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DB: CxD Chapter 13: They Seem To Be Gods

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Dodoria flew quickly in the direction of the mountain.

Soon, he found Cui’s body several kilometers away.

Cui died miserably.

And Dodoria could tell that he died even before the impact. Knowing this… Dodoria couldn’t help but shiver.


Something is off.

I have to report this to Lord Frieza immediately.

Also, that fat cat looks a bit familiar.

It felt as if I’ve seen him somewhere.

Even that woman with blue skin and white hair seems a bit familiar.

Dodoria immediately got in touch with Frieza’s side.

Frieza Planet 83

At this time, Frieza has returned to this planet.

“Lord Frieza, Dodoria just called and said that there is an important report,” Berryblue said respectfully.

“Oh? What’s the matter? Get his call in.” Frieza nodded.

“Lord Frieza, Cui is dead.” Dodoria said immediately.

“Dodoria, is this the important report you were talking about? So what if he’s dead? Cui’s power level is only 10,000.” Frieza smiled slightly, feeling that Dodoria was making a little fuss out of nothing. After that he asked casually, “And how did he die? Was he beaten to death?”

“Yes, according to the reports from his subordinate, he was killed in seconds by the Saiyan on planet Vanford,” Dodoria responded immediately.

“Oh? The Saiyan on planet Vanford?” Frieza was a little surprised, “The Saiyan you’re talking about is the one who makes milk tea, right? The milk tea he makes has a unique flavor.”

Dodoria wanted to cry.

Is talking about milk tea appropriate now?

“So Cui was killed by that guy?” Frieza snorted, “As far as I know, that guy’s power level is only 100. How did he do it?”

“Yes… I have just arrived on this planet, to find him and settle accounts…” Dodoria responded quickly.

“Oh? Then?” Frieza asked with a smile.

“Then… I saw two familiar and unfamiliar faces, taking him away.” Dodoria said.

“What kind of rubbish is this?” Frieza said sternly.

“I saw a fat cat and a woman with a scepter in her hand… the woman had blue skin and white hair. The fact cat had dark purple skin. He was fat, with a short tail and neck… their speed was too fast, and there wasn’t much that I could see.” Dodoria replied.

“What? Lord Beerus?” Frieza was frightened.

“Beerus?” Dodoria was also slightly taken aback.

“Okay, I see, you don’t need to worry about this.” Frieza immediately hanged on.

Dodoria was left dumbfounded.

Did I just see Lord Frieza seemingly scared through the video call?

Who is this Beerus?

Why does this name sound familiar?

Why do I vaguely remember that such a cat appeared next to Lord Frieza before?

In addition to the cat, there is also that man with blue skin and white hair.

At that time, I was far away and didn’t notice Lord Frieza’s expression.

With that being said, this guy called Beerus should be terrible enough to even scare Lord Frieza?


Frieza planet 83.

“Lord Frieza… isn’t it Lord Beerus that Dodoria saw?” Berryblue was also stunned, as cold sweat flew on her forehead.

As Frieza’s personal, Berryblue naturally met Beerus and Whis.

“Didn’t Lord Beerus say that he’s going to take a nap? He said that I was responsible for destroying the planets. Why did he wake up so soon?” Frieza was still slightly taken aback, feeling a little puzzled.

“Lord Frieza, I feel that the situation is a little bit odd.” Berryblue groaned.

“Why do you think so?” Frieza asked.

“According to Dodoria’s description, the cat he saw was fat… and that’s odd, from what we know, if you see Lord Beerus at the first glance, it’s impossible to call him fat.” Berryblue replied, “Also, the person next to Lord Beerus, although he sounds a bit like a woman, he’s still recognizable as a man after all. No matter how stupid Dodoria is, it’s impossible that he would mistake both of them.”

“Do you mean, that these people are pretending to be Lord Beerus and Whis?” Frieza asked.

“It’s not impossible.” Berryblue nodded.

“So, where did this guy posing as Lord Beerus go?” Frieza asked.

“This… I can’t be sure. I’m suggesting that get in touch with Lord Beerus if you can Lord Frieza.” Berryblue said.

“Berryblue, you’re naïve. Why would I do something like this? Even if they’re not Beerus and Whis, I’m afraid that they’re not normal people, but gods as well. Why should we go to trouble with gods?”

Berryblue hurriedly bowed to salute, feeling that what Frieza said is too wise.

“It’s just Cui, who died, let it go.” Frieza smiled lightly, “Uh, and another Saiyan was taken away, so what?”


Planet Beerus.

With the scepter in his hand, Whis was silently watching the crystal ball on it, and everything that happened on planet Vanford.

Milk Tea?

Never drank something like this.

My sister is so cunning.

She came to our universe to drink milk tea, then took everything back with her.

Sister, you’re too much.

You should have at least let me taste the milk tea first before taking it away.

“Master Beerus, wake up,” Whis called for Beerus, who was sleeping.

Beerus didn’t seem to hear him, and the snorting became louder.


Whis knocked the scepter on Beerus’ head.

Suddenly, a big bag swelled on his head, but Beerus didn’t wake up.

However, Whis wasn’t going to give up, he grabbed Beerus by his tail, and threw him into the lake in the distance.

It took Beerus about 20 minutes to soar into the sky from the lake.

“Who threw me into the lake?” Beerus looked at Whis with a darkened face.

No one can do this kind of thing except Whis.

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