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DB: CxD Chapter 15: The Awakening Of Beerus

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“By the way, the owner of the milk tea shop is a Saiyan,” Whis added.

“What are you talking about? Are you telling me the guy who invented the milk tea is a Saiyan?” Beerus’ eyes widened.

“Yes.” Whis nodded.

“It’s getting a bit troublesome. Don’t tell him that I wanted to destroy planet Vegeta.” Beerus exhorted.

“Okay.” Whis agreed.

“Moreover, Frieza seems to have already tried the milk tea, but he didn’t tell me about it.” Beerus snorted.

“Even if Frieza wanted to tell Lord Beerus about the milk tea, you wouldn’t have woken up.” Whis smiled.

“Waking up is up to me, telling me is his duty,” Beerus said coldly.

“Lord Beerus, are we going to find Frieza? Or go directly to the sixth universe to track Lord Champa?” Whis asked.

“Don’t worry about the chubby, we can go there later. I need to know the truth first.” Beerus snorted, “Let’s go to Frieza and see if he’s working hard, it seems that he just destroyed Planet Vegeta, right?”

“Yes.” Whis nodded, “But wouldn’t destroying it by yourself be easier, Lord Beerus?”

“Whis, do you know how boring it is to repeat the same work every day?” Beerus stared at him, “Also, you know how lazy I can be, I don’t even like moving a finger.”

Whis: “…”

Oh, I know. There isn’t anyone lazier than you.

You even made Frieza do the work for you.


At the next moment, Whis and Beerus changed directions in the starry sky and flew quickly toward Frieza Planet 83.


Ten minutes later.

Frieza Planet 83.

Inside Fieza’s palace.

Frieza drove everyone out and then knelt down respectfully in front of Beerus.

“Lord Beerus, you’re awake…” Frieza shivered.

“Frieza, I heard that the owner of the milk tea shop was taken away?” Beerus asked with a darkened face.

Frieza: “…”

“This… Lord Beerus, I also just received the news that a fat cat has taken him away.” Frieza responded quickly and hurriedly.

How nice is this…?

I didn’t want to call him, so he just came to my door.

“Did you call him Fat Cat?” Beerus said with a cold stare in his eyes, “Do you know who he is?”

Frieza shook his head vigorously.

“He’s my brother,” Beerus said solemnly.

Frieza’s smile gradually stiffened, and almost urinated in shock, and started thinking of a way to beg for mercy.

I didn’t know he was your brother.

“Forget it, the nickname suits him.” Beerus snorted.

Frieza breathed a sigh of relief.

The two brothers aren’t in harmony.

“Still, you didn’t inform me that there was such a delicious drink in the world! How will you defend yourself?” Beerus asked angrily.

“I wanted to tell you Lord Beerus… but you told me before going to bed, that I shouldn’t disturb your sleep if there’s nothing particularly important.” Frieza was taken aback and explained.

“Whis, did I say anything like this?” Beerus turned to ask Whis.

“Yes, Lord Beerus did say such a thing.” Whis nodded.

“In that case, I will spare you this time. Next time if you find any good food or drink, you must inform me as soon as possible. Do you understand?” Beerus said, pointing his finger at Frieza’s castle.


Suddenly, the magnificent castle was wiped out of thin air.

Frieza trembled in fear, and cold sweat started flowing over his forehead.

“Let’s go, Whis.” Beerus glanced at Whis.

“Okay.” Whis nodded.


The two quickly left Frieza Planet 83.

Frieza also breathed a sigh of relief, watching Beerus’ departure.

The subordinates on the planet were left all stunned.

What a powerful destructive energy.

Did Lord Frieza destroy that castle?


The Sixth Universe.

Champa Planet.

“How is it? Isn’t my planet’s environment very good? Champa smiled at Renkon.

“Yeah, the environment is great.” Renkon nodded, then muttered, “The question is, are there only three of us on such a big planet?”

“You know, boy, this is the God Releam, how do you expect ordinary humans to be qualified to come here?” Champa snorted.

“Is that so? Then I would like to thank Lord Champa.” Renkon smiled slightly.

“It’s fine since you appreciate it.” Champa smiled triumphantly, and then said to Renkon, “Now can you make some milk tea? Vados got you all the basic ingredients for milk tea.”

“Wait a minute, Lord Champa.” Vados suddenly took out the scepter and carefully looked into the crystal ball on it.

“What’s the matter?” Champa asked.

“Lord Beerus seems to have woken up and is coming at top speed toward us,” Vados sighed, “I expect him to arrive on our planet in about 20 minutes.”

“So, he figured it out in the end?” Champa groaned.

“Yes, things seem a bit troublesome.” Vados pondered.

“Hurry up and hide the kid,” Champa suggested.

“It’s useless, Whis will undoubtedly find him.” Vados shook her head.

“What shall we do then?” Champa didn’t know what to do for a while.

“There is nothing we can do. If Lord Beerus comes here and asks for Renkon, we can’t help but give up” Vados shook her head, “After all, Renkon will have to live in our universe for a year before he can become a member.”

“Damn it, we will have to fly for several hours to drink milk tea in the future.” Champa gritted his teeth.

“I have a way, but the basis is that Renkon needs to agree.” Vados turned her head and looked at Renkon.

“Sister Vados, please say it, as long as I can do it, it’s incumbent.” Renkon patted his chest.

“The only way that can barely make sense is to make Renkon the sixth universe’ destroyer-in-training,” Vados said.

Champa: “…”

“Forget it, we ran to the seventh universe and brought a mortal back to make him our destroyer-in-training, this will make us the Beerus’ laughing stock for the next million years.” Champa refused.

“what if I take the initiative and propose that I’m the one who wants to be the sixth universe’s destroyer-in-training.” Renkon interrupted.

Champa immediately turned his head to look at Renkon and gave him a thumbs up.

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