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DB: CxD Chapter 35: Are You Happy Now

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Vados and Champa seemed to have the same idea.

If Beerus slept for more than ten years, I would drink as much as I want.

Then this kid can go wherever he wants.

But even so, it would be a shame to let him go if I haven’t had enough by then.

Beerus was too sleepy.

Originally, he should be in deep sleep now.

After being awakened, it was remarkable that Beerus could persist for three days.

But now, all he could think of is sleeping.

Let’s talk after I wake up.

Once I’m asleep I won’t be able to eat anyway.

Also, I do crazy things when I’m asleep. It would be shameful if I ended up destroying this kid somehow.

Either way… After I wake up, I can drink as much milk tea as I want!

These were the inner thoughts of Beerus.

After he carefully considered his option, Beerus felt that it was a good thing to let this kid stay in the Sixth Universe.

“Whatever you want.” Beerus didn’t object, “But remember I want you on my planet when I wake up. Now prepare a cup of milk tea for me. I sleep well after I eat.”

“Okay, I can make one for you right away.” Renkon didn’t object and started making milk tea.

Soon, 4 cups of milk tea were ready to be served.

Whis, Beerus, Champa, and Vados, one for each of them, saved them from fighting.

Beerus took a sip.

Milk Tea is really good after all.

After drinking the Milk Tea, Beerus yawned again and his eyelids dropped.

“Whis, stamp the kid so he can reborn in the Seventh Universe if he ever dies.” Beerus ordered, and then looked at Champa, “You have no comment, right?”

“Humph, whatever.” Champa had no objection.

Just go to bed already.

When you finally sleep, I will drink as much milk tea as I want.

“Yes, Lord Beerus.” Whis nodded, and a light flashed from the crystal ball on his scepter.

“Wait a minute!” Renkon waved his hand quickly, and replied, “Don’t worry, you don’t need to stamp me, I’m admitting that I’m a member of the Seventh Universe.”

I would die before letting anyone stamp me.

“Boy, let me warn you, if you live here for a year, you will automatically become a member of the Sixth Universe.” Beerus said to Renkon.

“What if I go back a day before that?” Renkon asked.

“Then, it’s okay.” Beerus nodded.

“Okay, I will return before that then,” Renkon replied.

“It’s fine if you do… I’m too sleepy… Whis, let’s go back.” Beerus yawned.

“Yes, Lord Beerus.” Whis didn’t object.

Frieza, Cooler, and Majin Buu stood beside Whis.

“Boy, before I leave, you have to remember that you’re now the Seven Universe intern God of Destruction,” Beerus said, “Don’t embarrass me.”

“Of course.” Renkon waved his hand with a smile.

“Then, let’s go.” Whis greeted him and waved to Vados again.


The bright flames emerged, then Whis and the others rose to the sky and disappeared instantly.

“Hey, Vados, this kid is now considered as the Seventh Universe’s intern God of Destruction. Don’t generously give him abilities.” Champa whispered to Vados, “I feel like this kid’s talent is limitless.”

“Yes, I know Champa-Sama.” Vados nodded gently.

“You three, you really disappointed me.” Champa turned his head to look at Hit and the others.

Hit and the other two lowered their heads.

Just like Beerus said, If you lose, you lose. There’s no other way to say this.

However, that guy, Majin Buu, had a broken ability; he seems to be able to turn anyone into a chocolate biscuit.

“Hit, how do you feel after turning into a chocolate biscuit?” Renkon asked.

Hit: “…”

You’re too much.

I’m already very embarrassed, can’t you tell?

“I don’t know… it felt weird… I only know that I lost to that fat man.” Hit said solemnly, “I was careless.”

Renkon didn’t say anything.

He lost because he didn’t know about Majin Buu’s ability. If this was a fight to the death, Buu would have definitely got tortured to death by Hit.

After all, Vegeta could still fight after turning into a jelly bean, right?

But still, this is difficult; we will never know what would have been the outcome.

“Renkon, Beerus sleep will last at least 10 years, which is still less than an estimate.” Champa smiled and said, “If you stay here with us for these 10 years. As long as you make milk tea for me and Vados, she will help you with your training, how about it?”

“No problem. I thought so too.” Renkon nodded.

Champa nodded with satisfaction and then sent Hit and the other two back to their respective planets.


The Seventh Universe.

Whis first sent Frieza and Cooler back to their territory.

Then, Beerus glanced at Buu silently.

Should I seal him back?

Why do I feel bad about… keeping this guy free?

Oh, I remembered!

It’s that Kaioshin!

That idiot Kaioshin!

He should be the one dealing with this guy!

Why do I have to take responsibility?

Beerus pondered for a while, then decided to seal Majin Buu.

He thought about leaving him in a distant plant.

But this Kaioshin is such a stupid guy, he might end up challenging him.

And he will surely die miserably.

And if he dies I disappear.

This is why… I feel a little uneasy.

Seal it!

This way I can sleep at ease.

“Whis, let’s go to earth.” Beerus looked to Whis.

“Yes, Lord Beerus.” Whis nodded and flew quickly with Beerus and Buu towards Earth.

Buu: “…”

What does he mean?

Why are we going to earth?

Do you want to seal me again?

Buu glared at him, wishing to turn Beerus into chocolate.

“Hey, didn’t you say that if I win, you’re going to set me free?” Buu shouted.

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