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DB: CxD Chapter 17: Is Something Wrong With My Method?

“Yes, the last time the two of you had a fight you almost destroyed the universe.” Whis also persuaded.

“Then what do you suggest?” Beerus asked angrily.

“How about this, I will make a cup of milk tea for Lord Beerus every day, and then send it over?” Renkon suggested.

“Humph, things progressed to such extent, do you think you can solve it with a cup of milk tea?” Beerus said with a darkened face.

“Moreover, Milk Tea is better when it’s fresh!”

“Then I will come over and make it for you, isn’t this okay?” Renkon said.

“I said, this matter has exceeded the scope of milk tea itself.” Beerus snorted.

But when he heard what Renkon said, the anger in his heart faded away.

“Beerus, you and I can’t compete,” Champa said.

“Can’t compete? You mean you’re better than me?” Beerus got irritated.

“Yes, but what I meant is that the two of us can’t fight, if we fight, this universe will be harmed.” Champa smiled wryly, “We should choose three mortals from our respective universes and let them fight, how about this?”

“Oh?” Beerus turned to look at Whis.

Whis nodded slightly.

“Okay, then it’s set in three days. Three mortals from each of our universes will fight each other. The universe that wins, in the end, will determine the fate of this boy!” Beerus said.

“It’s settled then.” Champa nodded.

“I’ll arrange the arena.” Vados proposed.

“Good sister.” Whis didn’t object.

“Let’s go,” Beerus shouted.

“Then, Lord Champa, sister, Renkon, goodbye.” Whis waved.


Instantly, Whis and Beerus turned into a bright flame, then quickly rose into the sky, and disappeared in a flash.

After the two left, Champa laughed happily.

“Lord Champa, why are you laughing?” Vados asked.

“Hahahaha, the seventh universe doesn’t have any powerful warriors. Our universe will win.” Champa said with a smile.

“That’s true… Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any powerful people in the Seventh Universe.” Vados nodded slightly.

“So we’re going to win.” Champa laughed.

“Who is Lord Champa planning to bring?” Vados asked.

“Hit is essential.” Champa smiled, “As the number one killer in our universe, I think he can easily beat the three warriors from the Seventh Universe.”

“Master Champa, don’t be too happy. There may be hidden warriors in the Seventh Universe.” Vados sighed slightly, “After all, it’s not our own universe, so I can’t explore it too deeply.”

“Don’t worry.” Champa smiled, “Apart from Hit, we will bring Forst and Botamo too. These two are strong. In fact, bringing Hit isn’t necessary at all. Frost can simply defeat anyone from the Seventh Universe.”

Vados didn’t say a word.

Renkon didn’t speak either.

As long as that Frost’s strength is the same in the series, I’m afraid he’s not Frieza’s opponent.

However, it’s certainly incredible that you’re holding a contest for my milk tea.

Well, my milk tea is indeed delicious.

However, it seems that the Seventh Universe is at a disadvantage.

Well, they don’t know about me!

I’ll keep a low profile, and continue to compress my power level.

During this period, Renkon wasn’t idle, besides making milk tea he was also constantly compressing his own energy.

It’s estimated that in the near future, Renkon’s power level will reach the 6th power of 100.

What is the 6th power of 100?

1 trillion?

Hmm, the number is getting bigger and bigger.

Compared with Hit’s power level of 1 trillion, there’s still a big gap.

Hit’s level is estimated to be not much different from Golden Frieza.

What is Golden Frieza’s power level again?

Anyway, it’s much larger than 1 trillion.

I’m afraid I will need to reach 100 to the 8th power to reach the power level of Golden Frieza.

In other words, as long as I achieve the 10th power of 100, I will be able to beat both Hit and Jiren.

Of course, these are just Renkon’s speculation, and it’s still unknown whether this is the case.

Besides, Renkon uses compressed energy, which is more refined and more powerful than regular energy.

Should I look for a chance to try it on Hit?

Well, I’ll wait to raise my power level to the 6th power of 100.

It’s not impossible to learn from each other.

“Then, I’m going to bring Hit and the others now,” Champa said.

“Okay.” Vados nodded, “I will stay.”

“I will stay too,” Renkon said.

“Boy, I won’t mind making milk tea for Vados, but you remember to make one for me too,” Champa said.

“Don’t worry, I can do it after Lord Champa comes back, don’t you want to drink it fresh?” Renkon smiled slightly.

“That’s what I meant.” Champa nodded in satisfaction, without adding any unnecessary nonsense he immediately rose into the sky and left the planet.

Suddenly, only Renkon and Vados were left on Champa’s huge planet.

“Vados, can you help in pointing the flaws in my training?” Renkon asked.

“Okay, no problem.” Vados readily agreed.

“In the process of my cultivation, I found a problem.” Renkon tried to explain, while there was an extra mass of energy in his hand, “What do you think this is?”

Vados: “…”

This energy…

“Huh? The energy is compressed.” Vados was worthy of being an angel, and soon discovered the change in the energy, “It’s more refined and powerful than regular energy.”

“I’ve been practicing in this way, constantly compressing my energy, and improving my strength. Do you think it’s feasible?” Renkon asked humbly.

Just ask if you don’t understand something, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Vados is a true angel after all.

“Ahem… I can’t tell, it’s the first time I’ve seen this kind of cultivation method. I don’t know the details.” Vados said after pondering, “But one thing is certain. Your body will be seriously damaged if one day it cannot withstand such a large amount of compressed energy.”

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