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DB: CxD Chapter 37: I Want To Practice

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“Great, Kaioshin-Sama! Now that Majin Buu is under our noses, and suppressed by the Z Sword, I can’t wait to see him get melted.” Kibito smiled and said, “Even if he comes out, I’m afraid he will be a puddle of water.”

“Kibito, now we can sit back and relax.” The Kaioshin nodded.

“Kaioshin-Sama, what are you planning to do next?” Kibito asked.

“Next… Next, I want to practice.” The Kaioshin thought for a while, then proposed.

“Practice?” Kibito was stunned.

“I want to be stronger.” The Kaioshin replied, “I’m the Kaioshin of the universe. I can’t let that cat surpass me.”

“You’re right, Kaioshin-Sama.” Kibito said, “I will help you.”

“Kibito, do your best too!” The Kaioshin smiled, “Maybe in a few years, we can be as strong as that cat. When that happens, we won’t be afraid of anyone, even Majin Buu.”

“Kaioshin-Sama is too right!” Kibito replied excitedly, “We should practice very hard. Kaioshin-Sama will surely surpass that cat!”

“Let’s start with the basics first.” The Kaioshin said, “Let’s go down, I want to increase my speed first.”

“Okay, I will help you Kaioshin-Sama,” Kibito responded.

The two came to the front of the mountain and stood opposite each other.

“Kibito, next you shout Ki blasts at me, I will try to avoid all of them.” The Kaioshin suggested, “Following this method, I will increase my speed in no time.”

“No problem, I will also keep increasing the speed of the Ki Blast, and you, Kaioshin-Sama, need to keep avoiding them.” Kibito smiled.

“Come at me!” The Kaioshin nodded, ready to start.


Kibito released the Ki Blasts one by one, targeting the Kaioshin.

The Kaioshin’s speed was very fast, and he dodged all of them easily.


The explosion kept uttering loud noises in the Kaioshin Realm.

About an hour passed.


One of Kibito’s Ki Blasts hit the mountain where Z Sword was located.


The mountain collapsed at that time.

The Kaioshin and Kibito were taken aback.

“Not good!” The Kaioshin’s face changed color.

“This is bad!” Kibito exclaimed.


The mountain collapsed.

The seal and the Z sword rolled down at the same time.


Under the gazes of Kibito and the Kaioshin, the Z sword was suddenly inserted into Buu’s seal.

Kaioshin: “…”

Kibito: “…”


How did such a thing happen?

Now Majin Buu is dead, right?

The Z Sword was inserted.

The dust settled little by little.

Both Kibito and the Kaioshin looked at Majin Buu’s seal and the Z Sword inserted into the seal without blinking.

“Kibito, we’re so lucky.” The Kaioshin’s tears almost fell.

This luck is almost compared to nothing.

The seal of Majin Buu.

Buu felt that he hadn’t been sealed for so long, and he was half asleep.


Suddenly he felt something stuck in his body.

It’s a sword!

What is this?

Did that cat change his mind and come to kill me?

Why is that?

I’m already very obedient.

I slept as he asked me to.

And he said he’s going to let me out when he’s awake.

I want freedom.

But what does he mean by inserting this sword into my body?

Does he want to kill me?

Buu’s thoughts were relatively simple, and his way of thinking was also very strange.

After all, Buu was just a child.

However, Buu isn’t actually a fool.

Buu found out at the same time that his seal had been broken.

It’s just that Buu was afraid of the cat and didn’t dare to go out.

Buu opened a hole in the shell of the seal and looked through it carefully.


It’s not that cat.

Isn’t this the Kaioshin?

He’s no good.

Majin Buu looked around carefully again.

After confirming that the cat wasn’t at the scene, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The Kaioshin and Kibito also looked at Majin Buu’s seal with some caution.

After looking at it for a while, Buu’s seal seemed to be very quiet.

The two also breathed a sigh of relief.

“Kaioshin-Sama, this way it won’t take long before the Z Sword consumes Majin Buu, right?” Kibito guessed.

“I think this should be the case. This is the most powerful sword in the universe.” The Kaioshin nodded.

“Great.” Kibito nodded vigorously.

“Kibito, I think I should praise you for this.” The Kaioshin smiled and said, “If you hadn’t hit the mountain where the Z Sword was, it wouldn’t have been inserted into the seal.”

“This… Hahaha…” Kibito was a little embarrassed.

I just killed this terrible demon by accident.

“Shoo! Shoo!”

Just when the two were smiling idiotically, pink gas suddenly emerged from the seal and covered the sky above the Kaioshin Realm.

“What’s going on?” The Kaioshin’s eyes widened.

“What? This… This is…” Kibito looked pale.

The tow immediately raised their heads and looked at the pink gas.

Watching the pink gas quickly condensing and deforming, the Kaioshin’s expression became ugly.

Kibito was shocked.

Majin Buu! Is alive!


Majin Buu quickly transformed into his chubby appearance.

Immediately afterward, Majin Buu descended from the sky and laughed loudly.


This is so fun.

I came out again.

The Kaioshin’s face was pale, and his whole body was trembling from fright.

Kibito was left there dumbfounded.

This is big trouble!

After he appeared, Majin Buu immediately looked in the direction of the Z Sword.

This is the thing that pierced me!

I was sleeping peacefully, and you woke me up.

Buu stepped forward and pulled out the Z Sword.

This sword is so heavy…

And it hurt me so much.

Buu casually threw the Z Sword into the air.


Suddenly he released a powerful Ki Blast from his hand and directly turned the Z sword into dust.

“What? The Z sword got destroyed!” The Kaioshin’s face changed colors.

“The divine sword was destroyed so easily?” Kibito also widened his eyes in disbelief.

The two were speechless.

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