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DB: CxD Chapter 33: Hit Vs Buu

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“I know you’re stronger at close combat. I won’t let you get close to me!” Cooler snorted, “ I will get rid of you, from here!”

As soon as he said that, Cooler slammed down the huge energy Ki Blast he was condensing in Hit’s direction.

Watching the energy bomb, getting closer, Hit was calm.


Suddenly, Hit slammed the energy bomb with a heavy swing.

After emitting a sharp sound, the energy bomb instantly changed its direction and rushed to the far ground.


A big explosion took place in the distance, raising a mushroom cloud of dust.

“What?” Cooler’s face changed colors.

This was an all-out attack.

And it was easily reflected by this guy?

Cooler’s expression became more and more ugly.


At this moment, Hit’s figure suddenly flickered, and he appeared behind Cooler.


Hit kicked Cooler, and the latter was bombarded violently to the ground.

Cooler had no time to react, and he heavily hit the ring, leaving a big hole in the middle of it.

“Oh, we lost again.” Whis sighed, “I’m afraid Cooler is already unconscious.”

“Hey, Beerus, hurry up and bring your last warrior.” Champa smiled triumphantly.

“Humph, Champa, don’t be happy too soon.” Beerus snorted.

Cooler crawled out of the big pit in the ring, and he looked seriously injured.

Beerus didn’t want Cooler to embarrass him anymore, so he sent Whis to take him out of the ring.

After he was sent out of the ring, Beerus stepped forward to repair the ring with the help of the two angels.

Soon, the ring was restored to its original appearance.

“It’s up to you now, show them what you got.” Beerus said to Buu, “If you do well, I might consider removing your seal completely.”

Buu nodded vigorously.

Immediately afterward, Buu jumped into the ring.

Looking at the chubby pink balloon in the middle of the ring, Hit frowned.

As an assassin, Hit could tell that this fat guy didn’t have any weaknesses.

He should be the type that is difficult to kill.

Since he’s difficult to kill, if I couldn’t cause him any serious damage, I will end up losing.

But let’s test him first.

The battle started.

Hit took the initiative, and after condensing energy into his hand, he tried to penetrate Buu’s body with his palm.

Buu froze for a moment.

He felt a sharp pain.

His body was slightly penetrated…

If this was an attack by any other person, Buu wouldn’t have felt pain.

But the purple-skinned guy seemed to feel pain, which made him furious.


Buu instantly slammed Hit’s body with a headbutt, but the latter blocked it with his hand.

Immediately afterward, Hit quickly stepped back and distanced himself from Buu.


Buu quickly reacted, firing energy bombs at Hit.

Hit parried every single one of them with his palm, sending them to a far ground.

The tentacles on Buu’s head suddenly flickered, and purple-red lightning-like energy struck again.

When Hit felt the extraordinary breadth of this energy, his face changed colors.

But it was too late for Hit to avoid it.


Hit’s hand was hit by this strange energy, and suddenly his body started to change.

Instantly, under everyone’s gazes, Hit’s body turned into a chocolate biscuit, lying on the ring.

Champa: “…”

Vados: “…”

Vados was silent for a while and couldn’t help but cover her forehead.

This fat chubby guy was hiding such a strong magical attack.

For the first time in his life Hit gets caught off guard, and it brought his end.

Buu grinned and stepped forward to pick the chocolate biscuit.

But suddenly he felt a cold chill on the back of his neck, he quickly looked back, and saw Beerus staring coldly at him; thus, he quickly dropped the biscuit from his hand.


As soon as he dropped it, the tentacles on Majin Buu’s head flickered again, and the red energy hit the biscuit again.


Suddenly, Hit’s body recovered its original shape.

Hit was eliminated.

With this, the tournament was over, and the Seventh Universe won.

The dignified number one assassin lost and turned into a chocolate biscuit.

Hit was speechless, he never expected such an outcome.

If he knew what the strange energy was, he would have avoided it easily.

“Champa, do you have anything to say?” Beerus said with a smile.

“Humph, your guy didn’t win this battle by relying on his true ability.” Champa snorted, “If they fight again, Hit will never lose!”

“If you lose, you lose. Stop talking nonsense.” Beerus said with a smile, and then looked in Renkon’s direction,” Renkon, would you like to go back to the Seventh Universe, now?”

However, after he finished speaking, he noticed that Renkon wasn’t there anymore.


“Where is Renkon?” Beerus was taken aback.

Others also reacted immediately.

Renkon is indeed gone!

Where did he go?

“Did you see him during the match between Hit and Cooler?” Beerus asked.

The people around shook their heads blankly.

None of them was paying attention.

“What did this kid do?” Beerus said with a darkened face and turned to look at Whis.

The crystal ball on Whis’ scepter flickered a few times.

“Found him. He’s about 3000 meters in this direction.” Whis pointed to the distance.

“What is he doing?” Beerus asked.

“Sleeping…” Whis said helplessly.

Beerus: “…”

Champa: “…”

Vados: “…”

Everyone present was speechless.

This guy has some nerves!

He’s sleeping while people are fighting here!

Do you know why they’re even fighting?

“Go, wake him up.” Beerus ordered Frieza.

“Beerus-Sama, can I beat him up?” Frieza was barely holding himself.

As the emperor of the universe, he was humiliated by that loss!

He needed to find someone to vent his anger.

That monkey milk-tea maker should be the one!

I’m gonna wake you up for good!

“It’s time to fix this broken kid. Otherwise, I won’t feel better.” Beerus snorted.

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