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DB: CxD Chapter 36: Beerus Seal The Deal

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“I said so, but I changed my mind again.” Beerus grinned.

Buu’s face changed colors.

“But you can rest assured, you won’t stay like that forever, after I wake up, I will unlock your seal and again and you can regain your freedom.” Beerus patted Buu on the shoulder.

Buu’s heart got filled with endless rage.

You wild cat!

You liar!

You ugly bastard!

This is all he could do, cursing secretly since Buu didn’t dare to do anything to Beerus.

Buu clearly knew the gap between him and this cat.

Soon they were at Earth.

The three landed at the place where Majin Buu was sealed before.

The eggshell of the seal was still there.

Lying on the mountain.

Beerus was sleepy, and he didn’t bother asking Buu, the moment they were there, he released a group of supernatural energies to enchant Buu.

Suddenly, Majin Buu was beaten into the eggshell by this supernatural power.


The eggshell was closed, and Majin Buu was sealed again.

“Now I can sleep at ease.” Beerus yawned.

“Whis, don’t wake me up this time.”

“Understood, Lord Beerus.” Whis nodded.

On the way back, Beerus was dozing off, and he have even fallen asleep on the way.

After returning to the planet, Whis threw him into the castle and left him to sleep peacefully.

“It’s a pity… after all of this I ended up with just one cup of milk tea.” Whis sighed.

In the future, I will have to go to the Sixth Universe to get one.

Beerus, you’re too cruel.

Now that you made Renkon the Seventh Universe’s intern God of Destruction, just let him come to our planet.

Uh… but I understand why he did this.

Beerus was worried that he would accidentally destroy Renkon while he’s sleeping.

Don’t you think I can protect Renkon?

Whis shook his head, feeling underestimated.


The Kiaoshin Realm.

“Lord Kaioshin, I’m not mistaken, am I?” Kibito rubbed his eyes, looking in Earth’s direction with surprise.

Kibito was only looking at Earth out of habit.

Because most of the time the Kaioshin and Kibito are only looking at Buu sealed on Earth.

Majin Buu is a time bomb.

And they were always worried that he would come out one day.

“What’s the matter? Kibito?” The Kaioshin asked.

“Kaioshin-Sama… The seal!” Kibito pointed to Earth’s direction, “Buu got sealed again!”

“What? How did this happen?” The Kaioshon’s eyes widened and immediately looked towards Earth.

With one look, the Kaioshin was also in disbelief.

Sure enough, it was Majin Buu’s seal.

But was sealed again?

That cat was telling the truth.

Although I don’t know what he did with Majin Buu.

But he seems to have sealed Majin Buu again.

“He’s sealed!” The Kaioshin breathed a sigh of relief, and said affirmatively, “That’s indeed Majin Buu inside!”

“That’s great news, Kaioshin-Sama!” Kibito rejoiced.

“Don’t be happy too soon.” The Kaioshin sighed, “We still don’t know the origin of that cat.”

“That’s also… indeed we still couldn’t figure it out.” Kibito shook his head.

“Since Majin Buu has been sealed… And that strange cat is missing… For meanwhile, there shouldn’t be any threat to our universe.” The Kaioshin muttered.

“Kaioshin-Sama, I still feel a little uneasy.” Kibito frowned, and then proposed, “Do you think this will work?”

Kibito explained.

“What? You want us to bring Majin Buu’s seal to the Kaioshin’s Realm?” The Kaioshin was stunned.

“Yes, Kaioshin-Sama, please think about it. This place is a sanctuary, and ordinary people can’t reach it.”

Kibito smiled, “Isn’t it better if we put the seal on our eyelids instead of underneath it?”

The Kaioshin’s eyes lit up.

“Also, Kaioshin-Sama,” Kibito continued, “Today’s earth isn’t the same as the one when Majin Buu got sealed. Very high technology has been born on Earth, and it’s very destructive. In case a missile accidentally hit Majin Buu’s seal… Although the chance is small, we have to be ready for it.”

“You’re right, Kibito! Why didn’t I think of such a good way?” The Kaioshin rejoiced.

“So, shall we leave now, and bring Majin Buu’s seal here?” Kibito proposed.

“Okay, let’s do it!” The Kaioshin didn’t object.

The two teleported directly to Earth, then successfully transferred Majin Buu’s seal back with them to the Kaioshin Realm.

Looking at the Majin Buu Seal lying there in front of their eyes, the two smiled at each other.

Very good!

Since it’s under our supervision, it will never break off, the Kaioshin Realm is so quiet after all.

“We have to find a suitable place to put it in.” The Kaioshin murmured, and then his eyes lit up and said, “Yes, Kibito, how about we put it next to Z Sword?”

“Next To the Z Sword?” Kibito was taken aback.

“Yes, we put it next to the Z Sword, and maybe after a few years, Majin Buu will be melted by the magical power of the Z sword.” The Kaioshin felt smart.

“Huh? That’s a great idea!” Kibito pondered then immediately gave a thumbs up to the Kaioshin.

Kaioshin-Sama, you’re so outstanding.

Why didn’t I think of such a good idea?

The two carefully held the seal, then came to the top of the mountain where the Z Sword was located.

The Kaishoin put the Seal next to the Z Sword.

All we need now is to wait for the Z Sword to suppress Majin Buu’s seal.

Such a good idea!

This way Majin Buu will never wake up again.

Moreover, maybe after many years of suppression, Majin Buu will be completely killed.

I’m so smart!

It’s a pity that the word can’t be pulled out.

If I could, I would have inserted it directly into Majin Buu’s seal, and he will be finished on the spot.

Either way, putting the seal next to the Z Sword should do the trick.

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