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DB: CxD Chapter 39: Vados I Will Come Back To Marry You

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“Renkon: …”

What the hell?

Beerus is dead?

And I’m going to be the next seventh universe’s god of destruction?

I haven’t had a good time with Vados, talking about ideals, and life.

I don’t want to go!

“I’m not going! I want to stay with Sister Vados!” Renkon shook his head.

“Oh, I’m afraid Renkon-Sama can’t do that.” Whis said with a smile, “Beerus-sama has disappeared, and the seventh universe can’t stay with a Kaioshin and a God of Destruction. Otherwise, Grand Zeno-Sama will take charge of the seventh universe and erase it, including you.”

“I’m going to disappear too?” Renkon was startled.

“Yes, Renkon-Sama is the current seventh universe’s God of Destruction. Although you’re not fully converted, you’re still a member of the Seventh Universe.” Whis explained, “If the seventh universe disappears, except for me, all gods and people will disappear altogether.”

Renkon: “…”

“He’s right,” Vados whispered to Renkon.

Renkon was speechless.

Well, this hurts.

“Also once you’re a God of Destruction, why would you care about beautiful girls?” Whis smiled.

“What are you talking about? The beautiful girl I like is Sister Vados because she looks a lot like my first love.” Vados said.

“Well, once you’re the God of Destruction, you can find your first love too,” Whis said with a smile.

Renkon: “…”

We’re not clicking already.

“Renkon-Sama, prepare to go back with me, I will be there on Champa Planet in about 40 minutes.” After he said, Whis stopped the call and accelerated his speed.

Thinking of having fresh milk tea every day is what was pushing him to fly faster.

This is terrible. But to be honest, the death of Beerus-Sama is the best thing that happened to me.

I can finally drink milk tea every day.

I promise once I had enough milk tea, I will make Renkon find a way to revive you.

Whis was smiling from ear to ear.

Champa Planet.

Renkon was sad, and Vados was speechless for a while.

This kid is going to be the official God of Destruction, and he’s still unhappy.

You should be the youngest God of Destruction that ever been.

You’re only 16 years old.

A mere Saiyan has never been chosen as a God of Destruction before, let alone a 16 years old kid.

It’s just a pity… My milk tea, my coffee…

But Vados couldn’t stop such a thing from happening.

If she does anything to stop this, as Whis said, the Seventh Universe will be erased.

This is something Vados couldn’t tolerate.

After 40 minutes.

Whis descended from the sky with an evident smile on his face; the guy looked excited.

Vados: “…”

Renkon: “…”

Is this how much you want to drink milk tea?

No way, I never thought my milk tea would be so delicious!

“Beerus-Sama has just disappeared. Whis, you don’t seem to be sad at all.” Vados looked at Whis and said.

“Well, that turned out to be the best… cough cough, well I’m just excited to work with Renkon.” Whis smiled helplessly.

“It’s okay, I know what’s you’re thinking about.” Vados rolled her eyes, “You want to take the milk tea from me.”

“Sister, it’s not that I wanted to snatch it from you, there’s just no other way.” Whis held back his smile.

“Renkon, before you leave, can you make another cup of milk tea for me?” Vados asked.

“Well, I’ll make you 100 cups of milk tea. You put it in the refrigerator and freeze it. You can drink one every time you think about me.” Renkon suggested.

“Freeze it? Won’t it expire?” Vados was taken aback.

“In a good environment, it can last for 30 to 50 years.” Renkon smiled, “And sister is an angel. If you want you can make one yourself, it wouldn’t be that bad.”

“You’re right.” Vados nodded, got closer to Renkon’s ear, and whispered, “What about my coffee?”

“This… I can’t help you out.” Renkon shook his head, “For coffee… When you miss me, come to my planet, I will make one for you.”

“It seems that’s the only way.” Vados sighed.


Wait something is wrong.

I miss you?

Did you just say that I’m going to miss you?

Who said I’m going to miss you?

What I’m going to miss is milk tea and coffee.

Forget it, it’s not important.

Renkon did what he said.

He made 100 cups of milk tea in less than a minute.

With a light wave of his big hand, the 100 cups of milk tea appeared beside Vados.

The scepter Vados’s hand flashed and hit the 100 cups.

Suddenly, the 100 cups disappeared and were restored in her special space for storage.

In this way, Vados can enjoy it anytime she wants to drink it.

Whis scratched his head.

Why didn’t I think of such a good way?

What a waste.

However, stored milk tea is never as good as a fresh one.

I prefer to drink it fresh, and that’s what I’m planning to do from now on!

“Then, let’s go, Renkon.” Whis said.

“Sister, I can’t bear this.” Renkon’s tears were almost falling, and he stretched his arms towards Vados.

Vados hesitated then stepped forward and hugged Renkon.


Renkon took complete advantage of this opportunity and kissed her on the cheek.

Well, she smells good.

As expected of an angel.

This taste… almost like nothing.

Vados: “…”

Vados wanted to avoid it.

But with brief hesitation, she gave up.

To be able to drink milk tea in the future, I’m going to let this kid have this.

“Sister Vados, I’m going to miss you.” Renkon never gives up.

“I will miss your milk… uh… you, Renkon,” Vados said.

“You won’t miss me? You’re only going to miss my milk tea?” Renkon’s face darkened.

“No, no, I’m going to miss you.” Vados quickly corrected.

“Then you give me one too.” Renkon pointed to his face.

Vados: “…”

Whis: “…”

“Let’s go, Renkon!” Whis said again.

“Sister, you owe me a kiss.” Renkon said sternly, “When I become an angel one day, I will come back to marry you.”

Vados wiped her sweat.

What is this logic?

How did you end up with the idea of marrying me?

Vados: “…”

She was speechless.

It’s simple math, you’d be an angel and also a girl, you’d be one of your kind!

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