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DB: CxD Chapter 43: The Rank Of The Universe

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“Uh, you don’t need to care about these details.” Renkon grinned, “I just broke through accidentally.”

Whis: “…”

“Now I have reached the power level of 100 trillion, which is 100 times higher than before,” Renkon said with a smile.

Whis was silent.

How could you just increase your power level by 100 times?

Well, it’s true, Renkon has just broke through again.
He managed to make his power level reach the 7th power of 100 by compressing his energy.

The 7th power of 100 is 100 trillion, right?

Forget it, it doesn’t matter anymore.

“By the way, I feel like we have forgotten about something?” Whis muttered.

“What?” Renkon asked.

“I can’t remember… so it shouldn’t be a major thing.” Whis shook his head.

“Well, if that’s the case, then just forget about it.” Renkon nodded.


The Realm of the Kaioshin.

Majin Buu was making a mess in the place. For a long time, the creatures left in this realm were suffering a disaster; small and big animals were being turned into snacks by the minutes.

Yes, there were other creatures in this realm; they were all used by the Kaioshin to build planets.

However, in just one hour, 1/10 of the creatures here had been eaten by Majin Buu.

“It’s not tasty, it’s not tasty…” Majin Buu said, making an irritated face.

Nothing here is as tasty as the food that the cat gave me—but how do I leave this place?

Buu circled the realm of the Kaioshin, but couldn’t find a way out. Well, he thought he could think about finding an exit, while he finishes eating everything on this planet.

Buu continued his feast while dealing damage to every living thing on the planet, then when he couldn’t eat anymore, he lay down on the ground to sleep, feeling that it wasn’t too bad to stay on this planet for a while.


Time flies.

Ten years passed in a flash.

The seventh universe, a certain planet.

Renkon tilted his head, sitting cross-legged on the throne of this planet. Below him, was a row of strange-looking aliens kneeling and begging for mercy.


The destructive energy emerged from Renkon’s hands and hit the planet.


Suddenly, the entire planet was like soap bubbles, turning into dust on the spot.

Everyone and everything on the planet also disappeared along.

In the next moment, Renkon and Whis were suspended in the starry sky.

“It’s so boring…” Renkon shook his head and sighed, “It’s no wonder that Beerus was so lazy… Although destroying planets is really easy, but if you repeat the same work every day it gets tiring.”

Whis: “…”

In just ten years, I’ve got myself another Beerus?

There was a short silence.

“Renkon, don’t you still have a clone? It should be creating planets and life… do you find that more interesting?” Whis smiled.

“Whis, you’re right.” Renkon nodded, “In comparison, the work of the Kaioshin is more interesting.”

Whis didn’t want to talk anymore.”

“Through my efforts these last years, what is the current rank of our universe?” Renkon asked.

“Your effort will be rewarded. After these ten years of development, our seventh universe has become the 10th universe after staying in the last spot for years.” Whis smiled.

“Is that all…” Renkon sighed, “I’ve been working so hard, but we’re still at the bottom.”

“If it were Lord Beerus, I’m afraid we would still be the last universe.” Whis comforted, “Renkon, to be honest, it’s already very good… This is the ranking of the entire universe. How could such a thing be easy? Don’t forget, you’re progressing, and the other universes also progressing.”

“You’re right.” Renkon nodded.

“Also, we should be the second-to-last, but there was a little situation in the 9th Universe, and their rank quickly declined and became the second-to-last,” Whis said with a smile.

Renkon: “…”

“Unexpectedly, there are still people seeking to be the last one.” Renkon grinned.

Whis shook his head with a wry smile.

“However, in recent years, your clone has created many habitable planets, and at the same time, many lost stars have been restored. This is definitely not something the former Kaioshin could do.” Whis praised, “If we continue to develop like this, in another 20 years or so, our rank will definitely hit the mark, we could be one of the top three universes! Renkon, you’re amazing!”

“This is just my job.” Renkon nodded, feeling there’s nothing to be happy for.

They were still the third from the bottom in the ranking of the universes.

What can I be proud of? We’re in the relegation positions!

It will take another 20 years to reach the top three in the universe?

Too tiring!

“You just said… 10 years have passed?” Renkon finally reacted.

“Yes.” Whis nodded, “I calculated the period according to your Saiyan calculation method.”

“It’s been 10 years… it passed so fast.” Renkon was slightly confused.

“Yes, 10 years, 20, or even 100, is nothing to a god.” Whis smiled slightly.

“whis, do you mean that I’m immortal now?” Renkon asked.

“Yes.” Whis nodded, “The moment you become the god of destruction, your life span will be extended indefinitely. Living for at least ten million years wouldn’t be a problem to you.”

Renkon nodded in satisfaction.

This is more convenient than making a wish to Shenron.

“Ten years have passed in a flash, time flies so fast.” Renkon sighed.

During this period, Bulma should be out looking for the Dragon Balls, right?

Well, it’s time to take a trip to Earth.

I will control my clone to go to earth.

Also, it’s time to resurrect Beerus.

I feel so tired of taking care of the universe.

In contrast, angels are much more comfortable.

Except for eating and drinking every day, I don’t see this guy doing anything.

I must find a way to become an angel.

Rather than filling the spots of the Kaioshin and the God of Destruction.

Moreover, I have raised our rank by three places.

Also, I don’t know if the Earth’s dragon balls can bring Beerus back to life.

I need to go and check it out!
If the earth doesn’t work, there’s still Namek planet, right?

If the Namek’s dragon ball doesn’t work, isn’t there still the Cereal?

And we can always wish anything with the Super Dragon Balls.


In the starry sky, a light blue arc crossed the sky in the direction of Earth.

It was Renkon, who is the Kaioshin.

On Beerus Planet, Renkon seemed to feel like he was playing a game, controlling such a mass of aura and boosting its speed to the extreme.

Over the years, Renkon thought of it as a character in an endless RPG game filled with tasks to do.

Moreover, playing this game can also increase the rank of the universe, which is pretty cool!

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