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DB: CxD Chapter 18: Vados I’m Going To Start

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“I have thought about the problem you mentioned, but for now, my body can bear it.” Renkon nodded slightly, then said, “But I’m sensing from what you said, that if I continue to constantly compress my power, it will eventually turn into supernatural power, right?”

Vados: “…”

You actually dared to think about it?

Was divine power born like this?

“No!” Vados replied, “Divine power is divine power. It’s special energy born through cultivating the supreme ruler’s techniques. It’s completely different from our power, and if you ever have the chance to meet him you will see how different it’s from ours.”

“Understood.” Renkon nodded.

Vados was stunned.

What do you understand?

“Since you can’t find any other flaw in my training, then I will continue to practice in my way, maybe really compress the energy into divine power.” Renkon smiled.

Vados didn’t want to talk anymore.

So you are nevertheless continuing to perform it?

I indeed tried to help but nothing changed.

When the time comes, it doesn’t matter if your body can or can’t beat it.

After you die, I will resurrect you, and everything will start again, I just want to drink milk tea.

Your strength has nothing to do with me.

“Vados, can you teach me Ultra Instinct?” Renkon asked.

“Oh, you’re truly an impatient one.” Vados sighed,

“Okay, then I will simply tell you about Ultra Instinct, so you can first have a general understanding of it.”

“Okay.” Renkon nodded.

“Ultra Instinct is different from your current way of fighting by perceiving Qi. It relies on various parts of the body to perform conditioned reflex movements, without the need to think, you will maximize the speed of your movement and response-ability.” Vados explained, “In other words, the body and consciousness will be separated, allowing each part oneself to perceive the surrounding dangers by instinct only. It’s no longer necessary for the brain to think first and then act… Do you understand what I said?”

“I do.” Renkon nodded.

With that, Renkon drew a circle around him and Vaods.

Immediately afterward, Renkon took out a black cloth strip and covered his eyes.

Vados: “…”

“Ahem, what are you doing?” Vados asked curiously.

“Since you said that Ultra Instinct is about the deprivation of the senses, I’m going to blindfold my eyes, this way I won’t be able to react relying on my sight,” Renkon said.

“Yes, it makes sense for you to say that.” Vados nodded and looked at the circle on the ground.

“Next, I’m going to try to catch you without using my brain, but with my own body,” Renkon said.

Vados: “…”

She put her hand on her forehead, not knowing what to say for a while.

You’re so talented.

If I don’t look into your perverted intentions, this method can be regarded as the best entry into the Ultra Instinct.

Of course, whether or not you can truly enter the Ultra Instinct mode depends mainly on whether you’re suitable for this skill.

“I’m about to start, Vados.” Renkon grinned.

Vados: “…”

Why do I feel like your ultimate goal is something else?

You have no posture for training at all.

“Train with me for an hour, and I will make you a drink that is better than milk tea,” Renkon said with a smile.

“Oh? Really? Do you make other drinks?” Vados was taken aback.

“What kind of drinks do you like to drink?” Renkon asked.

“I only drink water,” Vados said, “It’s refreshing but I don’t need to drink it.”

“Have you ever had coffee?” Renkon asked.

“I tasted it, it’s not good, it’s too bitter.” Vados shook her head.

“Did you try adding sugar?”

Vados was stunned.

Renkon: “…”

“Have you added milk?” Renkon asked again.

“Milk?” Vados was taken aback again.

Renkon felt like crying.

The level of the sixth universe… is it that bad?

That’s not true. The level of science and technology of the Sixth Universe exceeds that of Earth where I previously lived.

Okay, maybe it’s simply the food level isn’t good?

“If you train with me for one hour, I will make a cup of coffee for you, and you will taste what real coffee is!” Renkon said.

Vados looked at Renkon thoughtfully.

Do I truly need to add milk and sugar to drink coffee?

Haven’t tried it before.

It seems really good.

“Vados, I’m about to start, be sure to let me catch you.” Renkon grinned wryly.

“You’re wrong, you should say make sure not to be caught by me.” Vados corrected.

“No, it will be all in vain if I don’t catch you,” Renkon said, and quickly rushed toward Vados.

How could Vados let Renkon catch her?

Vados dodged Renkon’s arms easily.

Renkon increased his speed to the extreme.

“Don’t get out of the circle,” Renkon said.

“Don’t worry.” Vados nodded slightly.

The two chased in a circle that was only five or six meters in diameter.


The Seventh Universe.

The Vast Starry Sky.

Whis and Beerus were moving fast.

“Hey, Whis, is there a suitable candidate in our universe besides Frieza?” Beerus asked, “It’s good that I didn’t destroy him before.”

“Frieza and his father King Cold, as well as his brother cooler, these three aren’t bad,” Whis replied.

“Should we bring Frieza and his family then?” Beerus pondered, “I remember that there was a strong guy called Hit in the Sixth Universe. Can Frieza and the other be his opponent?”

“It’s difficult.” Whis shook his head.

“We must find someone whit a power level close to Hit’s. Otherwise, we will undoubtedly lose.” Beerus gritted his teeth.

“Okay, I’ll take another look.” Whis nodded while flying and holding his scepter, he looked for the right person through his crystal ball.

Ten minutes passed.

“Whis, did you find anyone?” Beerus asked.

“Found one, Vegeta has a brother called, Rigor, he’s strong, and his current strength has far surpassed Frieza.” Whis said, “However, Rigor is still in his growth stage, I don’t think that he’s a worthy opponent of Hit.”

“Keep looking, we must find a person who can surpass Hit!” Beerus clenched his teeth.

Another 10 minutes passed.

“Lord Beerus, this person might be able to do it,” Whis said, and a projection appeared on the scepter.

The picture in the projection was for a mountainous area, and there was an egg on one of the mountain ridges.

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