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DB: CxD Chapter 46: The Resurrection Of Beerus

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Goku let out a roar.


Without any hesitation, Renkon rushed to the sky holding Bulma.

Yamcha: “…”

Oolong: “…”

Puar: “…”


The great gorilla stepped on the prison of the Pilaf Gang, and the three peed in terror.

What’s the matter with this monster?

Misfortune doesn’t come singly.


The Realm of the Kaioshin.

The Kaioshin checked his body in surprise.

Kibito also looked dumbfounded.

The two looked at each other.

They were puzzled!

After a brief silence, one of them finally broke the ice, “Kibito, didn’t we get turned into chocolate by Majin Buu?”

“Yes… I also remember being eaten by him…” Kibito wiped his sweat.

“How did we get resurrected?” The Kaioshin asked in confusion.

“Huh? Isn’t that the Z sword? It was also recovered!” Kibito noticed the sword on the ground.

“It’s the Z sword! It’s great.” The Kaioshin was both surprised and delighted, “I didn’t expect the Z sword to be here.”

“It’s just that…” Kibito scratched his head, “We used the Z sword to suppress Majin Buu, but it didn’t affect him at all… I really don’t know how we’re going to deal with him now.”

“You’re right. But where is he anyway?” The Kaioshin looked serious.

In a location about tens of thousands of kilometers away from the Kaioshin and Kibito.

Majin Buu was asleep.

This world was so boring.

It’s difficult to destroy.

And since he’s stuck here, he can only eat small animals to fill his stomach.

During these ten years, Majin Buu was asleep most of the time.

“Kibito, why do I feel that Majin Buu’s aura is in our realm?!” The Kaioshin’s face changed colors.

“In that direction, it’s more than 30,000 kilometers away from us,” Kibito said solemnly.

“What the hell happened?” The Kaioshin shook his head, and Kibito stepped forward to get the Z sword.

However, when Kibito grasped the hilt and planned to lift it, he was surprised to find that it was incredibly heavy.

What is this?

We have been unable to draw out the sword all this time because it was just heavy?

“Kaioshin-Sama, come and take a look, this sword is very heavy.”

“Heavy?” Kibito whispered, “I remember clearly that Majin Buu lifted it easily, and even threw it in the air.”

The Kaioshin said so, then went to try it himself.

It’s just that when he tried to lift it, he was surprised to discover that the sword was indeed weirdly heavy.

“It’s so heavy!” He was stunned.

“What is going on?” The Kaioshin clenched his fists tightly.

Far away.

Majin Buu stretched out and woke up–– I just dreamed that the Kaioshin who was turned into chocolate by me got resurrected again.

Should I go and check it out?


Majin Buu released out his Ki and flew swiftly towards the direction of Kibito and the Kaioshin.

Kibito and the Kaioshin also reacted immediately.

The two’s faces looked extremely ugly.

“It’s Majin Buu! Did he spot us?” The Kaioshin said solemnly.

“He’ so fast… he will reach us in 20 seconds.” Kibito’s face turned pale.


Planet Beerus.

“Huh? Isn’t this Lord Beerus?” Whis was taken aback, he never expected Renkon to revive Beerus so soon.

“Whis?” Beerus was also stunned, checking his body in surprise.

His tears were about to pour down–– I’m resurrected!

“Whis! I really don’t know how to thank you for reviving me so soon!” Beerus quickly thanked him.

Whis: “…”

It’s been 10 years since your death.

You don’t need to thank me.

Besides, I didn’t bring you back to life. Renkon did.

“How did I die again?” Beerus tried to collect his thoughts, “I remember! The Kaioshin was killed! And I just disappeared!”

“Yes…” Whis nodded, “It was the Kaioshin who brought the Majin Buu’s to the Realm of the Kaioshin and placed it next to the Z sword of the Old Kaioshin sealed by Lord Beerus, thinking that it will suppress it. However, one of them accidentally smashed the mountain where the two seals were placed, and the Z sword penetrated Majin Buu’s seal on the spot and released him. That’s how it happened.

Beerus: “…”

This is so embarrassing!

The idiot Kaioshin.

Look at what you have done.

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have died!

I couldn’t even have a good nap.

“Where’s that bastard Kaioshin? I want to settle the account with him!” Beerus was furious.

“The Kaioshin is naturally still in the Realm of the Kaioshin.” Whis replied, “And Majin Buu as well…”

“What did you just say? They won’t get killed again, will they?” Beerus’ eyes widened.

“Let’s take a look,” Whis said, and the crystal ball on the scepter in his hand flickered.

With just one look, Whis covered his forehead and sighed.

“Lord Beerus is right… they will indeed be killed again soon.” Whis sighed.

“What are you doing then? Hurry up and save them!” Beerus exclaimed.

I just got resurrected! I don’t want to disappear again!

“It’s too late. If we fly to the Realm of Kaioshin, it will take us 20 minutes to reach them.” Whis sighed, “I’m afraid that with the strength of the Kaioshin, he won’t last for 20 minutes.”

“Then hurry up and tell that idiot Kaioshin to use teleportation and flee,” Beerus shouted.

“Hey, that’s a good idea.” Whis nodded.

“You wouldn’t have thought of doing this earlier, did you?” Beerus stared.

“No.” Whis denied, and without delay, he immediately contacted the Kaioshin.

“Who is this?” After hearing Whis’ unfamiliar voice, the Kaioshin was taken aback.

“Lord Kaioshin, I can’t say much. But you must quickly use teleportation and leave the Realm of the Kaioshin.” Whis suggested.

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