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DB: CxD Chapter 38: Beerus’ Death

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“I’m hungry!” Buu grinned, patted his stomach, and looked at Kaioshin and Kibito.


The Kaioshin squinted at Buu fiercely.

Suddenly, a powerful force hit Buu’s body.

Buu scratched the spot where he got hit, then squinted again at the Kaioshin.

“Become chocolate!” The tentacles on his head flashed with pink flames.


The Kaioshin didn’t even react, and immediately turned into a piece of chocolate.

“You become chocolate too!” Buu said, and pink lighting flickered out of his head again.


The pink lightning struck Kibito’s body, and he was turned into a piece of chocolate instantly.

Buu picked the two and ate them immediately.


The food I ate with that cat was delicious.

Also, where is this place?

This world looks strange.


Beerus planet.

While Beerus was sleeping, his body slowly faded away.

Beerus didn’t expect that such an outcome.

“Hey, Beerus-Sama… You’re disappearing…” Whis wiped his sweat and hurriedly rushed to Beerus.

Beerus was startled and woke up, widening his eyes.

He immediately checked his body and saw that he was indeed disappearing.

“Whis, what’s going on!” Beerus asked quickly, “Is Grand-Zeno-Sama trying to erase me?”

Whis: “…”

If his majesty was trying to erase, you would have already been gone.

“It seems… that the Kaioshin got killed.” Whis sighed and shook his head slightly.

“What? Even if that guy is dead, isn’t that Old Kai sealed in the sword?” Beerus shouted.

“I’m afraid that the Old Kai has also encountered an accident.” Whis was speechless for a while.

“What? How? He’s sealed into that sword? What happened?” Beerus asked, “Hurry up and find a way to save me, Whis.”

“There’s no way… It’s too late…” Whis shook his head, “The Kaioshin should be already dead, Beerus-Sama is already disappearing, and now I can only pray for you.”

Beerus: “…”

“Furthermore, without a God of Destruction, angels lose their abilities.”

“Don’t we still have an intern God of Destruction?” Beerus’ eyes lit up and said to Whis, “I’m going to give him my position. From now on, you follow him… Also, let him find a way to revive me immediately.”

“Oh? This is a good idea.” Whis nodded slightly.


As soon as Whis’ voice emitted, Beerus turned into a bubble and disappeared with leaving a trace.

Whis sighed.

Immediately afterward, Whis took out the angel scepter and carefully looked at what’s happening in the Kaioshin Realm.

Buu was there enjoying the chocolate made out of Kaioshin’s body.

Buu’s mouth was filthy.

Whis: “…”

It’s already over.

But, how did Majin Buu reach the Kaioshin Realm again?

Whis took a closer look at what happened before.

After watching the whole thing, Whis was speechless.

It turned out that the Kaioshin brought this on himself!

Whis covered his forehead, not knowing what to say for a while.

Fortunately, our seventh universe has an intern God of Destruction.


Isn’t this a good thing?

Now he must live on this planet.

In this way, I can drink milk tea every day, can’t I?


I’m so lucky!

Whis was broken.

Whis no longer had the slightest hesitation, he directly turned into a bright flame and instantly rose into the sky.

Milk tea, here I come!

Uh… No, Renkon, I’m coming!

You’re coming with me to make milk tea.

It was a waste to let you stay in the sixth universe from the start.

To prevent any accidents, while moving towards the Sixth Universe, Whis got in touch with Vados through his scepter.

“What? Beerus-Sama is dead?” When Vados heard the news, her eyes widened, and was deeply suspicious.

Whis, are you trying to trick me into taking Renkon from us?

Couldn’t you make up a better reason?

It’s not just Vados.

Even Renkon didn’t believe this.

Beerus is dead?

Stop it!

How could he die?

Did this matter provoke Whis into killing the Kaioshin?

It shouldn’t be.

Rnekon was stunned.

What happened?

Champa wasn’t here. He went out to send back Hit and the other two.

“Whis, what kind of joke is this? This isn’t funny at all.” Vados sighed, “I understand that you want Renkon to go back with you and make your milk tea. But using the death of Beerus as a reason isn’t funny at all…”

“Oh, Beerus-Sama is dead… Uh, to be precise, he disappeared.” Whis sighed, “What happened is that the Kaioshin got accidentally killed by Majin Buu… Sister, you should know that lives of the Kaioshin and the God of Destruction are shared, so… Beerus-Sama just disappeared.”

“What? Such a thing happened?” Vados wiped her sweat.

I seriously suspected that you deliberately killed Beerus.

So this is the end?

It only lasted for two hours, right?

The seventh universe is a mess!

Kaioshin was killed?

But… But… Milk Tea!

Renkon: “…”

Beerus disappeared?

The Kaioshin was turned into chocolate by Majin Buu?

This is… so messed up!

“Sister, you’re not doubting me, right?” Whis wiped his sweat, “I would never kill Beerus-Sama for a cup of milk tea. You know that right?”

Vados: “…”

This is true, but…

The problem is, this is too random!

“Sister, you can check for yourself!” Whis sighed.

I’m speechless too, okay?

Who knew that the Kaioshin would bring the seal to the Kaioshin Realm.

Why would anyone take it home?

And he even put the Z Sword next to the seal.

“Are you telling me that… you want to take Renkon and make him the next God of Destruction?” Vados asked.

“Yes, tell Renkon to prepare himself.” Whis nodded

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