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DB: CxD Chapter 45: That Dragon Seems To Be Afraid Of You

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Come out, Shenron, grant my wish.” Renkon shouted.

Suddenly, a golden flame emitted out of the 7 dragon balls.

Immediately afterward, a golden beam of light rushed into the sky, and a green dragon suddenly appeared, covering the clouds.

“Speak of your wish, and I will try my best to realize it for you.” Shenron’s voice rang.

But when he suddenly cast his gaze at Renkon below, his face suddenly changed colors.

I know him!

It’s the same guy who made a wish last time.

But he seems to have changed a lot!

He seems to be a god!

A strong one too!

How is this possible?

What am I missing?

Yamcha wanted to open his mouth and steal the wish, but Renkon waved his hand and directly sealed his mouth with divine ki.

I only sealed your mouth Yamcha, hope you don’t die all of a sudden…

“Is this Shenron?” Little Goku was amazed.

“My wish is very simple, it’s to reincarnate the former God of Destruction, Beerus, who had disappeared… No, to be precise, to revive the former Kaioshin who was killed by Majin Buu, and Beerus who has also disappeared. I want them all revived, can you grant me this wish?” Renkon looked at Shenron.

“You… are you the current Kaioshin and the God of Destruction?” Shenron widened his eyes and visible drops of sweat appeared all over his face.

Renkon smiled slightly and nodded.

Goku looked confused.

What is the God of Destruction and Kaioshin?

Bulma was even more at loss.


Renkon is a god?

Yamcha was also confused.

What does this mean?

Why do I feel that Shenron seems to be afraid of him?

What’s happening here?

What does the God of Destruction and Kaioshin mean?

“Do you want me to… resurrect the people who were killed by Majin Buu in the realm of the Kaioshin?” Shenron seemed to have figured out the situation and was only asking for confirmation.

“Yes, if the two Kaioshin are both resurrected, will Beerus be also resurrected?” Renkon asked.

“Yes.” Shenron nodded, “But I can only resurrect the Old Kaioshin into the seal. I cannot unlock his seal.”

“Yes.” Renkon smiled slightly, “Then please do so.”

“Yes,” Shenron replied, and the red flames flicked in his eyes.

Suddenly, an invisible divine power swiftly flew towards the direction of the Kaioshin’s realm.

“Your wish has been fulfilled, farewell.” After he finished speaking, the light flickered back into the seven dragon balls, then they dispersed in different directions.

“Wow, look at them go!” Goku was surprised.

“Once the wish is fulfilled, the dragon balls will be scattered all over the world.” Bulma nodded.

“AAh! Did the dragon ball left by my grandfather also disappear?” Goku exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, the dragon balls will be resurrected in a year. You just need to find your Granpa’s dragon ball then.” Bulma suggested.

“You’re really smart.” Goku nodded and said excitedly, “Okay, I’ll do that.”

“Renkon, what was your wish? Who is Beerus? What is Kaioshin?” Bulma asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” Renkon smiled.

“It’s a bit early for you to understand things like this.”

Yamcha: “…”


I don’t know why, but I suddenly can’t speak.

What is going on?

“Our adventure is over, we should go back,” Bulma suggested.

“Hey, Puar, what are you looking at?” Oolong whispered to Puar at the side.

“I’m watching the moon, you see the moon is so round tonight.” Puar pointed to the full moon in the sky.

“Oh, it’s because today is a full moon…” Oolong sighed, “Such a beautiful night, and I got a whole new shipment of new magazines coming today… uuuu… I want to go home, and…”

“Too much information!” Bulma knocked Oolong to the ground with a punch.

Oolong crawled on the ground screaming in pain while covering the bulging bag on his head.

If your boyfriend wasn’t such a scary dude, do you think I would be afraid of you?

“A terrible monster will appear… when there’s a full moon.” Goku suddenly said.

“You mean the Baba Yaga?” Bulma smiled.

“No, I have never seen it, but it killed my grandfather,” Goku said.

“What? Is that monster scary?” Yamcha was stunned, “Huh?? I can talk… I was horrified. I thought something was wrong with my voice.”

“Something is wrong with this guy…” Bulma covered her forehead.

Yamcha was stunned.

This kid’s grandfather is Son Gohan.

He’s the strongest disciple of the master of martial arts, Master Roshi.

He was killed by a monster like this?

“Yeah, that monster is terrible, he destroyed our home too.” Goku nodded.

“What kind of monster is it?” Oolong asked.

“I fell asleep at the time and didn’t see it,” Goku said.

“Didn’t you say that the house was destroyed? How can you still fall asleep?” Oolong was confused, “Are you stupid?”

“Grandpa often tells me that you should never stare at the full moon for too long.” Goku said, “I thought it didn’t matter and I looked at it anyway… I never thought that a monster would really appear when there’s a full moon in the sky like tonight.”

Bulma was taken aback, and hurriedly hid behind Renkon.

Why do I feel that this kid gets scarier the more he talks about it?

Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong hugged each other and looked at Goku with horror.

“What are you doing? What’s going on?” Goku looked confused.

“Could it be that…” Yamcha was trembling all over.

“Hey, can I ask a question?” Bulma seemed to have realized something, “Did you look at the moon the night your grandpa died?”

“Hehe, grandpa told me not to look, but I accidentally did when I was peeing.” Goku grinned.

Bulma: “…”

“Renkon, why do I feel that this kid is a bit unusual?” Bulma exclaimed.

“Let him look at the moon.” Renkon smiled.

“Don’t joke around, we will be in trouble if he becomes a monster,” Bulma said.

“It’s okay, I can fly,” Renkon whispered to Bulma.

“Huh? That’s right! If he becomes a monster, he won’t be able to fly, right?” Bulma thought, “Forget it, let’s go home quickly, we better not look for troubles.”

“Whatever.” Renkon looked indifferent.

“Goku, whatever you do, don’t look at the moon, okay?” Bulma pointed in the direction of the moon.

The moment she pointed, Goku couldn’t help but follow her gesture.


I didn’t mean to.

Goku took one look at the moon and…


Instantly, he started transforming into a big black gorilla.

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