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DB: CxD Chapter 14: Milk Tea Is So Delicious

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“Oh, it seems that you, Lord Beerus, fell into the lake while sleepwalking.” Whis didn’t admit it.

Beerus: “…”

Who are you lying to?

“Right, Oracle fish?” Whis smiled and turned to the fish.

The Oracle Fish nodded vigorously.

Never provoke Whis, that’s what the fish was thinking of.

“Stop it, I know you did it, don’t try to deny it!” Beerus said angrily, “Didn’t I tell you, not to disturb me while taking my nap?!”

“Master Beerus, I didn’t want to disturb your sleep… but there is indeed one very important thing that I have to inform you.”

Whis sighed.

“What’s the matter?” Beerus rubbed his eyes and yawned, “Say it quickly, I’m very sleepy… You woke me up as soon as I entered deep sleep.”

“During your nap, Master Champa and sister came to our universe,” Whis said.

“Why did that bastard come to my universe?” Beerus frowned, “It definitely feels like something is going on.”

“The matter is related to Planet Vanford,” Whis said.

“Vanford? Why would he go there?” Beerus asked, “Do you think he went there because he got sick of the food on his planet and wanted to try Vanford’s food?”

“Just recently, a new type of drink called milk tea was discovered in Planet Vanford, which quickly sold out to all over the planet, and even the entire northern universe,” Whis said with a smile.

“Milk Tea? I never heard of it.” Beerus shook his head.

“It’s a drink made by mixing milk with tea and adding sugar,” Whis explained.

“You think that’s delicious?” Beerus yawned.

“How can it reach the entire northern universe if it wasn’t good?” Whis said with a smile.

“Okay, but what do you want to say? What does that have to do with Champa? And did you bring some of it back with you? Whether it tastes good, we will know if we just try it, right?” Beerus started to get irritated.

Did this guy just wake me up to tell me about a new drink?

Whis, you’re shameless!

I thought it was some kind of delicacy.

It turned out to be just a drink.

“But we can’t, because Champa and my sister took the milk tea maker to the sixth universe.” Whis sighed.

“What did you say?” Beerus finally understood the situation.

Champa, you bastard.

You’re too much.

“Yes, Lord Beerus, you heard it right.” Whis nodded.

“We’re going now to the Sixth Universe, I’m going to make sure to settle things out with Champa once and for all!” Beerus exclaimed angrily.

“Please wait a moment, Lord Beerus.” Whis thought for a while, then scanned with his crystal ball.

“What are you doing?” Beerus asked puzzledly, and couldn’t help but yawn again.

This is so special!

I was woken up before fully getting rest.

I’m so sleepy.

“Before we go find them, let’s taste whether this milk tea is good or not.” Whis suggested, “If it’s not good, we don’t have to go so far.”

“That said… I haven’t fully woken up yet too.” Beerus stretched out.

“Found it!” Whis’ eyes lit up and smiled, “Here is a fresh cup of milk tea, which was made today. The person, who bought it, didn’t want to drink it right away, and saved it in the refrigerator to enjoy it at night.”

“Take it quickly!” Beerus suggested.

“Oh, I’m afraid this guy won’t enjoy it at night in the end.” Whis grinned.


Mysterious energy emerged around the scepter as Whis closed his eyes, then in the blink of an eye, the milk tea in the refrigerator disappeared.

Suddenly, the cup of milk tea was transferred to planet Beerus by Whis.

With a wave of his hand, the cup transformed into three smaller cups, with the milk tea poured evenly between them.

Whis, Beerus and the Oracle Fish looked at the milk tea curiously.

“Does this thing taste good?” Beerus doubted, “It smells okay though.”

Whis picked up the cup then tasted it, then his eyes immediately lit up.

“This silky feeling…” Whis’ brows began to dance.

It’s so delicious.

“Milk and tea are mixed, it’s so simple. But I never expected it to taste like this. This is the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.” Whis’ eyes blinked, feeling so rejoiced.

Beerus also tasted it, and instantly, his eyes released a brilliant light.

“Is this milk tea?” Beerus’ tears were about to fall, “I never had anything like this before…”

“It’s delicious… So delicious!” The Oracle Fish was also amazed.

Beerus directly snatched the milk tea from the Oracle Fish’s hands.

“Hey, what are you doing, Beerus?” The Oracle Fish exclaimed.

“You’re a fish. Giving you milk tea is such a waste, this is all mine.” Beerus directly drank all of the fish’s milk tea, without even leaving a single drop.

“So cruel…” The Oracle Fish wanted to cry.


After he finished drinking his milk tea, the destructive power inside Beerus’s body started to burst out.

Suddenly, the two empty cups were destroyed.

“Damn you, Champa! You came to my home, and stole my food!” Beerus gritted his teeth and said, “I want to drink milk tea, and I want it now! This guy belongs to our universe.”

“Let’s go, Lord Beerus.” Whis agreed solemnly.


Whis and Beerus turned into a bright flame, quickly rose into the sky, then flew towards the sixth universe.

On the road.

“Now that I think about it, didn’t I tell Frieza to keep an eye at Vanford Planet?” Beerus suddenly remembered something, “By the way, Frieza, that guy, did he ever have Milk Tea?”

“Oh? Let me take a look.” Whis took out the scepter and checked Frieza’s recent movements.

Soon, Whis saw Frieza admiring the destruction of Planet Vegeta with a milk tea in his hand.

“Lord Beerus, look.” Whis projected the image through the scepter.

“This is planet Vegeta? The Saiyan planet, right?” Beerus nodded, “I wanted to destroy this planet before I went to bed… Well, Frieza did a good job.”

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