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DB: CxD Chapter 40: Where Is Renkon?

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“Sister, then we’re leaving.” Whis waved.

“Work hard, Renkon, it really won’t be hard for you to become a God of Destruction with your talent.” In the end, Vados encouraged him.

Renkon stopped joking around and nodded solemnly.


Whis took Renkon inside the bright flames and quickly disappeared in a flash.

No longer after they left, Champa came back.

“Hey, Renkon, I’m thirsty, make me a cup of milk tea,” Champa shouted as soon as he came back.

No one answered.

Vados sighed softly.

“Hey, Renkon, where are you?” Champa shouted.

Still, no one answered.

Champa: “…”

This kid is too much.

You’re not sleeping again, aren’t you?

Come out quickly!

I want to drink milk tea.

I’m thirsty!

Sending back Hit and the other two was very tiring.

“Renkon, come out,” Champa said loudly.

Still no one.

Champa had to go to Vados.

“Vados, where is Renkon?” Champa asked.

“Champa-Sama, something big happened.” Vados sighed.

“Something big? What happened?” Champa was stunned.

“Beerus-Sama has disappeared,” Vados said.

“What? What?” Champa’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Yes, you heard that right.” Vados sighed, “The Kaioshin of the Seventh Universe was turned into chocolate by Majin Buu, and Beerus-Sama disappeared while sleeping.”

Champa: “…”

Champa couldn’t react for a while.

“Wait a minute, I remember that Beerus sealed an old Kai a long time ago.” Champa murmured, “He said this will prevent him from disappearing even the current Kaioshin is dead.”

“He said because the Seventh Universe’s Kaioshin is too righteous, they often end up doing things beyond their powers.”

“The seal of the old Kai was also destroyed by Majin Buu.” Vados shook her head.

Champa was speechless.

There was a short silence.

“Where is Renkon? Where is my milk tea?” Champa suddenly reacted.

“Renkon was taken back by Whis to serve as the new God of Destruction,” Vados said.

Champa burst into tears.

My milk tea was taken away…

This thing is…

“Hey, Vados, didn’t that guy Whis just kill Beerus?” The more Champa thought about it, the more it felt wrong.

This is just too random!

Our two universes just finished competing over who should have him, right?

Only about two hours after, Beerus died?

Isn’t Whis the one who did it?

Vados: “…”

I didn’t expect you to have such a conclusion…

Unfortunately, Whis has nothing to do with this.

“So, what about my milk tea?” Champa wanted to cry.

“There is nothing we can do…” Vados shook her head.

Fortunately, I have been reserved. I still have 100 cups.

And I won’t give a single cup to you!

I want it all to myself.


Whis, who was flying towards the Seventh Universe, couldn’t help but sneeze.

Who is talking about me?

Why do I feel cold chills on the back of my neck?

Whis wiped his sweat.

After flying for more than 40 minutes.

“Renkon-Sama, the one in front of you is Planet Beerus.” Whis said to Renkon.

“In other words, from now on, I’m officially a God of Destruction?” Renkon nodded and asked.

“Not yet…” Whis replied.

“Then how can I become a true one?” Renkon asked.

“You need a Kaioshin who matches with you before you become a God of Destruction.” Whis smiled and said, “In the meantime, I will make Renkon-Sama familiar with the work of the God of Destruction, and teach you the duties and rights of this position. But if you want to achieve the strength of Beerus-Sama, Renkon-Sama, will need to work very hard.”

“Sorry for troubling you.” Renkon nodded.

“Oh… Renkon-Sama you don’t need to be so polite.” Whis smiled slightly.

“And you don’t need to be so polite to me too, you can call me Renkon.” Renkon smiled.

Renkon wasn’t interested in these false claims.

When I’m strong enough to beat you up, you can call me lord again.

Now I’m not your opponent at all.


Suddenly, the two descended on Planet Beerus.

“First of all, Beerus-Sama said before he disappears that you’re the one who should take his position.” Whis faced Renkon, “Then, you should find a way to resurrect him… what do you think?”

“Me? You’re asking me what do you I think?” Renkon was taken aback.

“I’m telling you this because once he’s resurrected, he will go back to being the God of Destruction,” Whis whispered.

“Why?” Renkon asked.

“Because Beerus-sama is in his prime, and he has no intention of retiring.” Whis said, “Even if he retires, it won’t happen anytime soon. I’m afraid it will be 10 million years later. Renkon, you will have to wait for 10 million years. And this is the same case for Champa-Sama in the Sixth Universe.”

“That is to say, I’m just here to cover up for him, right?” Renkon smiled, “But what you truly want, is my milk tea.”

“You got it right.” Whis chuckled and didn’t deny it.

“If it doesn’t work for me here, I will just go to other universes and become their God of Destruction.” Renkon muttered, “There are other gods of destruction who want to retire, right?”

“Well… not every god of destruction is as lazy as Beerus-Sama and Champa-Sama.” Whis smiled.

“So, now that Beerus-Sama has disappeared. It’s a good opportunity for me, right?” Renkon asked with a smile.

“Oh, I never said something like this.” Whis covered his smile quickly.

Renkon: “…”

You’re too cunning.

You said most of the story, and left the conclusion for me…

“I understand.” Renkon nodded slightly.

Whis was stunned.

How did you understand?

“I don’t have to worry about resurrecting Beerus-Sama for now. I will become a true God of Destruction first, then I will take care of our universe for a while. After I figure out how this works, I will start searching for a way to resurrect Beeerus-sama.” Renkon muttered, “Whis, what do you think?”

Whis: “…”


You’re so cruel.

You can be considered as one of your kind.

You’re planning on showing Beerus-Sama after his resurrection, that the whole universe was well managed by you the entire time…

I’m afraid that even Beerus-Sama would feel ashamed and retire directly.

Too ruthless.

“As an angel, my job is to give you good suggestions. You still need to decide what you want to do on yourself.” Whis said with a smile.

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