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DB: CxD Chapter 12: I Want To Be An Intern Angel

“Boy, if it’s…” Champa was about to say.

“Ahem, God of Destruction, you should call me Renkon, I’m not a kid.” Renkon interrupted.

Champa stared at him.

“God of Destruction-Sama, you continue to say.” Renkon said, “I’m listening.”

Renkon was your typical good talker. In other words, he was walking carefully on Champa’s inverse scales.

Renkon was sure that since they were in the seventh universe, Champa wouldn’t dare to destroy him easily.

Besides, if he destroys me, who would make milk tea for him?

Unless one day this guy drinks enough milk tea, he won’t destroy me.

And when he does, a new product will be ready for him.

“Boy… well, I’ll call you Renkon…” Champa continued, “If it’s because of the environment, I don’t think it would be a big deal. The sixth and the seventh universes are alike, you will find ordinary planets like this one in our sixth universe too. And with my ability, I can create the same planet for you.”

“Actually, my greatest goal isn’t making milk tea.” Renkon shook his head and sighed.

“Oh? Do you have any other wishes? Say it, I might be able to help you realize it.” Champa said, “You’re talking to a god, any small wish of yours can be easily granted.”

“I want to be the number one fighter in this universe, can the God of Destruction help me do it?” Renkon asked.

Champa: “…”

“Hahaha, you truly located the right person!” Champa laughed after a brief silence.

“Is that so?” Renkon scratched his head.

“The God of Destruction is the most powerful being in their respective universe. I can accept you as my apprentice.” Champa said to Renkon, “Of course, the assumption is that you make milk tea for me every day.”

“Well, let me consider it.” Renkon hesitated.

Champa started to get irritated.

The God of Destruction is accepting him as an apprentice, and this kid is still hesitating.

“Well, I definitely don’t mean to offend you. But, I prefer to have a beautiful woman as my teacher.” Renkon said, silently looking at Vados who was drinking milk tea.

Vados was also slightly taken aback.

“Which is stronger the angel or the god of destruction?” Renkon asked.

“Humph, of course, the God of Destruction is stronger.” Champa pointed his nose with his thumb.

Vados didn’t speak and just kept looking at Champa with a smile.

Champa’s smile started to fade away slowly, and his face kept changing colors again and again.

Vados, don’t look at me like that, okay?

That was… weird.

“Master Champa, it’s what you said.” Vados smiled.

Vados wouldn’t make a move in such a place.

If she beats Champa here, he would be very embarrassed.

She will settle things out with him when they go back.

“You can also let Vados teach you. I don’t want to have an apprentice following me anyway.” Champa carefully weighed it but didn’t object.

As long as he’s coming to his planet and making milk tea to him every day, he won’t care.

“I can teach you, but I never accept apprentices.” Vados looked at Renkon, “You have a good foundation and an outstanding talent. If you practice well, it won’t be a big problem to reach the highest level in this universe. You said the most powerful fighter in the universe, is that refer to mankind? If you want to surpass the God of Destruction… I’m afraid it will be a bit difficult.”

“I’m a member of the Seventh Universe after all. In case I become too strong, one day I’ll be your destroyer-in-training. Will the God of Destruction let me go then?” Renkon said with a look of worry on his face.

Champa and Vaods glanced at each other, then immediately, Champa burst into laughter.

This boy is so amusing.

I never thought about finding a destroyer-in-training before.

I’ve only been a God of Destruction for a few years.

“You can rest assured that this kind of thing is absolutely impossible.” Champa smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it, kid, even if you become strong, Beerus might not even know about you.”

“Beerus? Is it the name of this universe’s god of destruction?” Renkon said.

“Not bad.” Champa nodded.

“I mean, if I become a destroyer-in-training in the sixth universe, Lord Beerus, the god of destruction, wouldn’t trouble me?” Renkon asked.

“It’s not the same system you mankind use. As long as you live in the sixth universe for more than one year, you will become one of the sixth universe members. It has nothing to do with which universe you were born in.” Champa said, “Even if one day you become a destroyer-in-training in the sixth universe, Beerus will not do anything to you.”

“That’s good, so I can rest assured.” Renkon nodded.

“So, can you go back with us?” Champa smiled.

“Yeah, no problem.” Renkon readily agreed.

“Oh, so there will be fresh milk tea to drink every day.” Vados rejoiced.

“Who said this trip will go in vain.” Champa also felt that the harvest was quite rich.

“Then, let’s go back.” Vados greeted.

“Boy… uh, Renkon, come over here and hold into me, the God of Destruction will take you to fly.” Champa waved at Renkon.

“I want to hold sister Vados,” Renkon said, stepping forward and embracing Vados from behind very unceremoniously.

Vados: “…”

“It’s up to you.” Champa rolled his eyes.

It just happened that I don’t want you to hold onto me either.

A man holding into me is so embarrassing.

It’s good that you chose Vados.

Just when Vados and Champa were about to take off, a voice ranged from not far away.

“Hey are you that Saiyan, Renkon?”

Renkon glanced at the rear and found that it was Dodoria.

“Let’s go!” The scepter in Vados’ hand knocked the ground.


Vados turned into a bright flame-like diamond, and rushed to the sky with Renkon, and disappeared in a flash.

Champa also turned into a bright flame, sank into the void, and soon disappeared without a trace.

Dodoria was dumbfounded.

Who are they?

This speed…

There is almost no trace of them.

“Where did Cui die?” Dodoria suddenly had a bad feeling and asked the subordinates around him.

“Master Dodoria, master Cui seems to have landed over… thereafter he was knocked off by the Saiyan.” The guy pointed to a mountain in the distance.

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