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DB: CxD Chapter 19: Kaioshin Is Too Stupid

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“What is this? Is it sealed?” Beerus asked.

“Yes, this is the seal of Majin Buu. He has been sealed in this egg, and the seal is currently on a planet called Earth.” Whis explained.

“Earth? I remember that the dinosaurs on the planet were very unfriendly to the point that I ended up wiping them out.” Beerus nodded.

“Many years have passed since the extinction of dinosaurs, and now humans have been born on Earth,” Whis replied.

“Tell me about this Majin Buu, what is his power level? Can he beat Hit? Beerus wasn’t interested in the birth of human beings on Earth.

“Majin Buu’s strength is not low. At that time, 5 Kaioshin challenged him, and as a result 4 of them were absorbed by his unique ability, including the Grand Supreme Kai.” Whis replied.

“Humph, I was right to seal them away.” Beerus grinned.

“Otherwise our Kaioshoin would have been dead, and I would have disappeared.”

“Lord Beerus is remarkably planning ahead.” Whis smiled.

“So the power of this Majin Buu shouldn’t be a big problem, right?” Beerus asked.

“There should be a way to compare, and a chance of winning. If he really can’t beat Hit, he can always absorb him.” Whis smiled.

“Are there any other suitable candidates?” Beerus asked again.

“There is a suitable candidate, but this person is locked up in the Galaxy Prison.” Whis groaned, “Unfortunately this person has lived for 10 million years, and his vitality is about to reach its end. If he was at his peak, he wouldn’t need much effort to defeat Hit.”

“Galaxy Prison, huh? Hmm, how about the Galactic Patrol?” Beerus asked, “I remember that you had a younger brother in the Galactic Patrol… How about we ask your brother to participate, he can defeat everyone easily.”

Whis: “…”

You’re asking a former trainee angel to participate?

Also, even if Champa doesn’t recognize him, my sister would recognize her brother at a glance.

“Just kidding, just kidding.”

“Don’t make such a meaningless joke,” Whis said with a darkened face.

“Who is the man who has lived for 10 million years?” Beerus asked.

“His name is Moro, 10 million years ago, the Grand Supreme Kai consumed 70% of his divine power to seal him. Because his divine power wasn’t restored to its peak state, he was later defeated by Majin Buu.” Whis explained.

“Such a thing happened?” Beerus nodded slightly, “You mean that this person’s life is about to end, right?”

“He can live to another 100 years.” Whis nodded slightly.

“I’m afraid it will be very troublesome for him to deal with Hit in his current state.” Beerus shook his head, “Forget it, I will just bring Majin Buu.”

“Okay.” Whis didn’t object, “Lord Beerus, shall we go directly to Earth then?”

“Yes!” Beerus responded.

“But again, Lord Beerus, is it appropriate for us to do this for a cup of milk tea?” Whis sighed.

“Hey, Whis, this isn’t about the milk tea anymore.” Beerus groaned, “As things have progressed to this point, the kid called Renkon isn’t important anymore, what matter is my pride! This is related to the reputation of our entire universe!”

“If Beerus-Sama treats his usual work as attentively as he treats this game… Maybe the development of our universe would have been better.” Whis sighed.

“Don’t mention work to me. I get a headache when it comes to work. I’m a good person. I don’t like to do sabotages.” Beerus groaned.

Whis: “…”

I’ve seen you destroy planets for absurd reasons.


The two moved at top speed in the direction of Earth.


The Seventh Universe, the Sacred World of the Kai.

“Kibito, the happiest thing I do every day is looking up at the star and overlooking the entire universe.” The Kaioshin Shin said to Kibito with a smile.

“Hahaha, Lord Kaioshin is so comfortable.” Kibito smiled.

“As the greatest god in this universe, sometimes it feels quite boring.” Shin sighed, “Being the god standing on the peak of the universe, means that loneliness is inevitable.”

“Yes, Lord Kaioshin.” Kibito nodded.

“Let’s not talk about this.” Shin waved his hand, “How is the seal on Majin Buu? There’s no problem, right?”

“Don’t worry, Lord Kaioshin, there will never be a problem.” Kibito smiled, “We have been investigating the situation on Earth in the past two years. As far as my knowledge goes, this location, it’s difficult for any human being to find it. Also, nothing will cause Majin Buu’s seal to break.”

“Well, as the Kaisohin, the only thing that worries me right now is Majin Buu.” Kaioshin nodded lightly with his hands on his back, “as long as Majin Buu is asleep I have no other problems.”

“Since Lord Kaioshin is worried, let’s take a look at it.” Kibito smiled.

“Yes, we’ll just take a look.” Shin nodded.

The two looked in the direction of Earth together.

Then, in the next moment, the two saw Whis and Beerus appearing near Majin Buu’s seal.

The faces of Shin and Kibito changed color.

Who are these two guys?

Why did they find the Majin Buu’s seal?

What are they trying to do?

Are they going to release Majin Buu?

Shin and Kibito looked at each other.

“Quickly! Kibito, let’s stop them immediately!” Shin was anxious.

“Yes, Lord Kaioshin!” Kibito nodded vigorously.

Shin put his hand on Kibito’s shoulder and the two instantly teleported.

Suddenly, the two appeared in the vicinity of Whis and Beerus and immediately stepped forward to block them from reaching the egg.

“Who are you?! What are you trying to do here?” Shin shouted.

“Oh, isn’t this Lord Kaioshin?” Whis greeted with a smile.

Shin and Kibito were both taken aback.

The blue-skinned guy knows me.

“Whis, look at that guy expression, why is he acting as if he doesn’t know us?” Beerus silently looked at Shin, then turned to Whis.

“Yes, Lord Kaioshin doesn’t seem to know us.” Whis nodded slightly, “It seems that the death of the Grand Supreme Kai and the other four Kaioshin broke the inheritance system. Thus, Lord Kaioshin never heard of us before.”

Beerus: “…”

“Why did I end up with a stupid Kaioshin?” Beerus sighed.

Whis covered his forehead with his hand and sneered.

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