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DB: CxD Chapter 34: I’m Feeling Sleepy

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“Yes, Lord Beerus.” Frieza grinned and flew quickly in Renkon’s direction without hesitation.

The distance of 3000 meters was nothing to Frieza, and it could be crossed in a flash.

Sure enough, Frieza found Renkon lying on the grass, slumbering.

Frieza: “…”

This kid…

You must feel so good about yourself… while we’re fighting out there!

It must feel good indeed!

“Let’s fix you!” Frieza snorted and stepped forward, pointing his finger at Renkon’s body.

Renkon seemed to be in a deep sleep.

He has been feeling sleepy for some time now. He’s been uncomfortable from the moment he came to the Sixth Universe.

“You monkey, I will make you taste my power the edge of my boot first!” Frieza hesitated, fearing that he would kill him, and kicked his body.

If he ends up dead, Lord Beerus would kill me for that milk tea.

Let’s vent my anger by kicking him.

Frieza kicked, but right before the impact, Renkon’s body twisted slightly, and Frieza’s missed the spot.

Frieza’s eyes widened and looked at Renkon in disbelief.

“You monkey, are you pretending to sleep?” Frieza was stunned and snorted.


Renkon sensed that he was in a little danger, and suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Frieza.

“Oh? So you were pretending to be sleeping!” Frieza hummed.

“Frieza, what are you doing here? Do you understand the consequences of disturbing my sleep?” Renkon squinted.

“Oh? And what are the consequences? Please do tell.” Frieza smirked.


Renkon suddenly stood up and grabbed Frieza’s head.


Renkon pressed Frieza’s head on the ground, then threw him violently in the distance.


Frieza let out a stern cruel cry, as he dug a trench with his head.

The moment, he managed to get his head out, Renkon was there to catch him again, and pressed his head on the ground, all the way, while flying to where Beerus was standing.

Soon, Renkon rejoined Beerus and the other and threw Frieza in front of them.


Yet, he didn’t forget to kick him one last time, as he stepped forward.

“Is the game over?” Renkon asked.

Everyone was stunned.

Frieza… you couldn’t help yourself, don’t you?

Beerus also took a deep look at Renkon. He never expected Renkon to be this powerful.

Frieza isn’t even his opponent.

Champa didn’t say a word about this.

I won’t let him have milk tea ever again.

By the way, didn’t this kid say that if he’s not satisfied with the final result, he would personally step into the ring?

“Who won?” Renkon asked.

Everyone was speechless.

He didn’t even apologize for leaving to sleep.

“Of course, it’s universe seven.” Beerus smiled proudly, “Renkon, you can come back to the Seventh Universe with me now.”

“universe seven actually won?” Renkon was taken aback, and looked at Hit, “Hit, how did you lose to that fat man?”

Hit: “…”

“Huh, it’s very simple. Buu turned him into a chocolate biscuit.” Beerus said with a smile.

Renkon was speechless.

He fell for that.

“Beerus-Sama, what are you planning to do with me?” Renkon asked.

“As I said before, you will get the same treatment they were providing you here.”Beerus yawned, “Didn’t Champa promise you to be a God of Destruction intern? Come back with me, and I will grant you the same internship.”

“Yes, yes.” Renkon nodded.

Champa: “…”

That’s it?

Didn’t you say you wanted to be the Sixth Universe Destroyer-in-Training?

“Hey, don’t squint at me like that.” Renkon said, “Even if the Seventh Universe is like this, it’s still my home, I’m more conformable being there. This thing between us isn’t working out. It’s not you, it’s me!”

Champa: “…”

Vados: “…”

“Champa-Sama, Sister Vados, I’m sorry, I have to return to my universe.” Renkon saluted the two.

“Okay, it’s just a pity that I won’t drink your milk tea anymore.” Vados felt sorry.

“It’s fine, you can always come and play with me. I promise I will make you milk tea every time.” Renkon said with a smile.

“But don’t you want to continue to practice with me, Renkon?” Vados smiled sweetly, after getting close to Renkon.

“I think… but…” Renkon’s face reddened.

How can I reject such a cute face?

You’re embarrassing me.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to be an intern angel?” Vados whispered, “I can help you fulfill this wish.”

“Really?” Renkon’s eyes lit up.

“Of course, angels can’t lie.” Vados smiled.

“Okay, let’s stop this.” Beerus yawned again, “How about this? You can make me a cup of milk tea now, then I will go to sleep for a while. Until I wake up again, you can stay in the Sixth Universe, but as soon as I wake up I want you to be there on my planet.”

Whis: “…”

Beerus-Sama, you’re too much.

You’re giving up after all of this, just to go to sleep…

This way, if I want to drink milk tea I will have to come to the Sixth Universe.

The distance is too long.

“How about it, I’m being nice here.” Beerus started to get annoyed.

“Okay, it just happened that I don’t like fighting, so let’s do it.” Renkon nodded, without objection, “Also I want to stay in the sixth universe for a while.”

Frost: “…”

Botamo: “…”

Frieza: “…”

You don’t like fighting?

Champa reconsidered his options, then nodded.

He knew very well that once Beerus is asleep, he won’t wake up for many years after.

It’s even possible for him to stay asleep for ten years.

I will just drink enough milk tea in these ten years.

But if I haven’t drunk enough in that period, it would be a real shame to return the kid to you then.

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