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DB: CxD Chapter 21: We’re Businessmen

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Kibito rushed back, and after noticing the appearance of Majin Buu, the look on his face became very ugly.

“Kibito, it’s over, I’m afraid this universe is doomed.” The cold sweat soaked Kaioshin’s clothes.

“He released that demon…” Kibito gritted his teeth.


Although Majin Buu returned to his original shape, he suffered some serious injuries.

That was by one slap of Beerus.

This slap contained less than 10% of his supernatural power. Otherwise, he would have slapped him to death.

Buu was seriously injured as a result.

“Do you want to continue? Or be honest with yourself and obey me?!” Beerus said with a cold stare.

“I want to turn you into chocolate!” Buu was angry, and the tentacles on his head projected prink energy.

The pink energy was flickered like lightning, whizzing towards Beerus.

Facing it, Beerus slapped it with the back of his hand, and it directly got redirected into the sky.

Buu’s eyes widened; as long as my magic touches something, it turns into the food I want.

He touched it with his hand and yet he’s alright.

“Is there anything else you can do? Hurry and show me.” Beerus smiled.

Majin Buu was struggled to move.

“If you don’t have something else, just be obedient and listen to my orders.” Beerus snorted, “Otherwise, this going to be your end!”

As he said, Beerus pointed his finger at the mountain not far away.


The entire mountain was turned into dust, leaving nothing behind.

Buu was left dumbfounded.

The Kaioshin was stunned.

Kibito rubbed his eyes vigorously.

“Now, are you going to obey? My patience has a limit.” Beerus said with a cold stare.

Buu was terrified at the time and didn’t dare to make a voice.

Immediately afterward, Buu nodded and bowed down to Beerus.

“That’s good.” Beerus nodded in satisfaction, “It seems that you’re not stupid after all, although your image does.”

Buu lowed his head, his eyes were fierce, but he didn’t dare to speak.

“Whis, let’s go.” Beerus said, “Next, we’re going to see Frieza.”

“Understood, Lord Beerus.” Whis nodded.

“That’s right…” Beerus suddenly turned his head and looked at the Kaioshin.

The guy was still completely stunned.

Who the hell is this cat?

Why is he so strong?

Even Majin Buu willingly bowed his head to him.

“Hey, Kaioshin, have you been paying attention to our universe in the past years?” Beerus asked.

“Our universe?” The Kaioshin was stunned.

What do you mean?

Why can’t I understand anything you do or say?

“Who are you? What is your purpose in releasing Majin Buu? Do you want to rule the entire universe?” The Kaioshin shouted.

Beerus sighed.

Whis also shook his head slightly.

“Whis, should we look for a new Kaioshin instead?”

Beerus didn’t want to explain anything.

This guy is completely ignorant.

I’m afraid that nothing can be explained to him with a few words.

I’m too busy to explain everything to him.

“Forget it, let’s go.” Beerus shook his head, “I’m afraid that he hasn’t been paying attention to our universe because he was putting all of his focus on Buu.”

“It seems to be the case.” Whis smiled slightly.

“The next two are going to be Frieza and his brother.” Beerus groaned.

“Okay,” Whis nodded.


Enveloped by the shining flame, Whis and Beerus disappeared in a flash, leaving Earth with Majin Buu behind them.

Who are these two?

Can you clear things out before leaving?

“Kaioshin-Sama, who are they?” Kibito asked.

“I don’t know! It’s the first time I saw such a powerful person!” The Kaioshin shook his head blankly.

“I didn’t expect such a powerful person to exist in this universe!” Kibito said solemnly, “He’s much stronger than anyone in this world.”

“What is the origin of that cat…?” The Kaioshin scratched his head, feeling so incomprehensible.

Was I dreaming?


Frieza Planet No. 35.

Frieza moved to the palace on this planet.

The previous residence on Planet 83 was destroyed by Beerus, and it was shameful enough to stay.

The palace on planet 35 is larger than that on planet 83, making his stay more luxurious and majestic.

“My Lord Frieza, now that Master Beerus has awakened do we continue the plan to rule this universe?” Kikono asked respectfully.

“Kikongo, did I ever say that I wanted to rule the universe?” Frieza looked at him with a darkened face.

Kikono: “…”

Didn’t you always say that?

You even call yourself the universal emperor.

“Kikono, you have to understand something, Lord Frieza never intended to rule the entire universe.” Berryblue smiled.

Kikono looked dumbfounded.

Dodoria on the side looked like a puzzled monk.

Did we come to the wrong party?

Lord Frieza never thought of ruling the entire universe?

Who would believe this?

“Why? Do you think that lord Frieza wanted to rule the entire universe?” Berryblue asked while asking at the other personals present.

The boys didn’t dare to say anything.

Don’t say any unnecessary things, so you don’t encounter unreasonable disasters.

“We’re suppressing the planets and killing the original inhabitants to sell them at a high price to those aliens who have lost their homes and are in trouble. We’re doing business.” Berryblue explained with a smile.

“Berryblue is right.” Frieza nodded in satisfaction.

Truly, worthy of being my nanny.

“And from time to time, we must destroy some of the obtrusive planets, so the universe can grow in an orderly manner.” Frieza smiled slightly.

The boys got confused again.

How does destroying planets can help the universe grow in an orderly manner?

“Do you have any comments?” Frieza turned to look at Kikono, Dodoria, and the others.

The boys shook their heads vigorously one by one, with cold sweat breaking out on their faces.

It turns out that we’re only doing business.


Just when Frieza’s voice fell, Whis and Beerus also descended from the sky with Majin Buu behind them and appeared in Frieza’s palace.

“Frieza.” Beeru said with a smile.

“Yes… Lord Beerus.” Frieza saluted immediately.

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