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DB: CxD Chapter 30: The Contestants Of the Seventh Universe

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“Ahem, Renkon, can you make me a cup of milk tea now?” Champa asked while gritting his teeth.

“Okay.” Renkon had no choice, he suspended three cups of milk tea at will and started preparing the milk tea.

A cup for Champa, one for the Vados, and the last one fell into his hands.

“Hit.” Renkon threw the milk tea to Hit.

Hit caught the cup and was taken aback.

“Thank you.” Hit said.

“You’re welcome.” Renkon smiled, “You’re my brother from now on.”

Hit: “…”

I’m older than you, you know that right?

I’m 1,000 years older than you.

“Hit, you should consider yourself lucky.” Champa smiled and said, “Do you know why I brought him here from the Seventh Universe?”

Hit shook his head.

Is it because he’s strong?

“It’s because of the milk tea he makes.” Champa smiled and silently took a sip out of his cup.

As usual.


“Oh… it’s so good!” Vados cheeks reddened, “It’s different from the taste of coffee, but both are good!”

“Coffee?” Champa couldn’t help himself, “Vados, coffee is so bitter. How can you compare it to milk tea?”

“Champa-Sama, you won’t understand.” Vados smiled and mysteriously blinked at Renkon.

She wants it all for herself.

In other words, from now on, coffee is her exclusive special treat.

Of course, this is fine.

Champa didn’t want anything else besides milk tea.

Isn’t it already an honor to make food for a beautiful angel?

In the end, she’s the one sticking with training Renkon.

Vados felt into deep thought, then noticed how Renkon was looking at her thoughtfully.

Why do I feel that this kid is thinking about me?

Do I look similar to his first love?

This kid is ambitious?

Hmm… well this milk tea is so delicious…

Sure, whatever, he can do whatever he wants.

I will investigate him slowly later.

I will drink my milk tea first.

Hit was also left shocked after taking a little sip out of his cup.


What is this?

This is so delicious.

In this boundless universe, there is such a delicious drink.

I feel that my 1,000 have been in vain.

Hit burst into tears.

“Hit, why are you crying?” Champa was stunned.

“No… Champa-Sama, sand fell into my eyes…” Hit rubbed his eyes and wiped his tears.

Champa: “…”

Who are you kidding?

This is my planet!

There’s no sand here!

“Is it that delicious?” Frost wiped his sweat.

“It should be! You saw how Hit was crying!” Botamo whispered, “He’s a cold-blooded assassin.”

“What kind of drink can make an assassin… cry like a little child?” Frost was shocked.

“It’s a pity that we’re not qualified enough to taste it.” Botamo sighed.

“You’re the one to blame, you provoked that guy,” Frost replied angrily.

“I’m the one to blame? You’re the one who made me do it.” Botamo said with a darkened face, “Renkon is right, you’re a hypocrite.”

“What did you just say? Did you call me a hypocrite?! Do you wanna die here?” Frost was furious.

I let it slide when that guy Renkon called me a hypocrite, but now this teddy bear is saying it to my face!

I will tear your legs off!

“You two, knock it off.” Renkon smiled and looked at the two.

The two shivered uncontrollably and hurriedly shook hands to make peace.

“Hahaha, we’re not fighting! Not fighting! We’re just arguing because of different opinions… we’re good friends!” Frost laughed.

“Yes, yes! We’re good friends, how can we quarrel?” Botamo also responded quickly.

Champa: “…”

Why do I feel that things are getting out of my control?

When Renkon talked, the two obeyed like two puppets.

Even though, I, the god of destruction, is standing right here.


After drinking Milk Tea, Champa briefly trained Botamo and Frost.

However, Champa, found that these two were incompetent, and it was a waste of time, these two won’t improve in just three days.

Champa suddenly lost interest, and simply let them practice on their own.

In this way, the day of the tournament soon arrived.

On this day, Whis and Beerus descended on Champa’s planet with the Seventh Universe’s three participants.

Renkon was taken aback.

Majin Buu?



Renkon knew everyone!

So Beerus released Majin Buu to win this tournament?

But can Majin Buu defeat Hit?

I’m afraid it’s choking.

But it’s hard to say.

If Majin Buu can’t defeat him, he can always absorb him.

“So you’re here.” Champa smiled, looking at Beerus.

“Huh, these are your three players?” Beerus looked at Hit and the other two.

As expected, this guy brought Hit.

“The ring is ready, we can start whenever you’re ready,” Champa smirked.

“It looks like you’re overconfident, Champa,” Beerus said with a smile.

“Of course, our universe will win without a doubt,” Champa said confidently.

“What about the rules of the tournament?” Beerus asked.

“The rules are simple. It’s a head-to-head battle, and the person who wins keeps fighting until he loses.” Champa explained, “Killing is off the limit. Falling out of the ring or surrendering is considered as a loss.”

“Okay.” Beerus nodded and yawned, “Let’s start, I’m a little dozed off, let’s finish this quickly so I can go back and have a good sleep.”

“Don’t worry, it’s going to end sooner as you expect.” Champa said with a smile, “Anyway what will happen after that?”

“What do you mean?” Beerus stared.

“I’m talking about the prize of the winning side.”

“What do you mean? If our universe loses the kid named Renkon will belong to you.” Beerus replied, “If we win, Renkon will follow us back to the Seventh Universe. These were the original conditions of the competition.”

“Wait a minute,” Renkon said.

“What?” Beerus said angrily.

“If the Seventh Universe wins, what shall I do when I go back? Are you planning on leaving me on Planet Vanford and making milk tea?” Renkon asked.

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