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DB: CxD Chapter 16: You Can’t Steal People From My Universe

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“Boy, you’re interesting!” Champa nodded happily.

“That’s not a big problem” Vados smiled slightly.

“I still feel that it’s a bit appropriate…” Champa scratched his head, “If Beerus asks you, Renkon why did you come all the way to the sixth universe to be a destroyer-in-training, and not do it in our Seventh Universe? What would you say?”

“It’s very simple, I would just say because Lord Beerus destroyed my home planet, why should I stay in the Seventh Universe.” Renkon smiled.

“What do you mean?” Champa was stunned.

“In our universe, Frieza destroyed my home planet Vegeta. According to the intelligence, I heard that Frieza did this because he was ordered by the God of Destruction…” Renkon said, “At the time, I didn’t know who the God of Destruction is, so I didn’t know why would someone like, Frieza listen to him. But After I met you, I know now that there’s such a god.”

“Oh? Something like this happened?” Champa was very happy.

“That can work.” Vados nodded.

“Hahaha, great, I can finally see Beerus losing to me.” Champa clapped his hands excitedly.

Renkon smiled slightly.

“But I’ll say this, boy, unless you’re talented enough, you will never be granted a Destroyer-in-training internship.” Champa exhorted.

“Um… Sister Vados, can I be an intern Angel?” Renkon asked, “I think it’s more interesting to be an angel.”

Champa: “…”

This kid is rude!

You even dared to look down on the God of Destruction!

“Hey, if you want to become an intern angel, you must first master the Perfect Ultra Instinct. It’s difficult for anyone to achieve this.” Vados smiled and said to Renkon.

“Teach me, I would like to train with my first love.” Renkon smiled.

“Okay.” Vados didn’t object, “If you can stay, I can teach you, but I need to say this first, it’s very difficult to understand the concept of Ultra Instinct.”

“I will work hard.” Renkon was overjoyed.


After 20 minutes.

Whis and Beerus landed on planet Champa.

Beerus’ face was darkened, and from the moment he landed, he locked his eyes on Champa and glared.

“Huh? Beerus? Aren’t you taking a nap? Why did you wake up so quickly?” Champa looked in shock.

“Humph, stop acting so innocent! You know what I’m here for!” Beerus snorted then turned to look at Renkon at the side.

Is this the milk tea boy?

“I don’t understand… What are you talking about?” Champa tilted his head stupidly.

“You have some nerves! Our universe finally discovered a new drink, but you came and took it!” Beerus shouted angrily, “Do you know how rude this is?! If you want milk tea so much, then you come to our universe to drink it! Don’t you dare take it from us!”

“Hehehe, take it? You mean, Renkon?” Champa smiled wryly.

“Humph, you know what I mean!” Beerus snorted.

“Renkon is now the sixth universe’s Destroyer-in-training.” Champa smiled slightly, “So I’m sorry, Beerus, you too late.”

“I don’t care if you’re looking for a destroyer-in-training for your universe, but taking him from our Seventh Universe, is something I won’t tolerate!” Beerus was angry that white smoke started coming out of his ears.

“Renkon told me that his home planet Vegeta suffered a devastating end because of you. Do you think he would still want to stay in the Seventh Universe after this?” Champa said with a smile, “I thought his talent isn’t bad, so I brought him back with me and made him a destroyer-in-training.”

Beerus’s face changed colors.

How did this boy know that I was the one who authorized Frieza to destroy planet Vegeta?

No, how could any human know about any of this?

It must have been detected by Vados.


And that bastard Frieza, can’t you do things more secretly?

Frieza, just wait, I will teach you a good lesson after I finish with this.

“Whis, do you have something to say?” Beerus looked to Whis.

“Oh, what our little friend, Renkon, doesn’t know is that planet Vegeta has long been on the list of destruction. Every planet in this universe will be destroyed in the end. The God of Destruction’s job is to keep the universe balanced. Once it loses balance, the entire universe will be destroyed.” Whis said looking at Renkon, “So, Lord Beerus destroys planets as a part of his duty, regardless of which one it is, for the sake of the universe itself.”

“Is that so? It seems like a noble cause.” Renkon said thoughtfully.

Champa: “…”

What do you mean, kid?

Why do I feel like you’re getting a bit hesitant?

“I’m glad that you see the truth now.” Beerus nodded in satisfaction.

The owner of the milk tea shop is still a child after all.

I thought he would be stubborn.

That’s good, this is good!

“This is a bit embarrassing.” Renkon scratched his head, showing a look of helplessness, “But I have promised to train in the sixth universe to become a destroyer-in-training. It doesn’t seem appropriate to return to the Seventh Universe, right?”

Champa nodded in satisfaction, and Beerus’s face darkened.

You’re still thinking of staying, do you?

What will I do without my milk tea?

“But, I’m still a member of the Seventh Universe after all… It’s a bit unreasonable if I don’t go back.” Renkon scratched his head again, “However, it’s also one of my wishes to become a destroyer-in-training.”

“Humph, go back to the Seventh Universe, and I will make you my destroyer-in-training.” Beerus agreed.

“This, but…” Renkon felt embarrassed, “But I have promised Lord Champa…”

“It’s useless that you promised him, you’re a member of the Seventh Universe after all!” Beerus shouted.

“Beerus, you’re too much!” Champa shouted, “Renkon has promised me to be my destroyer-in-training, it’s cruel of you to do this!”

“Which one of us is being cruel? You stole a person from my universe, what do you have to say to defend yourself?” Beerus said.

“I saw Renkon first!” Champa shouted.

“Whether you saw him first or not, he’s still a person from my universe!” Beerus shouted.

The more they quarreled, the more fierce they got, then all of a sudden the two started rolling their sleeves, preparing to fight.

Bang! Bang!

Whish and Vados waved their scepters at the same time, smashing both of the two cats’ heads.

Suddenly, two big bags swelled up on Champa and Beerus’ heads.

“You two aren’t allowed to fight. If you do the entire universe will get damaged.” Vados and Whis shouted.

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