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DB: CxD Chapter 48: Did You Resurrect Me

“It’s Lord Beerus’s fault, you scared the Kaioshin off. I’m afraid there’s no way to explain it to him now.” Whis sighed.

“Forget it, I will just keep an eye on his movements from now on…” Beerus took a deep breath, “Also I think I should bring the seal of the old Kaioshin to my planets, don’t you think this is safer?”

Whis didn’t say a word.

“Hmmm, nope, he’s better there than here…I have bad sleeping habits, I’m afraid I would accidentally kill him…” Beerus shook his head.

“Ahem… Lord Beerus doesn’t have to worry about this.” Whis said.

“What? Do you have a better plan?” Beerus asked.

“Your lives are no longer connected,” Whis replied.

“What did you say?” Beerus was stunned, thinking he had heard it wrong.

“Yes, because the two of you got relieved from your duties as a God of Destruction and a Kaioshin.” Whis smiled and said, “Therefore, your lives are no longer connected.

“Relieved? What do you mean? When did I say that I was retiring?” Beerus’ eyes widened.

“It’s so noisy, can you speak more quietly?”

Suddenly a voice emitted from the castle not far away.

It was Renkon.

He has just woken up from his nap.

“Master Renkon, are you awake?” Whis called.

“I had enough, Beerus can continue to take over as a God of Destruction,” Renkon said.

Whis was stunned.

You’re giving up such a position? And you even dare to say that you had enough?

This is the first time I hear a god of destruction say such a thing.

“What are you talking about? Do you mean that you have become a true god of destruction?” Beerus’ eyes widened and looked at Renkon in surprise.

“Yes, I have been working filling your place these years, and I feel so bored.” Renkon sighed.

“You mean, you’re willing to give up the position and give it back to me?” Beerus got rejoiced.

This kid is interesting.

“I do have plans to retire.” Renkon nodded.

My goal is to be an angel.

Being a god of destruction is too tiring.

And being a Kaioshin…

Although it was fun at first, Renkon felt that playing the same game for 10 years made it look boring.

“Renkon-Sama, please consider it carefully.” Whis sighed and looked at Renkon reluctantly.

“I have made up my mind,” Renkon responded.

Whis: “…”

We have finally found a proper god of destruction in the Seventh Universe, and after only 10 years he decided to retire.

Beerus scratched his head.

Why do I feel that I’m missing something? What happened here?

Whis seems sorry that Renkon is going to retire.

Is he looking down on me or something?

“Hey, Whis, what do you mean by that?” Beerus asked with a dark face, “It seems that I, the original god of destruction, isn’t good enough as him, or did he wash your brain with his Milk Tea?”

“Lord Beerus, you don’t know yet, but Renkon-Sama has raised the rank of our universe by two levels in just 10 years.” Whis shook his head and looked at Beerus.

“What Rank?” Beerus was taken aback.

“I’ve explained this to you, Lord Beerus, before. There’s a ranking system that mainly used to evaluate the efficiency of the god of destruction and the Kaioshin work.”

Whis felt speechless but he had to explain it again, “It simply evaluates the overall rate of the entire universe.”

Whis sighed helplessly.

Lord Beerus, you’re always complaining about the Kaioshin, but you’re also a half-hearted person.

Why do I need to repeat such an important matter?

“It’s not important, is it?” Beerus was stunned.

“It’s important.” Renkon said, “If the overall score of our universe is too low, the Omni-King may erase our universe.”

“What are you talking about? The Omni-king would erase our universe?” Beerus widened his eyes, “Boy, are you sure?”

“Uh, I guess.” Renkon smiled.

Beerus: “…”

“Can you not scare me this much when you’re not even sure?” Beerus shouted.

“You should work hard after you take the office.” Renkon sighed.

“Humph, of course, I always work hard, you don’t need to tell me.” Beerus snorted.

“Then, I officially declare my retirement!” Renkon smiled, “Beerus will take care of the Seven Universe and retake his place as the God of Destruction.”

“Renkon, I owe you a favor!” Beerus laughed and patted Renkon’s shoulder.

“It’s okay, remember to work hard.” Renkon teased him with a grin, then looked at Whis.

I have to work hard too.

I want to become an angel as soon as possible.

Even an intern angel will do.

If it weren’t for him, with Beerus’ character being like this, maybe the seventh universe would have been erased sooner.

As long as I become an angel I won’t even have to worry about the possibility of erasing the Seventh Universe.

“Renkon, what are your plans next?”Whis sighed.

Seeing how Renkon insisted on leaving, he knew he couldn’t persuade him, so he asked.

“I’m going to the Sixth Universe. I want to practice with my Vados. Maybe through her, I can become an inter angel.” Renkon smiled.

Whis: “…”

“Ahem… through her…?!” Whis mumbled, “So you still want to become an angel…?” Whis wiped his sweat.

“Yes, this is the ideal goal.” Renkon nodded.

“Boy… you’re ambitious.” Beerus looked at Renkon, “Do you know how complicated it’s for any ordinary person to become an angel… Forget it, since this is your goal, I won’t say anything, I will just wish you the best.”

“Then, goodbye.” Renkon floated into the sky, waved his hand at them, then glanced at the Oracle Fish, “Goodbye, Fishy!”

“Well, I can’t believe I’m going to miss you.” The Oracle Fish waved.

“Hey, you don’t need to go so quickly. Make me a cup of Milk Tea first!” Beerus said hurriedly.

“Beerus, I brought you back to life. You didn’t repay your favor yet so at least stop asking me to make you milk tea, okay?” Renkon smiled, turned around, then disappeared leaving an arc of bright flame in the sky.

Beerus was left there dumbfounded.

He brought me back to life?


“Whis, is… it true that the kid is the one who brought me back to life?” Beerus asked quickly.

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