I said I can’t be accurate by I compared the power of your attacks to his according to some of the records I found about him.” Vados said, and took another sip from her coffee, “It’s delicious.”

“I see.” Renkon nodded slightly.

“Besides, how old do you think Hit is? You’re only 16 years old this year, right? Even if we assume that you have been practicing since you were born, you’ve only practiced for 16 years.” Vados smiled and said, “Hit has been practicing for nearly 1,000 years. It’s only reasonable that you can’t surpass him in such a short period.”

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