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DB: CxD Chapter 29: If I Were An Angel, You Would’ve Been My God Of Destruction

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Unfortunately, my transformation has a big shortcoming. You should have already noticed that artificial full moon in the sky,” Renkon said the truth, “If you break it, my transformation will also be canceled.”

“Did you… just told me your transformation’s weak point?” Hit widened his eyes.

“It’s nothing, I’m not planning on continuing this fight anyway.” Renkon smiled and grabbed the void with his big hand.

Suddenly, the artificial moon was grasped by Renkon.


With that loud roar, the artificial moon was shattered into pieces.


In a matter of a few seconds, Renkon’s body quickly shrank and returned to its original form.


Renkon gasped heavily, and he even looked tired.

“The second thing is… I can only keep this transformation for a relatively short period, at my best, it’s about a minute.” Renkon smiled, “If I keep it any longer, my strong energy will overwhelm my body.”

Hit didn’t say anything and kept looking at Renkon calmly.

“Hit, I have learned a lot, thank you,” Renkon said, but Hit stayed silent.

After a few seconds, Hit also smiled friendly at Renkon.

Before he notice, Hit found himself admiring his opponent so much.

He’s amazing.

He told me all of his weak points.

What an honorable man.

Renkon smiled calmly.

So what if I told him the weak points of my transformation?

For Renkon, this was nothing.

Renkon never intended to turn into a gorilla through the artificial moon anyway.

This kind of method is useless.

I will overcome this shortcoming in the future.

I should learn from Broly and directly improve my transformation.

Therefore, even if I told him my weak points, it’s not a big deal as long as I’m going to overcome them.

“So… if he wanted to do it… Hit would have lost to him…” Champa felt a strong headache.

This is the number one assassin of the Sixth Universe!

“It’s not necessary.” Vados whispered, “This was a game. Hit was only using half of his strength too.”

“Is that so…” Champa breathed a sigh of relief.

It would be too tragic if the kid that makes Milk Tea defeated all the elites of the Sixth Universe.

However, Champa felt some uneasiness.

This kid is only 16 years old, right?

If he keep practicing, becoming the most powerful fighter in the universe wouldn’t be a dream.

“Sister Vados is right. If this wasn’t a game, Hit might have been able to kill me.” Renkon told what he felt should be the truth.

Hit is an assassin after all.

Assassins are best at killing people rather than playing games.

If they fight, I’m afraid Renkon would be killed before he could even have the chance to transform.

Of course, Renkon is going to work hard to master the Ultra-Instinct before any of that happens.

As long as he comprehends it, no matter how hard Hit tries, he wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on him.

After all, the moment he masters it, Renkn would be able to avoid Hit’s attacks with his eyes closed.

“It’s nice to meet you, Renkon.” Hit extended his hand friendly to Renkon.

Renkon also stepped forward and the two shook their hands.

After that, Renkon’s pupils moved up and were locked on Hit’s head.

Hit: “…”

Why are you looking at my head again?”

“My face… looks like you brother, right?” Hit smiled helplessly.

“It’s not your face, it’s your head!” Renkon corrected seriously.

“I still don’t understand what you mean by that…” Hit was speechless.

“It’s a really rare opportunity to test your strength with the number one assassin of the Sixth Universe.” Renkon changed the subject.

“The same here. This fight has motivated me to practice harder.” Hit smiled, “After the tournament is over, I will start my training.”

“Let’s work harder together!” Renkon nodded, “I’ve decided, If I become an angel, you would be my god of destruction.”

Hit was puzzled.

What are you talking about?

Your god of destruction?

Champa: “…”

Vados: “…”

This kid…

He’s something.

The guy has already found a god of destruction for himself!

Champa scratched his head.

Why do I feel that this kid is very ambitious?

He seems to be looking down on the gods of destruction!


“You’re here to train and train. Three days from now, you will be fighting the Seventh Universe’s elite fighters. I hope that you won’t shame me.” Champa shouted facing Hit and the other two.

“Especially you.” Renkon squinted at Frost.

Frost: “…”

How did I provoke him again?

You just slapped me to death right now, you shouldn’t hold a grudge after that!

“Hey, are you listening?” Renkon shouted at Frost.

“Renkon-San… I didn’t understand what you meant by that.” Frost said helplessly.

“Play fair, don’t rely on tricks.” Renkon scolded Frost.

“I never do that.” Frost was about to cry.

“Man, I hate actors like you! Look at Frieza from the Seventh Universe. He’s from the same race as you. But he’s a real villain.” Renkon said, “But you… you’re acting like a gentleman, but in fact, you would do any mischievous thing to win. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Frost lowered his head.

Whatever you say, I will not say anything.

You have the strength to kill me.

“You… are you from the Seventh Universe?” Frost reacted.

Renkon laughed and said nothing.

“I finally understand why you’re targeting me!” Frost said, “I’m different from this Frieza fellow, you’re talking about. I’m a good person…”

Renkon didn’t say anything back to Frost again.

Whether he’s a good person or not, it has nothing to do with Renkon.

“Forget about Renkon. As long as you win the battle, I don’t care if you’re a villain or a gentleman.” Champa said.

“That’s right.” Renkon nodded.

“Vados, is the venue ready?” Champa asked.

“Let’s do it here. It’s too troublesome to go to other planets.” Vados proposed.

“Okay, do as you like.” Champa didn’t object, then patted his stomach and looked at Renkon.

Renkon pretended not to see it and quickly looked up at the sky.

Champa: “…”

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