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DB: CxD Chapter 41: The Realm Of The Kaioshin

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“Then, I will need to ask you, Whis, to teach me how to use the power of the destruction.” Renkon opened.

“Okay.” Whis nodded without objection, “In fact, the Hakai is very simple, it’s nothing more than changing the molecular structure of the subject. Once the change occurs, it will generate a lot of energy… that’s Hakai. This is the basic principle, but if you’re willing to fully comprehend the essence of that skill, you still need to slowly ponder it yourself.”

“Oh yes, that reminds me, Vados said, as long as I can comprehend the truth behind the Ultra-Instinct, I can become an intern angel, right?” Renkon asked.

“Yes, sister is right.” Whis was taken aback for a moment, then nodded and said, “However, the first step is to understand the Ultra-Instinct. To become an intern angel, you will have to find peace within your heart.”

“You can say that I lack everything, but the peace of mind is the only thing that I have.” Renkon grinned.

Whis said nothing more.

It seems that this kid has a big goal.

But to think he’s trying to take over the angelic position…

“Well, I’m going to start!” Renkon clenched his fists.

10 minutes later.


The destructive energy in Renkon’s hand burst out and hit the Beerus’ castle.


Suddenly, Beerus’ castle turned into dust.

Whis: “…”

Don’t experiment on Lord Beerus’ castle.

Whis covered his forehead, feeling helpless for a while.

Well, he can always create it.

But this kid’s talent is amazing.

It took him only a moment!

Ten minutes later after I told him about the principle of Hakai, and he already understood it.

Although with his current power, it seems to be a little difficult to destroy a planet, he can easily now destroy an entire city.


Something is wrong!

Although it’s very similar, I don’t think what he used just now was Hakai.

“It doesn’t seem to be difficult,” Renkon said thoughtfully, “It’s a bit similar to my compression of energy.”

“Compression of energy?” Whis was stunned.

“To put it simply, I practice by compressing my energy.” Renkon tried to explain his practice method, “I found that once energy is compressed it will be more refined and powerful.”

“So that’s the way it is.” Whis widened his eyes, then nodded thoughtfully, “However, your practice method will put a serious load on your body in the future.”

“Vados said something similar, but I’ll worry about that later.” Renkon smiled.

“Then what you just… used…” Whis’ pondered, “I see… you didn’t use the Hakai just now, but you were compressing the castle itself, making its molecular structure reach a critical point… and that’s, in fact, the phenomenon of the Hakai ability…”

“Yes.” Renkon nodded, “Hakai destroys the molecular structure of the object. I destroy the molecular structure by compressing it. If you think about it, it’s the same thing.”

Whis didn’t say anything.

This kid is very talented.

He figured out another method to use Hakai.

“Now that you have destroyed Lord Beerus’ castle, where will you rest, Renkon?” Whis said with a smile, “We angels don’t need to sleep, but gods of destruction are different, they need to sleep to recharge their strength.”

“I’m something in the middle.” Renkon smiled and said, “But the smell of cats in the castle is too strong. I want to build another one for myself.”

Whis: “But you didn’t need to destroy the other one…”

“Now that I have mastered Hakai, next I will need to choose a Kaioshin, so I can become a real God of Destruction, right?” Renkon asked.

“You wait now for a Kaioshin to understand the true meaning of creation,” Whis said.

“Haven’t the circle of the Kaioshin’s inheritance been broken?” Renkon asked, “Who will teach the next Kaioshin that?”

“The work of the Kaioshin isn’t so much creating new planets as it’s to provide the opportunity to create. In addition, a planet can be divided on its own into several planets. Although sometimes they will also give birth to new planets, and create life or transfer life from other planets, the basic work is always watching the state of the universe.” Whis explained, “Because there are too many planets, the Kaioshin sometimes helps. If the balance of the universe is disrupted, the Kaioshin will also intervene, usually only to help create new life forms and not by creating them directly. When the universe is overwhelmed by the increasing of planets and life forms, the god of destructions will take action to maintain balance. However, they don’t listen to anything the Kaioshin says, they depend on their judgment. Moreover, most of the gods of destruction have a rather impetuous personality, even if the planets are important, they end up destroying them sometimes.”

Renkon: “…”

Whis, does this sound so familiar?

You’re not talking about Beerus, right?

“When a god of destruction accidentally destroys a planet that shouldn’t be destroyed, we, angels, are allowed to reverse time back to recover it.” Whis continued.

“So, after choosing a suitable Kaioshin, it’s okay to find true Kaioshin to teach him, right? Renkon asked.

“Yes, that’s what it means.” Whis nodded.

“Who is the right person to choose as a Kaioshin?” Renkon pondered.

“Usually, the supreme Kaioshin choose one from the four current Kaioshin.” Whis replied, “Of course, you can also find a more suitable candidate if you want.”

“No, if I’m going to be the god of destruction, the Kaioshin must be a strong person.” Renkon shook his head, “I don’t want to end up disappearing like Beerus while I’m asleep. That’s a sad way to die.”

Whis: “…”

What you said makes sense.

“We must be cautious.” Renkon sighed, “We need to at least find someone as strong as me…”

“A person as strong as you…” Whis sighed, “Currently, a person as strong as you does not exist in the Seventh Universe.”

“Whis, can I serve as both the God of Destruction and the Kaioshin at the same time?” Renkon suddenly thought.

Whis: “…”

What do you think?

“I’m afraid this won’t work…” Whis sighed.

Do you dare to think about something like this?

Who do you think you are? The Omni-King?

“Why?” Renkon asked.

“They must be two people,” Whis replied.

“then, would it work if I create a clone of myself?” Renkon asked.

Whis didn’t answer directly.

This kid has some really strange ideas.

I don’t even know how to answer you.

“Since you didn’t say anything, it should be doable, so let’s do it!” Renkon rejoiced.

Whis: “…”

What do you mean it’s doable since I didn’t say anything?

Who do you think am I? Your mom?

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