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DB: CxD Chapter 22: Self Consciousness

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Berryblue understood the situation and immediately ordered the boys to leave the scene.

With that only Frieza and Berryblue were left in the palace.

“I don’t know what brought Lord Frieza here today?” Frieza glanced at the fat man standing beside Beerus.

Who is this pink guy?

“When I ordered you to destroy Planet Vegeta, did you tell anyone about that?” Beerus asked with a darkened face.

“I… I didn’t tell anyone.” Frieza was taken aback and hurriedly responded.

“Really? Not a single word?” Beerus asked while squinting.

“I… I only mentioned it to my nanny, who I trust, Berryblue. And I only did because Berryblue was with us when Lord Beerus told me to do so.” Frieza was overwhelmed.

It seems that Renkon didn’t hear about this from Frieza. Besides, as the god of destruction, if I wanted to destroy planet Vegeta, I just do. Why should I care about the feelings of a mere Saiyan?

If it weren’t for his delicious milk tea, I wouldn’t even bother myself by asking Frieza.

“And where is your brother?” Beerus asked casually.

“My brother?” Frieza was puzzled.

Why can’t I keep up with this rhythm?

Why are you asking about my brother?

I don’t understand anything.

“Yes, your brother, Cooler, contract him immediately and ask him to prepare to leave the planet immediately.” Beerus said, “Also, prepare some big meals for me on the way. I feel hungry.”

“Yes, Lord Beerus,” Frieza responded immediately, picked up the communicator, and got in touch with Cooler.

“Frieza? What can I do?” Cooler asked.

“Cooler, I’ll make it short, Lord Beerus is in my palace… And he wants you here right now.” Frieza said.

“What? Lord Beerus?” Cooler’s expression changed.

“Ask him, how long will it take him to reach this planet?” Beerus asked.

“Lord Beerus, I’m a little far away from where Frieza’s planet is located. It will take me about two days to arrive.” Cooler immediately responded.

“Two days it is. Then you must leave now.” Beerus ordered.

“Yes! Lord Beerus!” cooler didn’t know what Beerus wanted from him, but he didn’t dare to ask.

After hanging up, Cooler left immediately.

In Frieza’s palace.

Whis and Beerus were spoiling themselves with food and drinks.

Even though the food wasn’t that great, on such a planet, this was the only thing available.

Buu also sat at the table and started eating.

Unexpectedly, the food here is quite delicious.

It’s much more delicious than human-transformed food.

“Master Beerus…” Frieza cautiously approached Beerus, “I still don’t know why you came here looking for me and my brother, Cooler…”

“We’re going head to head against the Sixth Universe in a tournament. How do you feel today, are you confident in your strength?” Beerus took a bite of a chicken leg and asked, looking at Frieza.

“The Sixth Universe? Tournament? What kind of tournament?” Frieza asked.

“It’s a fighting tournament, and there are three participants on each side.” Beerus explained briefly, “I hope that you don’t bring shame to me.”

“That is to say, the three people on our side, are me and my brother Cooler? Who’s the third person?” Frieza looked at Majin Buu.

“Yes, that fat guy is the third person, his name is Majin Buu. Your father should have heard of him.” Beerus smiled wryly.

“What? Majin…-Buu?” Frieza lost his voice, and his face slightly discolored.

My father once warned me, never provoke… Lord Beerus and Majin Buu.

This fat guy turned out to be… Majin Buu!


“Master Beerus, who’s fighting on the other side?” Frieza couldn’t help but ask.

Beerus asked at Frieza.

You had enough questions.

“This… It doesn’t matter. Regardless of who’s on their side, I will win every battle.” Frieza laughed.

“You need to understand that our two universes are called Mirror Universes,” Beerus replied.

“Mirror universe? In other words, besides our mirror universes, there are other universes?” Frieza fell into deep thought.

“Not bad,” Beerus smirked.


The Sixth Universe.

Champa Planet.

Renkon used all of his strength and eagerness for his “goal”, yet he couldn’t even touch the corner of Vados’ clothes.

“Renkon, it’s been an hour,” Vados said with a smile.

“Hmm.” Renkon nodded, took off the black cloth covering his eyes, and fell into deep thought.

“Not bad, I didn’t expect your talents to be this great. In just one hour, you’re almost ready to get started.” Vados smiled, “If this goes on, you might become qualified to be an intern Angel.”

“So I don’t need to be a Destroyer-in-training anymore?” Renkon grinned.

“It depends on your state of mind, it’s like Champa-Sama and Beerus-Sama. With their state of mind, they couldn’t understand the concept of Ultra-Instinct.” Vados smiled.

“I don’t think I have such a problem with my state of mind. My mind is as clear as this lake on the planet.” Renkon pointed to the lake not far away.

Vados: “…”

You know how to brag.

I can’t keep up with your progress.

“Your state of mind won’t cause you any troubles for now, but you’re still being a little unkind…” Vados wiped her sweat.

“Well, you and my first love look almost exactly the same, so it’s normal for me to be unkind to you.” Renkon didn’t deny it.

Vados: “…”

You’re quite unreal.

“Can you make me a cup of coffee now?” Renkon’s love wasn’t interested in his love.

I just want to drink your milk coffee.

I want to taste it. What’s the taste of coffee mixed with milk?

I always find coffee a bit bitter for my taste.

“Okay, help me prepare coffee beans and milk,” Renkon said.

“No problem.” The crystal ball on Vados’ scepter flickered.

Suddenly, coffee beans and milk appeared out of thin air.

“How do you usually drink coffee?” Renkon asked.

“Well, the coffee beans are ground into a powder then brewed with hot water,” Vados replied.

“That’s an ancient method, of course, the coffee would taste bad.” Renkon smiled and said, “If this kind of thing is compressed with water vapor, the aroma of coffee would be better extracted.

“Really? I didn’t expect there would be other brewing methods.” Vados was quite knowledgeable.

In terms of eating and drinking, Vados felt like a noob.

“Okay, today I will let you taste my craft.” Renkon pointed at the coffee beans lightly, and invisible energy acted on the coffee beans, and in the blink of an eye, it rapidly spanned and pulverized.

Renkon compressed the coffee powder with energy.

The coffee powder then was squeezed and deformed by Renkon with both hands.

Vados: “…”

Your technique of squeezing the coffee powder… Why does it look so weird?

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