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DB: CxD Chapter 32: I Can’t Beat Them Alone

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“This guy!” Champa gritted his teeth.

Vados didn’t say much and stepped forward to treat Botamo.

“Champa-Sama, let me handle him.” Frost said.

“Go.” Champa nodded.

Frost stepped forward and entered the ring, facing Frieza.

Dang Cang!

The gong was struck by Champa and Beerus.

“Ahah… I heard that your universe is the mirror of the Seventh Universe, which means that you also belong to our race, right?” Frieza looked at Frost with a smile.

“Don’t flutter yourself we’re not as evil as you,” Frost replied politely.

“Ohoho? Is that so?” Frieza chuckled, “It seems that your people are a bunch of hypocrites.”

“What did you say?” Frost glared.

What is going on?

Do I look like a hypocrite?

What the hell?!

“Since you and I are of the same race, I won’t hide my strength since there’s no point.” Frieza smiled, “Let’s take our last and strongest transformation.”

After saying this, energy burst out madly out of Frieza’s body.

In the blink of an eye, Frieza turned into the fourth form.

“By the way, I didn’t catch your name.” Frieza smiled slightly.


“Very well, Frost, how do you feel about my transformation just now?” Frieza said with a smug grin.

“Humph, you call it a transformation? That’s just our basic form!” Frost snorted coldly, and the energy burst out of his body, then he broke into his fourth form.

Whether it was Frieza or Frost, the fourth form was just their true appearance.

As for the reason the two used these transformations, it was to limit the consumption of their energy.

“You’re right, it seems we’re alike.” Frieza smiled.

“Let’s begin!” Frost shouted at Frieza.

“Ohoho, why the rush?”

Frieza wasn’t as polite as Frost, the moment he said that his body flickered and appeared opposite to frost with a flash.


Freiza hit Frost’s chest with a flying kick.

Frost’s eyes widened.

This guy was so fast, I couldn’t even react.

Frost was hit hard, his body flew backward, and he couldn’t stop until he was at the edge of the ring, gritting his teeth.

“Shhh…” Frost was gasping heavily.

“How is it? It seems that even though we’re from the same race, I, Frieza, was the more talented.” Frieza chuckled, “I thought you would be stronger. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have used my last transformation.”

“Arrogant! I won’t spare you!” Frost was furious.

His energy exploded again, and he was suddenly rushing towards Frieza’s direction.

Frieza responded calmly.


The dust rose into the sky, and ten seconds later, Frost’s nose started bleeding.

“Oh, did I hurt you? I’ve accidentally used too much force, are you okay?” Frieza teased after punching him in the face.

“Is that all you’ve got?!” Frost spat a tooth.


Frieza hit the mark again with a kick, and Frost was thrown back, drawing an arc on the ring, yet this time, he couldn’t recover his balance and fell off the court.


Frieza let out a strange cry, which made Champa’s face darken.


Frost couldn’t even beat this fellow of his same race.


“Who’s next?” Frieza looked at Hit with a smile.

Hit calmly stepped onto the ring.

“Humph! Nothing great seems about you.” Frieza chuckled lightly.

“Frieza, be careful.” Beerus shouted, “This guy is the strongest assassin in the Sixth Universe.

“Un… Understood…” Frieza was startled for a moment.

This guy should be strong since Lord Beerus himself warned me.

Kang Dang!

Beerus and Champa hit the gong again.

And battle started!

“So you’re the number one assassin of the Sixth Universe?” Frieza snorted, “Too bad, I’m the emperor of the Steven Universe.”

Hit didn’t respond to his teasing and walked toward Frieza step by step.

“Ohoho? So you’ve brave enough to take the initiative? “ Frieza said, but he was ready to start again.


Instantly, Hit replied with a shot.

This only took a moment; thus, when everyone reacted, Hit had already shot his shot.


Blood spurted out of Frieza’s mouth and crashed on the ground.


Hit used it immediately to hit Frieza’s chest with a punch.

“What? The speed of this guy…” Frieza’s eyes widened, showing a look of disbelief.

I couldn’t even see it.

This guy…


Hit didn’t bother with Frieza’s reactions at all and kicked him again.

Frieza was bombarded to the sky.


Before he could even recover, Hit kicked him again in the sky.

Frieza was getting beaten and he wanted to cry but he didn’t even have time for that.


Hit bombarded Frieza with a barrage of punches and kicks and sent him flying out of the ring.

Frieza fell to the ground, pumping all over the place.

“Whis.” Beerus looked at Whis.

“Yes, Beerus-Sama.” Whis immediately stepped forward to treat Frieza.

In any case, Frieza has made a little contribution to the Seventh Universe.

He at least managed to eliminate two from the Sixth Universe.

“Huh, this guy is amazing.” Beerus smiled slightly and glanced at Cooler.

Cooler nodded solemnly.

“You must go all out from the kick-off, don’t try to save your energy, or you will end up losing in no time,” Beerus said.

“Yes, Beerus-Sama.” Cooler replied.

On the ring.

Cooler and Hit stood opposite each other.

Beerus and Champa hit the gong again, and Cooler screamed like a mad man.


Fifth Form!

This is Cooler’s unique transformation.

Only Cooler can take such a form.

However, watching this, Hit’s expression didn’t change; he kept the same indifferent look on his face.

As soon as he transformed, Cooler rose directly into the sky, condensing extremely powerful energy above his head.

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