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DB: CxD Chapter 20: Come Out Majin Buu

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“Is this the seal of Majin Buu you say? As long as the seal is stimulated a little bit, this guy will get out, right?” Beerus pondered.

As for Kaioshin…

Beerus didn’t bother to talk to him.

As long as you don’t kill yourself, do whatever else you want.

But don’t try hindering me from doing things.

“Yes.” Whis nodded.

“Good.” Beerus stepped forward.

“Stop! Who are you?!” Kaioshin opened his arms to block Beerus’ path and shouted loudly.

“Kaioshin, mind your own business, don’t be nosy,” Beerus said lightly.

“I’ve just asked, who are you? You can answer a simple question.” Kaishoin said again.

Kibito was also gearing up, ready for a fight.

Beerus grabbed one of Kaioshin’s arms and threw him away.


The Kaioshin got wrecked heavily on a distant mountain, causing the dust to rise up.

Kibito was in shock.

Who is this guy?

How can Lord Kaioshin be so vulnerable in front of him?

Kibito gritted his teeth, ignoring all of this and raising his divine power to the extreme, then immediately threw his fist at Beerus.


Beerus stretched out a finger and easily blocked Kibito’s attack.

“What? He blocked my all-out punch with a finger?” Kibito was stunned.

“Get out of my way!” Beerus slapped Kibito to the ground.

From a distance, the Kaioshin came rushing.

After he stopped right in front of Beerus, he stared at him coldly then his power divine began to rise.

“Kaiohin, are you this idiot?” Beerus snorted coldly, “You don’t know who I am?”

“No matter who you are, I won’t allow you to release Majin Buu!” The Kaioshin shouted angrily, “Do you know how terrifying this guy is? Even if you’re strong, you’re still vulnerable in front of this guy. I’m telling you it will be a matter of time before this guy destroys the entire universe, no one is his opponent!”

“What an ignorant guy.” Beerus shook his head, “As long as we’re talking about fighting, no one is my opponent.”

Kaioshin: “…”

Who is this cat?

No one is your opponent? What a big mouth you have!

Try facing Majin Buu first.

But surely you will die miserably in the end.

“Listen. I need this guy for now, after I finish with him, I will seal him up again.” Beerus said, “For the sake of your persistence… I will feel bad if I don’t seal him again.”

“You… you stupid cat!” The Kaioshin shouted angrily.


Beerus patted Majin Buu’s egg with a light touch.

“You bastard!” The Kaioshin extended his arm vigorously, greeting his teeth at Beerus.

That was a strong one.

Majin Buu’s seal trembled violently.

It’s over, it’s over.

It was all in vain.

Majin Buu will come out of the seal.


Sure enough, a few moments later the Kaioshin watched the pink smoke rise into the sky from the seal.

The pink smoke quickly gathered together and started condensing and deforming.

“You will regret this!” The Kaioshin shouted.

Whis looked calmly at the pink smoke gathering in the sky.

Beerus also raised his head silently, looking at Majin Buu who was slowly taking shape.

Quick, finish this up so I can see your strength.

If he can beat Hit… should I destroy him later?

Beerus was considering this issue now.


Soon, Majin Buu took form, and it was a fat pink man.

The Kaioshin watched this scene with a pale face.

That’s it!

This is the end of the universe.


Majin Buu descended from the sky and landed on the ground, looking left and right.

“Hey, Whis, is it this guy?” Beerus was speechless.

This fat balloon can beat Hit?

Why do I not believe it?

The problem is, he’s too chubby.

“Yes.” Whis nodded, and immediately projected an image from the crystal ball on his scepter.

In that image, Majin Buu was a short kid with a thin body, completely different from his current appearance.

“Lord Beerus, that’s how he’s supposed to look. However, after he absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai, his figure changed to look a lot like the latter.” Whis explained briefly.

“So it’s like that.” Beerus nodded.

“You… who are you?” The Kaioshin was still struggling with the identities of the two.

The Kaioshin was even more shocked, especially after seeing the image Whis projected from his scepter.

How did this guy get this image?

“Hey, Majin Buu, I need you to fight for me. If you do well, I will release you completely.” Beerus talked to Majin Buu directly, “If you lose to your opponent, then I will seal you again. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Majin Buu looked at Beerus for a while, then he laughed.

No, it’s a smirk to be precise.

“Whis, is this guy a fool?” Beerus wiped his sweat.

Buu understood that and showed a fierce look at Beerus.

“He doesn’t seem to be too stupid, it’s just lack of communication.” Beerus breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hehehehe!” Buu waved his fist at Beerus, eager to punch him in the face.


Beerus slapped him with his paw to the ground, which made Majin Buu’s body flat.

The Kaioshin’s eyes almost jumped out of their eye sockets.

How can he be this strong!

Did he just beat Majin Buu with a simple slap?


In a second, Majin Buu jumped up and back to his original shape.

“Oh? Although I didn’t use any strength, this is quite impressive. Maybe he can beat Hit after all.” Beerus was a little surprised.

This guy can regenerate.

It seems that there is hope for our universe.

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