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DB: CxD Chapter 31: It’s My Life, I Decide For Myself

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“If you want, you can come to my planet and become my special chef.” Beerus said, “Of course, I will spare some time, and teach you a few tricks. You can also become a destroyer-in-training if you’re interested. You can have my position in a few years.”

Renkon put his hand on his chin in silence.

Beerus’ attitude has changed a little bit.

But Renkon was considering his chances, it’s normal.

After all, Beerus hadn’t drunk milk tea for three days.

I’m afraid he already forgot how milk tea tastes…

“Can I decide for myself?” Renkon asked all of a sudden.

“What do you mean?” Beerus was taken aback for a moment.

Champa also turned his head and looked at Renkon, wondering what he wanted to do.

“Saiyans have dignity. I don’t want to be exchanged between the two of you look some goods.” Renkon said with a serious face, “I want to take a path for myself.”

“Boy, tell me, what do you want to do?” Beerus smiled.

“It’s very simple. If I’m not satisfied with the final result, I will personally set foot on the ring to challenge the last fighter.” Renkon said, “If I win, I can decide for myself. Of course, if I lose, I will accept my destiny, and cooperate with whoever wins.”

“Okay.” Beerus didn’t object.

This kid seems confident.

Do you think you can change the final result?

These are the elite fighter of both universes.


Frieza let out a weird cry.

“As expected of a Saiyan. This little guy with 100 power level has such courage.” Frieza looked at Renkon with a smile and then checked his detector.

Yes, this kid’s power level is only 100.

If it weren’t for his milk tea, we wouldn’t be here today.

Also, if it weren’t for that drink, Beerus-Sama wouldn’t have woken up so early, right?

Frieza felt mad by just thinking about this.

We’re fighting here just for the sake of this monkey.

If it weren’t for this kid, I would have dominated the entire universe.

Now I’m flying around saying I’m just a businessman.

“Frieza, don’t underestimate him.” Beerus glanced at him, “If our universe wins, he will become a destroyer-in-training. Don’t offend him now, if you won’t want to feel sorry later.”

“Beerus-Sama, I won’t feel sorry, if he can’t beat me, don’t you think?” Frieza smiled evilly.

“Of course.” Beerus smiled, “A destroyer-in-training is just a title.”

“Uhohohoho…” Frieza laughed loudly, “This way I can rest assured, I’m looking forward to competing with him.”

“Frieza, don’t be careless, it feels like this kid isn’t weak.” Cooler leaned over and whispered to Frieza.

“Cut it off, Cooler! Are you scared of him?” Frieza snorted.

“I hope you’re right.” Cooler said in a low tone.

Majin Buu looked at this and that and patted his stomach.

I’m hungry, I want to eat something.

“I have no problem.” Champa nodded.

Hearing what this kid just said, it seems that he plans on staying in the Sixth Universe.

Vados has foresight.

Bringing this kid back in advance was the best choice.

“Since there’s no objection, let’s start the tournament.” Beerus urged, “Which of three of you will go first?”

“Of course it’s me! I, Frieza, can beat them all solely.” Frieza smiled lightly and stepped forward.

“Frieza be careful, there is a guy over there, who seems to be of the same race as us.” Cooler whispered to Frieza.

“Humph, I’ve noticed him already.” Frieza smiled disdainfully, “You think that weak fellow can beat me, Frieza?”

“Who wants to go first?” Champa looked at Hit and the other two.

“Let me take the lead.” Botamo stepped forward.

With that, it was settled, and the two stepped onto the ring one after another.

“Three seconds. I will only need three seconds to get rid of you.” Frieza looked at Botamo with a smile.

“Humph, what an arrogant guy!” Botamo got furious and clenched his fists tightly.

“The battle begins!” Vados shouted.

“Shoo! Shoo!”

“Hey big guy, you have to be careful. I can easily kill you in seconds.” Frieza said, and an energy Ki Blast was directly shot from his finger.

The energy whizzed towards Botamo’s body.


The red energy hit Botamo’s body instantly.

Frieza naively thought that this simple attack will surely penetrate this guy’s body.

But he was left surprised by the outcome.

The red energy shot by him bounced off Botamo’s body, and it came back to him.

“What?” Frieza’s eyes widened.


Frieza parried it with a slap, and directly reflected it into the sky.


Botamo took the opportunity to close the distance and launched a fierce attack on Frieza.

A barrage of fists was unleashed on Frieza.


Botamo followed it by a kick to the chest after flying upward.

Botamo landed on the ground proudly, while Frieza was slammed hard on the ground, spitting blood.

“Hey, three seconds have passed.” Botamo smiled softly.

“Big guy, you’re pretty strong.” Frieza got up and rubbed his nose, “It seems that I will need to get a bit serious. Now you will know the true power of the emperor, Frieza.”


Strong energy burst out of Frieza’s body, and he transformed into his second form.


Frieza charged in Botamo’s direction, pointing his sharp horns at his body.

“Ah…” Botamo let out a stern scream, feeling pain all over his body.

Frieza’s body was now bigger than Botamo’s.

“Oh, I’m sorry, teddy bear, it seems that I’ve accidentally used too much power.” Frieza smiled evilly, “However, don’t die. If you die, I will be penalized.”


As Frieza said, he tilted his head and threw Botamo on the ground.

Botamo bounced back in the ring and fell off the court and was eliminated.

“Hey, he has been eliminated already. If he dies after that, don’t blame me.” Freiza laughed weirdly.

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